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Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing


Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Reading and Writing Series


Schoolhouse Writing Center

14th session

A space to share your writing and get feedback and peer suggestions! Each week will be the same format, and any (English-language) writing you want feedback on is eligible!

Maggie F

6 spots left!

Word of the Day for 365 Days!

18th session

Every single day, I will be introducing y'all to a new word, its spelling, meaning, pronunciation, origin, history, and how to use it in a sentence.

Brooke M


Argumentive Essays 101

2nd session

Welcome! In this series, I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to write a strong argumentative essay. The ability to make an argument, address the counterclaims, and present your findings is important in many situations. In this series, you will learn about the power of rhetoric and how effective speakers use different techniques and devices to help sway their audience to a certain point of view. You will be analyzing a few of history's greatest speeches and will learn to make one of your own! If you need some constructive feedback on your essay, I will do my best to help you:)

Alina J

2 spots left!

Summer Poetry Club!


Poetry analysis and discussion. If there's any particular poem you would like to focus on, message the instructor!

Kaci L




Twice a week, we will go over not commonly used words that often appear in classical books or potentially in the SAT. In every session, we will have learned at least a few new words and review words previously learned. Some examples of words that you will learn are: abysmal, counteract, eloquent, repudiate, and so many more! Come join us to learn their meanings and to know how to use them in sentences!

Alina J


IELTS prep (full course)

2nd session

Join our comprehensive IELTS course where you will learn all the tips and strategies needed to excel in the reading and writing sections of the exam. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the key components of the test, helping you to understand the question types and develop effective techniques for tackling them. Through a series of interactive lessons and activities, you will have the opportunity to practice your reading and writing skills in a supportive environment. Our course is designed to not only improve your language proficiency but also boost your confidence and efficiency in approaching the IELTS exam. By the end of the course, you will have the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the reading and writing sections of the IELTS exam. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and reach your desired band score. Join us today and start your journey towards success!

Sarvar S


Preparation for University English

4th session

Welcome! This series is for those who are entering University next fall and want to explore what types of writing they need to know to be successful in the courses. We will learn how to write various types of papers and how to execute them at a high level.

Claire S

2 spots left!

Summer Crash Course for Essay Writing/Writing In General/AP Language and Composition

2nd session

Basically when we meet a couple tutors will look over writing, give writing tips and some tips for essays in AP Lang.

Thrista V

3 spots left!

First Chapter Fridays


Every Friday, we will all read a chapter of a book together. Ranging from historical novels, to fantasy, I hope to get you guys more interested in reading so you can discover a hobby that I love! Please join me in this series and maybe you will find a new favorite book!

Aneesh M


💫📃Intro to Essay Writing: Everything you Need to Succeed📃💫

12th session

Once or twice a week, we'll go over the steps to writing powerful and noteworthy essays by breaking essay writing into chunks and engage in fun exercises to build stronger academic writing. We will create an essay together with a topic of your choice and also sample a variety of topics through practice exercises. There are 10 total sessions that span over 5 weeks. UPDATE: There are 2 versions of this series. Version 1 is on Saturdays and spans 90 minutes. Version 2 is on Mondays, with a focus on lessons, and Fridays, with a focus on completing work. Version 2 sessions are 60 minutes each. Let me know if you are interested in participating, but the times and/or dates don't work out for you. I may be willing to make an adjustment!

Amanda-Pearl O

Registration closed.

The Official Reading and Writing Game Night Series II

11th session

Hello, all members of the R&W Subworld, welcome to the weekly game night series! This series will be hosted twice a week at 7 PM EST on Friday and 7 AM EST on Sunday to reach more learners around the world. You may join as many sessions as you want, just remember to enjoy yourself! This series will be a little bit different from our first official game night ( Every week, we will have a topic for the game, ranging from literature to movies, and our games will be based on these topics; I am open to suggestions! We will play various of creative games like Garticphone,, Gimkit, and more! This will be a great place to make friends and get to know the moderators better! We are not those behind-the-scene scary-masked rulers...but cheerful outgoing people that want to know you better also!

Joseph Z


Nick's Novella Club

80th session

Welcome to my novella club! Throughout this series, we will be reading classic novellas (short novels) from some of the most influential and famous authors of all time! The goal of this series is for you to develop the skills to analyze and appreciate works of literature. Since novellas provide tons of room for higher thinking analysis, in each session we will be discussing plot, character, setting, and deeper meanings of the novella that we are reading. To make the series entertaining, there will be many occasions when you will have debates among fellow learners. And, we will even play trivia games relating to our current novella!

Nick W

15 spots left!

