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Schoolhouse Stories is a non-profit whose mission is to connect the world through learning. Hear from our community about what Schoolhouse means to them!

Inspired by our internet neighbor, Khan Academy
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Thank You So Much, SHW!

Aug 8, 2022

I've been looking for volunteer opportunities for so long and SHW was just too good to be true! I now have the opportunity to reach learners around the world and not only am I able to teach, but there is so much to learn too! I've been able to learn so many new skills and complete lessons I never knew I could! Overall, SHW is just such a great community, so I just wanted to say thank you so much!

Aneesa M

Tutor in United States of America

Thank you Schoolhouse!

Aug 7, 2022

I'm glad to have found! The sessions I've attended were really helpful! The tutors inspired me to become a tutor myself. I will be hosting a session in 1 week, please join it! Thanks :)

Aadil A

Tutor in United States of America

Extremally helpful!!!

Aug 1, 2022

I've been able to learn new skills and teach some of my own. I've learned so many things I would not have been able to learn at school and I've been able to advance myself in math. The volunteering hours from the tutoring have also helped me get into a great school. I'm so happy I found this platform it has helped me in many ways.

Irhaa D

Tutor in Canada

An Outlet To Share My Love Of Coding

Jul 28, 2022

I joined to give back to my community as well as teach others Scratch. I hope to inspire others to take up coding just like I have by really showing the potential and exciting experiences you can have. It's safe to say I've been able to accomplish just that, and I'm only just beginning!

Arsh B

Tutor in United States of America

How SHW Helped Me

Jul 19, 2022

I remember when I was in middle school I always was willing to help others by teaching them certain things we would learn in class. In middle school, I was mostly quiet but occasionally I would try to be social and make friends. When high school started, it was very hard to meet new people and I found myself losing my confidence. It was hard for me to maintain friendships and I didn't really participate anymore in my classes. I remember finding SHW through other sources and I wanted to try something new. For my first session, I was very nervous with teaching and even one of my learners mentioned how I sounded nervous. Overtime, though, I managed to continue hosting sessions and become more confident with myself. Now, I have been a tutor for over a year and I continue to help new tutors as well. SHW has helped me in many ways, especially with my confidence and has allowed myself to find my voice again.

Patricia L

Tutor in United States of America

More than just hours.

Jul 6, 2022

Never in a million years did I think I would be writing this, yet here I am. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm writing. A letter of gratitude? Something to get off my chest? My life story? No idea, but whatever it is, I do want to talk about how schoolhouse has helped me as a person and helped me grow to the person I dreamt to be. Bear with me, it's quite long I've never had a thing for tutoring; I have done things like tutoring my brother or my friend here and there, but I have never considered it to be something that I do daily and ENJOY. If I'm being 100% honest, I only joined schoolhouse for the hours in the beginning. I entered this community through a youtube video promoting the website as a way for some quick hours; which I desperately needed as my school required 50 by the end of the year. With only 2 months left of the school year, and me having collected a grand total of 0 hours, I saw schoolhouse as a way to get quick hours for school. From my very first pre-algebra session with 2 people to today where I have 4 series with a good amount of people signed up; I learned so much from this "website" which I first saw it as. Schoolhouse is more than just a site to sign up, do a certification, get hours, and move on. It's a site where you can meet new people, find out what you like, and maybe find a passion for teaching which you never knew you had? (I certainly found mine!) I also want to state how schoolhouse has helped me as a person. I would say I'm a super socially awkard, quietish kind of person. I believe that tutoring on schoolhouse did wonders in helping me communicate and convey my thoughts/ideas more easily in the real world. During sessions, I am able to talk to others and as a result, improve my social skills, and so much more. I met so many really nice people here and the community has been the most welcoming I've ever met and I love the idea of being able to give out to the community and teach what you're passionate about. Schoolhouse showed me a part of myself I didn't know existed and it's safe to say I'm definitely going to be on this website for a WHILE. On a closing note, I should probably go do my homework I've kept off for a week ;) Adieu!

Pranav K

Tutor in United States of America

Bringing Purpose to Others

Jun 30, 2022

I have always loved the process of learning and the joy I feel when teaching and the learners have that "aha!" moment where everything clicks and makes sense. I'm glad that has made it so easy to teach others a subject you are passionate about and get to experience them go through the same discoveries you did.

Hetul P

Tutor in Canada

How schoolhouse helped me

Jun 29, 2022

Schoolhouse helped me in many ways, it helped me learn new skills from summer camp, such as coding and rubix cubes and ETC. It helped me set goals with study spaces, and helped me with math with tutoring. I love schoolhouse, and will remain a loyal member (and perhaps tutor one day). Try schoolhouse! You wont regret!

Grisma B

Learner in United States of America

Education for all!

May 28, 2022

Finding about Schoolhouse is a blessing. Now I don't have to pay to learn. Thank you so much!

Tariq L

Learner in Nigeria

From Learning to Teaching as a 10th Grader

May 10, 2022

Perhaps the last thing I would have ever thought after starting to learn in Khan Academy is that I would be teaching others as well! As a 10th grader, I always felt like the education system in the United States was made in an inefficient way that did not allow kids to explore their true potential. But after discovering Khan Academy this immediately changed. I learned how easy mathematics, physics, and chemistry could be if taught by the right person. After going from Algebra 2 to learning all of Precalculus in under two months, I will continue tutoring here on schoolhouse to continue enlightening more people. Schoolhouse is innovation, and innovation brings change. I hope the day I die is the day this world becomes a place for everyone to unleash their true potentials and live their best life!

Rafael C

Tutor in United States of America

The Heart of SHW: Community

Apr 23, 2022

The moment I joined the SHW Slack community, I felt immediately welcomed. I was immediately matched with a helpful and welcoming onboarding buddy, and they guided me through the beginning steps of hosting sessions. As I got to know the SHW community, I realized that they all had similar goals and purposes on this platform. We had the passion to help others, and we loved doing so. I have learned so much through tutoring here; it has helped me reinforce my math skills, and gave me an opportunity to help others around the world.

Sophie C

Tutor in United States of America

The Fun in Helping

Apr 13, 2022

I started my experience here as a tutor right off the bat, and I have been spending so much time on the platform - not because anyone forced me to, but because I already love the community!

Shadman S

Tutor in United States of America

The global power of Khan Academy

Feb 15, 2022

I am from a remote area known as Gojal Hunza situated in the North of Pakistan. With Khan academy not only I filled the gaps in my knowledge but helped many learners through khan academy. is a phenomenal empowerment.

Israr K

Learner in Pakistan

A Miracle

Feb 4, 2022

Hi, I can be a great student with a little push. That push was given to me by my parent when I was younger. They would sit down with me and teach me. But when I came to Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1, they didn't know it either so I was on my own. Teaching is a hard thing to do and getting help for Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 isn't cheap. I would get stuck on a problem often and not know what to do. It is a specific problem that I would get stuck on. When I saw Schoolhouse, I didn't believe it but the first words I read on the website were that it was made by Sal Khan who made Khan Academy. I can't explain how much I benefitted from Schoolhouse. My grades improved and I became less stressed about not knowing how to solve the problem.

Shanmukha P

Learner in United States of America

Following Their Footsteps

Jan 5, 2022

I used to hate math and science, simply because they were taught in a boring way. But when I stumbled upon math & science YouTube videos, that perspective changed. Channels like Khan Academy, 3Blue1Brown, Veritasium, BlackPenRedPen, FlammableMaths, and many more, explain in such an interesting, fun, yet super insightful way. Their contents make me love math and science. Then I thought, "Hmm...I want to be like them. I want to teach and explain math & science like them." But I didn't know where to start. I considered doing YouTube, but it would be very time-consuming. But then, I heard Sal Khan talking about schoolhouse in a podcast by Grant Sanderson (aka 3Blue1Brown). I was curious yet excited by the idea of providing a platform and a community for tutors to tutor, and learners to learn. So, I immediately sign up and started my tutoring journey. Although I have been a tutor for less than a month, the improvement I got is astounding, mostly thanks to how supportive and respectful this community is. Also, by teaching others, I also learn from my mistakes, thanks to the feedback given by my fellow learners and tutors. I can't wait to see what amazing things schoolhouse will do. I 100% believe this platform will globalize and change education forever. From Indonesia, thank you! :))

Philip P

Tutor in Indonesia

A Global Classroom🌎

Dec 10, 2021

Schoolhouse has enabled me to meet so many like-minded peers! In a typical High School class, students often dread certain mandatory scheduled courses. In contrast, schoolhouse learners/tutors voluntarily sign up, at their own time and pace, from anywhere on the planet (that has wifi). They yearn to clarify their doubts or to explore an area of their interest. This intrinsic motivation is key to overcoming academic obstacles. And that is what makes schoolhouse magical!✨

Ashmita B

Tutor in Canada

People still assume we lives on tree.

Nov 7, 2021

I don't know where to begin. There are a lot of things I wanted to type, but it would be very messy. But know this, Without SHW I wouldn't be able to move on with my homeschool studies and generally academic subjects, especially mathematics. I am from Malaysia, so it would be weird when someone ask me what school do I attend, and I would answer homeschool or simply "I don't go to school, but I do study at home", and their reaction would normally be confused or sometimes be disgusted by the fact I only stay home. Even some of my relatives like my auntie, uncle etc would have the same reaction. And other people beside my relatives would look down on us so much, especially the semenanjung people, because all they know is that Sarawakian, especially the Iban tribe(my tribe) and some other tribes, lives on trees, unmordernised, always drinking aik tuak(rice wine, which is true, but I only drink it during celebrations and for those who have passed away like my dear beloved grandpa Aki, I'm 14 BTW) and among many things. It has truly dishonored my family eversince my parents decided homechool as our way of education, and I want to prove the haters wrong! So thank you itself isn't enough. And I am hoping SHW could extend its topics to music, history, drawing, guitar, piano, languages, martial arts, extra curriculum etc.

Enrique C

Learner in Malaysia

The Importance of Sharing Knowledge

Oct 31, 2021

Schoolhouse is an amazing website. The two important reasons that matter to me are the teaching and learning aspects of this website. Hey everyone! I’m Rahul, an 8th grader that lives in the USA right now. Well, sometimes when you learn something new, you have a small urge to teach someone else that. Schoolhouse gave me this option. I can teach math, which I’m the most proficient in right now. Aside from that, I can also teach “vacation” courses, such as a coding class or something else. Schoolhouse is so diverse that no matter what your interests or skills are, you can find a place in this website. That’s what was really appealing. I was introduced to schoolhouse by a relative, and since then I haven’t regretted joining. The number of possibilities is unfathomable, and everyone fits in but stays different. That’s what makes this a great organization. First, I was discouraged when not a lot of people joined my first session, but I decided I would keep going with persistence. After a while, people started joining my sessions, and my goal of knowledge being shared is being fulfilled. Schoolhouse has taught me a lot of things, not just literally, but also morally. I hope the rest of my schoolhouse journey goes well, and I hope to see this website grow and grow.

Rahul Sai B

Tutor in United States of America

Opportunity To Make An Impact

Oct 27, 2021

When I joined Schoolhouse in the earlier part of the year, I was new and intimidated. I felt like I was an outsider, having no experience, seeing all of these veterans. However, I started to get to know the community more. I reached out and talked to more people. I also took on additional responsibilities. I believe I am now on most teams at Schoolhouse; being a community resource curator, tutor, user support agent, support team mentor, blog writer, study spaces moderator, safety auditor, member of the WCP team, social event planner, and onboarding staff. This platform is revolutionary for learners, but even more for tutors, as it's full of opportunities and creates a real impact on the world.

Akash G

Tutor in United States of America

Service Project to Passion

Aug 25, 2021

The journey on schoolhouse started started about 2-3 months ago. As a tutor, he had the aim of assisting learners behind on that subject or course, and teach them something new in enrichment (such as a hobby - origami!). As a new tutor, he was initially disappointed that a low amount of people were attending his sessions. This may seem like a downside, but in this story it was not. He saw each learner was unique in their own ways, each with different, amazing personalities, each with different skillsets, and each with different goals on schoolhouse. He began tutoring more and more, meeting more diverse people, reaching a couple more countries, and assisting anyone with the questions they are having. He once met someone attempting to get their GED, and also helped a person who was trying to become a tutor. He also had considerable knowledge in science, and helped a learner with heat transfer during a session on Pre-Algebra! Answering the questions learners have feels so fulfilling and amazing! It feels as if one is impacting the world immensely in a positive way! As he joined another team, tutor onboarding, and as he hosted more sessions, he realized how many different learners there were. He realized that reaching this diverse community was one of the greatest opportunities of his life. Schoolhouse showed him that: 1. No matter the # of people attending, a tutor will always have a profound impact on the learners. 2. Meeting more and more people and helping more and more people from different backgrounds and different objectives feels astonishing. 3. The community behind this initiative is the most supportive group possible. They are always there for one's queries, and everyone has a strong passion for the community. Now, he thanks schoolhouse for letting him realize his skills as a tutor, guide new people on the right path in life, and let him help others become tutors and impact even more learners. He learned so much in all fields, such as the software development side of the site, the policies present, and the qualities of amazing tutors. What was initially a summer service project type relationship became a strong passon. This is my journey! Thank you so much schoolhouse for everything you have done. I have a strong bond with it now, and will continue more in whatever way I can, whether it is helping them with whatever questions they have, or teaching them new topics for their GED (or exams!). :)

Mahanth K

Tutor in United States of America

Building up Confidence

Aug 25, 2021 helped me a lot in building up confidence. I used to be kind of an introverted person who was always afraid of interacting with anyone and as I grew up I started realizing that this was giving me no benefit. One day I was just scrolling through my Emails and I found one from 'AoPS' regarding AMA by Sal and Richard on '' and that is how I was introduced to this masterpiece. So, I started exploring it and came to know that I can also become a tutor and spread my knowledge with others too. I always wanted a platform where I can tutor as Feynman and Sal believe in spreading knowledge not only for teaching but to gain mastery in that topic. But I was really nervous as I did not have that much confidence, but somehow I pushed myself for submitting the certification video and further. At last, I was introduced to this community and I was stunned for a bit by seeing how great it was! Everyone was so kind, friendly, and helping. There was always room for improving ourselves, and soon I gained confidence as a tutor and a volunteer! Thank you

Daksh P

Tutor in India

How one application has helped me teach ages I never thought I would be able to

Aug 25, 2021

With classes became online in spring 2020 I was trying to figure out ways I can still learn and find motivation for things to do over the summer. As I figured a lot of my in person teaching experiences would be cancelled. As someone who wants to be a teacher I was disheartened at the news however a few months later I came across Sal's video where he explained what's vision. I was suddenly intrigued as someone who had been using Khan Academy for the past decade I thought to myself wouldn't it be so cool to work alongside him and other tutors I tried to let my personality shine in the short application and turned it in. I waited to hear back but at the same time I was trying to remember it's not the end of the world if I don't get in. Flash forward not even a month later in August I received a welcoming email as I was getting ready for one of my relative's birthday dinner I read congratulations you have been accepted and I swear my heart stopped for a second. I was like I'll just read it in the car rereading the email in the car I started getting emotional and crying my extended family looked at me confused. I managed to say I'm going to be a tutor with Sal Khan the founder of Khan Academy and my parents were just as shocked as I was not knowing I had even applied. It was then I suddenly joined the slack community and knew I was welcomed. Trying to figure out where I'll fit in I decided to observe a handful of sessions and see what worked best. As someone who's keen on creating relationships with others. I even asked Mariah like what if I don't finish all my content in one session can I have a follow up session and she replied with I could and that's when the wheels started turning. I was determined to create lesson plans something that would inspire my students to follow me as a tutor and have a good time. I was still nervous my first few sessions but that slowly started to disappear as sessions went on. I slowly worked up the confidence and was shocked at much I could achieve. Now days, I've worked with learner's who are in second and third grade all the way to someone who's getting their high school diploma. People talk about the fact they have ten to twenty students in their sessions and I'm here satisfied with just having one or two maybe five at maximum. All in all of these have brought a smile on my face and it wouldn't have happened had I decided not to fill out the application.

Kareena S

Tutor in United States of America

Journey of learning, never ends!

Aug 25, 2021

Hey there! I'm so excited to share my words on how have I been spending my time with schoolhouse. It's been more than 6 months now, I'm part of an incredible community,! For a month I was just a learner, but now I tutor along with my learning as well. I'm Simran, a high school senior from India, aspiring to study in US colleges. For complete one month, I received the best guidance for SAT, then college advice, and still continuing help from experienced peers! I was so eager to engage with the community more and got myself enrolled as a tutor. After joining in, I was stunned to see the plethora of opportunities everyday! And most importantly such quick and alltime help from the best volunteers. You, as a tutor, not only get an exposure to international teaching or handling zoom, but also working around with Google documents, Coda, and a lot more... Dealing with learners from different diversity, region, culture is just amazing. Working with peers, to know more, host collaborative sessions/series, idea jams, healthy dicussions and this list goes limitless! You get a chance to improve your leadership skills, team management, nettiquettes, communication skills, foster new ideas, full support to your new ideas and what not. The volunteers here are so helpful and kind throughout. I'm so fortunate to be a part of this exponentially growing community! I hope you too enjoy all the pleasures that I do. Thank you :)

Simran R

Tutor in India

An Amazing Tutoring Program

Aug 8, 2022

I'm currently a rising sophomore in high school and helping others learn and understand concepts more fundamentally has always been an activity to which I have aspired. With, I have been able to help users of this site to understand Statistics, Calculus, Physics, along with other concepts, more fundamentally and intuivively, which is continually encouraged. I have learned, not just how to teach and acquire an understanding of a certain subject through this program, but also how to interact and assess the progress of my learners. I am currently enrolled in Real Analysis, Number Theory, and other physics courses through an online Stanford program (along with self-studying Partial Differential Equations and Quantum Physics) and must say that, even though these subjects are thought-intriguing and somewhat challenging (although quite elementary), I have learned much more through the process of tutoring and connecting with learners than through any concept I have attempted to grasp on my own. Because of this, I must humbly thank this program for offerring such great opportunities for learning and improvement as both a tutor, and, more generally, as a person.

Nathan J

Tutor in United States of America

Schoolhouse has changed my life for the better

Aug 5, 2022

Before Schoolhouse, I thought that tutoring services could only be accessed by those who could afford it. After joining sessions on Schoolhouse from live help to SAT math, I am confident that every student can succeed with the help of this platform. I encourage everyone to donate, because I cannot express how grateful I am for Schoolhouse!!

Sabrina Y

Learner in United States of America

The Love of Learning

Aug 1, 2022

My journey began actually disliking this website. I joined Tatiana's Chemistry session and actually my friend was messing around and asking really silly questions like "What is lithium?". I believed it was silly, but I don't know why, I felt she was allowed to ask it, as SHE WAS a learner. Then, somehow, I got disconnected from the session because of internet. And for some reason I decided never to use schoolhouse again. Next, I was preparing for the UKMT challenge, and I didn't understand the working out for a question. I was searching for the explanations. DIDN'T FIND IT! Then, I thought, ok, my last option is schoolhouse. I joined the Indian doubt clearing session. The first tutor couldn't solve my problem, so I nearly lost hope in schoolhouse again. That's when Arya D turned up. He explained the problem in a jiffy! And I regained confidence in maths and schoolhouse. Next, I joined Biology by Pranav K. He taught everything excellently! I was absolutely happy! I only joined it because I need help with my GCSEs (still a long time to go - three - four years?) but I am exceeding the learning ability for KS3 so I needed some challenge. And guess what? I learnt AP concepts! Afterwards, Shivansh G taught me Spanish! He was also excellent. And so interactive! That's when I gained the passion to be a tutor. Currently, I am teaching Geography, Pre-Algebra and Writing. I'll tell you why I taught these three. I was just randomly looking through schoolhouse and I saw certifications... so of course I did some pre-algebra topics, and I taught them! I saw three session requests for geography and I realised I am good at geography... so why not teach? Then, I started joining Pranav K's writing sessions! My mum just came to ask me about something and she saw how fun these sessions were! So she asked me to tutor in it... and so I am! Thank you schoolhouse, Sal Khan and all the tutors and team at schoolhouse.

Jil S

Tutor in United Kingdom

An Excellent Learning Experience

Jul 27, 2022

When I tutor at Schoolhouse, I am learning a lot as well. I've learned along the way how to effectively communicate to a group of people and how to develop a higher level of thinking. It feels great knowing that I've made an impact by helping learners look at all kinds of problems from different perspectives. Plus, I get the volunteer hours I need when applying to colleges.

Christian D

Tutor in United States of America


Jul 17, 2022

I actually never thought I would ever be able to tutor people from different parts of the world but here I am. schoolhouse has taught me things I never thought I would ever be able to do such as TUTORING. My sister was the one only person I ever taught something but schoolhouse taught me how to tutor kids from other parts of the world as well. This helped me gain experience and confidence as well. And all this took place when I joined schoolhouse on April 20th 2022. I was exposed to people from south, north etc. and this really helps a person to do something they've never done and schoolhouse is where I 'started' my tutoring journey!

