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A global network of volunteers.

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Connecting the world through learning

What We Do is a platform for free, peer-to-peer tutoring–where anyone, anywhere can receive live help, build their skills, and pay it forward by becoming a tutor themselves.

When schools transitioned to online learning during COVID-19 and students around the world craved more social interaction, access to personalized help become more inequitable than ever.

This prompted Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy) to partner with his college friend, Shishir Mehrotra (co-founder and CEO of Coda), to create

With Mariah Olson, Drew Bent, and a handful of volunteers, they launched a pilot platform built on Coda to provide high-quality virtual tutoring to thousands of learners–completely for free.

Now, reaches learners from over 100+ countries, and is proud to foster a vibrant community of over 10860+ volunteer tutors and 75200+ learners. We’re driven by our mission to connect hundreds of thousands of more learners with safe, equitable opportunities to learn, teach, and grow.

Why learn with us?

Attend sessions taught by volunteer peer tutors

Get help in high school math and SAT Prep–completely for free

Join series of other learners across the globe

Build confidence and ask questions in small groups

Why tutor with us?

Host sessions on your own schedule, in topics you know

Teach diverse learners from all over the world

Find support and make friends in a welcoming community of volunteers

Earn volunteer hours and gain real-world tutoring experience







Community Values

🏔️  Think big, start small

  • You don't need to make something perfect the first time you try. Instead, you iterate and learn from experience.
  • You act with the bigger picture in mind, pioneering a new way forward in education.
  • You are not bound by what is. You can see the world for what it could be.

👟  Step in

  • You seek ownership over the work that you do.
  • You contribute to areas outside your defined role.
  • You have a bias towards action. When you see a problem, you seek to be part of the solution.

🏆  Uplift each other

  • You see others as worthy of your time.
  • You actively make spaces inclusive and equitable.
  • You support and advocate for those without a voice.

📚  Always be a learner

  • You see each mistake for what it can teach to you.
  • You work through difficult situations and find opportunities to expand your skills.
  • You have the humility to receive feedback and see it as an opportunity to grow.

Meet our team

Sal Khan


Drew Bent


Mariah Olson

Trust & Safety Lead and Learning Experience Lead

Anees Iqbal

Founding Engineer

Akshay Ravikumar

Product Lead, Marketing Lead, Founding Engineer

Elysa Kohrs

Senior Software Engineer and Certification Lead

Matt Wu

Program & Partnership Lead

Cassy McKee

Program Manager

Hannah Madoff

Program Manager

Evan Tey

Software Engineer

Brennan Barnard

College Partnership Manager

Sarah Biurcos

User Support and Operations

Rennie Chun

Product Designer

Alma Almanza

Volunteer and Operations Consultant

Akshit Dewan

Software Engineer

James O'Brien

Learning Community Lead

Sophie Liu

Design and Engineering Intern

Interested in working with us?

Board members

Sal Khan CEO

Arne Duncan

Former US Secretary of Education

Shishir Mehrotra

Coda Co-Founder & CEO

Ann Doerr Board Observer & Khan Academy Board Chair

Prior contributors

Justin Wei

Jackie Liu

Lizzie Thoren

Alyssa Vigil

RevEngine team

Viraj Kacker

Prakruthi Raghavendra

April Chen

Jennifer He

Ben Taylor

Christy Hu

Qijia "Joy" Liu

Julia Rose Chin

Mike Crawford

Jinay Jain

Andy Gimma

Queenie Smith

Jason Xian

Polly Moser

Ciera Okere

Griffin Somaratne

Shreya Ravi

Leilani Tian

Ashley Phord-Toy

Guillermo Webster

Kevin Kwok

Supporters is grateful to receive support from donors and partners who believe in our mission and make our work possible.

Join the movement to connect the world through learning peer tutoring, for free.


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