IB English Study Group

2nd session

Each week, we will look through the curriculum and learn the different IB English requirements. I'm a DP1 student who's currently taking Wnglish HL right now :]

Khanh N


Summer reading book club

2nd session

it’s a Summer reading book club 📖📖📚

Vedaa N


☀️Summer Book Club☀️

5th session

📚 Welcome to our Summer Book Club! Jump into a world of books from the comfort of your own home! Join us for fun talks, interesting ideas, and exciting stories. Whether you love reading or want to find new books, our online class is a place where book lovers come together to enjoy reading. 😊 We'll explore classic tales, popular books, and hidden gems as we go on a reading adventure together. Get ready to learn and have fun this summer! 🌞

Aneesh M


Book Club!

2nd session

We read and discuss!

Ananya B


✎ Weekly Hour of Vocab! ✎

7th session

In just an hour a week, go on a journey with me as we work through sets of 7 advanced words each session! Some example words that we will be learning are: extol, haught, concomitant, fiduciary, pecuniary, and so many more! Expected materials: Paper, pencil, pen Prerequisites: N/A In each session, we will be learning a NEW word and REVIEWING past words in a spaced repetition pattern. Come take on a brand new habit and develop some new disciplinarian and perspicacious practices!!

Zachary W

16 spots left!

The Official Reading and Writing Subworld Game Nights

2nd session

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Reading and Writing Subworld Game Night! Every week, we'll be playing games like Gimkit, Blooket, Garticphone, Crosswords, Word Finds, and more! If you have any recommendations for games that we can play, we'd love to hear them! Welcome to the game night family.

Sarah I


Summer Camp Book Club #3📔


If books are your cup of tea, then this series is tailor-made for you! Join us as we embark on a delightful journey through the world of literature. In this series, we will: ⭐Discuss our favorite books: Share your beloved titles and engage in lively conversations about what makes them so special. ⭐Recommend new books: Discover exciting recommendations from fellow book enthusiasts, expanding your reading horizons with fresh and engaging stories. ⭐Explore the pros and cons of reading books: Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of immersing ourselves in the world of literature, examining the impact it has on our lives. ⭐Understand the importance of reading books: Uncover the significance of books in our personal growth, intellectual development, and overall well-being. ⭐Engage in a collective book discussion: Come together as a community to delve into a chosen book, analyzing its themes, characters, and intricacies. Share your thoughts and gain new perspectives. ⭐And much more! Each session will be uniquely crafted, ensuring that no two discussions are alike. We'll delve into various literary topics, explore different genres, and incorporate interactive activities to keep the sessions engaging and dynamic. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get ready for an enriching experience that celebrates the joy of reading. This series promises to captivate your imagination, expand your literary knowledge, and connect you with like-minded individuals who share your passion for books. So, grab your favorite cup of tea and join us for an exciting adventure in the world of literature! 📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗📔💗

Naya S


GCSE English Group - AQA


Every week, we'll look in depth at GCSE Literature & Language aspects.

Jil S


Monthly Book Club📚📖

2nd session

Once a month, we will get together to talk about a book that we all read. This series isn't necessarily going to be talking about the satire or antagonist's motivations. We are just here to have fun, talk about our favorite parts, maybe some parts you didn't like, anything you want! At the end of each session, we will vote on the book we all want to read for the next month's session.

Brooke M

Registration full.

✍ SHW Short Story Writing Competition ✍


Welcome to the SHW Writing Competition. Me and a few other tutors hosted a similar series last summer, and after seeing how much fun that was, I’ve decided to keep it going! So, this summer, we’re back with another Writing Competition, with a few tweaks and changes. If you were a part of the competition last year, welcome back! I’m excited to see the stories you all come up with! This series is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, in this competition, all participants will write a short story regarding any topic and submit it using a Google Form. Yep, that's simple. There are, however, some rules to help keep things in check which we'll discuss in the orientation session.

Liya D


Introduction to Literature and Literary Thinking

4th session

Welcome! In this series we will explore the concept of literature, what it is, how it’s made, why we care… This series has a special emphasis on reading and then utilizing creativity and creative thinking to understand literature. This series will also guide you into a literary thinker. This series is designed for all level of ELA skills. However, we will start with introductory topics so we are all on the same level. The literature we will be reading will be average of middle grades but there will be many options to explore both more advanced or simpler literature.

Claire S



3rd session

Welcome to the fantasy and romance book club! Once a month, we will meet to talk about the book that we choose to read in the genre of fantasy or romance or fantasy romance which is a combination.I will choose the first book but after that, we will vote as a group and do some activities like kahoots and just like quick assessment about the book that were reading.

Ashley S

3 spots left!