Hiba F

Tutor in United Arab Emirates

SHW is beyond volunteering hours

Jul 4, 2022

I came to through a Tiktok #ifykyk with the hope that I get some volunteer hours to fill up a requirement that I needed in order to run for office at my local Key Club. Well, I lost the election but I stayed with Schoolhouse, why? Because it just simply amazed me when I got more involved, a lot of people are so dedicated that they give up their lunch break to tutor, or how people still try to work while on vacation at their hotel. I was just amazed at the teams working nonstop to either help the tutor succeed or help the learner felt more at home. As a tutor, I felt very welcomed on the tutoring platform on Slack, how the channels just kept popping up even in the middle of the night or how answering one question and get you involved in this whole story of turns and complications. Okay, so Hai, after got really involved what did you get? Um, I got the phobia for Typeforms #training, random stuff I picked up about privacy that is still stuck in my head #MARS or skills that I found interested in learning and still invest time in #beekeeping. But after all the hard work I think SHW is still worth a try...

Hai N

Tutor in United States of America

Much Better Free Help than Paid Tuitions

Jun 30, 2022

Schoolhouse has helped me so much these past months and I had my competitive math tutions which I paid for last year but this year's math lessons were much more satisfying than the paid ones I had last year. Best of all is that I could meet people from different countries and interact with different people without any trouble. I used to have social anxiety before and it grew much worse over the pandemic but now, because of schoolhouse, I have no fear of interacting with others.

Geetha S

Learner in India


Jun 28, 2022

Hi, My name Is Jasmine Williams and I just wanted to share how school house. world Is helping me learn and grow, I enjoys the tutoring so much through each session. I like how I get to learn new stuff such as: AP Physics, All topics of Algebra 1 and 2, Also Pre-Algebra. I really do appreciate it very much and Thank You so much for helping me Learn and Grow.

Jasmine W

Learner in United States of America

Helping students all around the world

May 23, 2022

To celebrate my one-year at schoolhouse, I would like to share my story! I started tutoring on schoolhouse in May 2021, after seeing a video from Sal Khan about online free tutoring. I have always used Khan Academy, but as a recent 8th-grade graduate, I was scared to start tutoring. In my first session I was shaking with nerves, but it went great, and I continued hosting sessions and series. During that time, I tutored students from over 20 countries, which I never thought I could achieve. I feel that I have truly found a community that I am proud to be a part of. Recently, I have joined teams to become an even bigger part of schoolhouse!

Emma F

Tutor in United States of America

Butterfly Effect of Tutoring

May 7, 2022

Although I've just been tutoring for 2 weeks, the experience has been immensely rewarding. I can't even put it into words. I see tutoring as one of my ways to be grateful for the knowledge that I've gained over the years. After joining SHW, I got to know the struggling of teachers out there that sometimes myself as a learner take for granted. Not only does tutoring help for improving your understanding in your subjects, but also in your confidence. I also realised few days ago, that the hours that I've put voluntarily could even make a butterfly effect on others' success. Even just a subtopics, who knows that that may come up in an important exam which could give them admission into university/college of their dream which may provide them opportunity for future's success. I always believe whenever I'm tutoring that I always make quite a big positive impacts toward their future and that's why I enjoy every seconds of tutoring in SHW.

Satrio B

Tutor in United Kingdom

Spinning round the sun Again but not Alone!

Apr 18, 2022

Just as the junior year of my high school ended,I was feeling completely empty and stressed out for going into the senior and last academic year of school(alone). I never knew,joining Schoolhouse will be such interesting and interactive untill I decided to join. As being a person dealing with anxiety and introvertness, Schoolhouse is really helping me to get out of these things and share my ideas and thoughts with peers that I've never met but it always gives a certain relief. I am looking forward to continue this journey with great tutors and peers and maybe spinning round the sun with them this time !

Kalpi D

Learner in India

Teaching Experience

Feb 23, 2022

I was previously a learner at Schoolhouse. With the help of schoolhouse, I understood all my math concepts and I became an expert at them. I would just do my homework in like 30 minutes and I would have free time. Then, I would think. And think some more. Once, a thought came to me; I had learnt so much from Schoolhouse and from the wonderful tutors here at Schoolhouse. Why not help out? They do say teaching is the best way to learn! I had finally made the decision to become a tutor. It wasn't going to be easy though. But I thought it was worth it. And it actually is. I reviewed topics that I knew I could teach so I was more familiar with them and I did some Khan Academy practice problems. I completed a certification. I got approved as a tutor. I took the tutor training. I became a tutor and it was time to host my first session! I was so excited and nervous. I could wait to help curious learners all around the world with the problems they had. But, I was also worried. What if I didn't know how to solve my learner's problem? What if I accidentally gave the answer away? I took a deep breath and hosted my first session!! I cannot tell you how happy I was. I was just, I guess satisfied. The happiness you get from helping someone is one of the best things you can do! After my first experience, I kept on hosting session; helping them with the problems that they had. I was happy that I got to help someone today. My learners were happy that they got their problems solved. Like they say, teaching is the best way to learn. Teaching has always been a passion for me. But where would I teach? I have seen the applications of many tutoring sites. There was one common question. What experience do you have? or Upload your resume with your experiences. You need experience to get a job, which requires experience. Schoolhouse has given me the opportunity to prove myself as a tutor and to help me pursue my passion of teaching.

Shanmukha P

Tutor in United States of America

Some Cliche Title

Feb 8, 2022

I named the title as such because being a schoolhouse tutor really, although an overused phrase, "opened my eyes." It made me understand how to actually teach someone a topic. It feels nice when you teach a learner something and that aha! moment finally clicks in their brain. It makes you, I don't know, "feel something churning in your heart." All of the cliche and overused lines come together, because I really don't know where I'd be today without schoolhouse.

Rianna S

Tutor in United States of America

Finding an outlet with schoolhouse

Jan 24, 2022

I come from a community were there's no SAT training center. When I wanted to write the SAT some months back I was completely lost and I didn't knew where to begin. One day through a friend of mine, I discovered schoolhouse and I started practicing with experienced tutors and I got to know exactly what the SAT was and after some months of tutoring, sat for the SAT and when the results were out, I got a 1420 at my first attempt, thanks to the tutors of schoolhouse. This score permitted me to be selected as the finalist of a full scholarship in America an I got invited for the interview. Thanks to schoolhouse and to my tutor Michelle she's so cool :) .They permitted me to find an outlet to the hardship I was experiencing.

Frank W

Learner in Cameroon

My journey at Schoolhouse

Dec 21, 2021

I have been joining schoolhouse abt half a year now and when thinking about all the happiness and activities I've done when working at this platform, I can't wait to have a story to tell you all about all the experience I got at schoolhouse. Let's start off with why I joined schoolhouse. In May, two of my friends who are still tutors at schoolhouse were talking to each other about how to apply for a platform which people teach from around the world, then I immediately asked them about this interesting platform and how they recorded themselves and became a tutor. I decided to apply a few days later. I decided to record myself and submit it to schoolhouse. Recording such a video is very difficult for me since I have to sit in front of a laptop, explaining math problems out loud without getting embarrassed in front of people. But I managed to finish all 5 steps given by schoolhouse and became a tutor. First few days at schoolhouse, I don't know how to use slack and starts to explore the features at this platform and as well as on Slack, I found out that tutors at schoolhouse had many interests and hobbies that they created channels only just for people to share the same hobby. The sessions I have taught were really fun with learners participating in my sessions and games. The thing that I had even more fun is that when I have fun in community events as well as hosting series. Chatting with tutors and learners in schoolhouse is so fun! Especially when it comes to community updates session. All of us waiting for the updates is so fun, especially the UI change and series update when everyone cheered when the updating break is over or when Kate hosted the first series. There were so much more fun and interesting moments I got in schoolhouse that I cannot tell all in one go, I got a break to revise for my exams for about 2 months since October and I barely active since then. Now I'm having a bit more free time and ready to dive in and teaching in schoolhouse and having those fun once more.

Duc P

Tutor in Viet Nam

Overcoming Social Anxiety at SHW

Dec 5, 2021

For years, I tried to pass as an "introvert", like everyone else at high school. I tried to ignore the fact that every time I was asked to speak to an audience, my voice shrunk, my palms started sweating, and my sentences stopped making sense. Every time, I wrote my social anxiety off as "stage fright". One day during the lockdown, I stumbled across a Khan Academy YouTube video, where Sal Khan talks about Schoolhouse. Excited by the opportunity to make a difference, I signed up as a tutor. On the day of my first session, I was scared out of my wits as I waited for learners to join. How would I, the high schooler who stuttered as soon as they saw a group of people, tutor a group of learners? In came the learners, and I found in those learners the most supportive, encouraging audience I had ever met. They were okay with me making mistakes, and were appreciative of me taking out my time. The virtual interaction meant that nobody could see my sweaty palms, and nobody would judge me for them. Slowly, I grew. