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Become a certified tutor at Schoolhouse to showcase your mastery in core topics. Build a portfolio that shows what you're ready to teach!

How it works


Choose a Khan Academy unit to become a certified tutor in.


Achieve at least a 90% on the unit test while explaining your reasoning aloud. You will record a video of your screen and webcam to verify that it was you who did the work, and submit this for review. You are allowed to take the test as many times as you want until you master it.


Peer review two videos from students around the world who are trying to get tutor certification in the same unit.


That’s all! Once your video has been reviewed, you’ll get an email with a publicly shareable link to your tutor certification transcript.

See Schoolhouse certifications in action

We’ll display your certifications in a Schoolhouse portfolio that showcases what you know–and highlights any tutoring experience with us! Check out some portfolios from some awesome volunteer tutors in our community.

What it Takes to Become a Certified Tutor

For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit our Help Desk.

How do I become a certified tutor?

Different organizations have different requirements for becoming a certified tutor. At, we allow you to tutor math subjects by demonstrating your knowledge. This process involves video-recording yourselves taking a cumulative or unit-based assessment directly on Khan Academy, as you explain your reasoning.

After submitting your video, you'll peer-review two videos from other students who are trying to get certified in the same unit. If approved, you'll then receive training before hosting your first tutoring session.

To tutor topics in SAT® Prep, we currently offer Honorary Certifications through a form-based application process where you state any relevant qualifications (such as your SAT score!). These requests are reviewed by a small team of trusted volunteers.

What qualifications do I need to become a tutor?

We believe that everyone can teach others what they know. does not require specific qualifications besides demonstrated knowledge in your subject area of choice–whether that is through video-based certifications, or Honorary Certifications. After getting certified, you'll then receive training that prepares you to host your first tutoring session—you can either host one-off tutoring sessions, courses, or live math and SAT help!

What else are certifications good for?

Besides letting you tutor, our certifications also allow you to showcase your mastery in math. Your certifications will go in a transcript, which can be shared online through a convenient link. This transcript is a great way to demonstrate academic achievement, especially to colleges! We currently partner with UChicago, who officially recognizes transcripts–and we are excited to expand to more universities.

Can I be a tutor without a degree?

At, no degree is required for becoming a certified tutor! In fact, we pride ourselves on being an alternative model for education. Many of our tutors are high-school age students themselves, and we believe anyone can tutor as long as they're excited to learn and help fellow peers.

Is it hard to be a tutor?

We believe in lowering the barrier to being a tutor as much as possible, while ensuring a quality experience for our learners. Tutoring can be as easy as giving 1-on-1 homework help, or hosting a 30-minute group session! We'll provide training and mentorship to make your tutoring journey as smooth as possible.

Can a 16-year-old become a tutor?

Yes! We firmly believe students can be effective tutors. For legal reasons, you must be at least 13 years old to learn and tutor on

Test your skills and teach what you know. Get certified today! peer tutoring, for free.


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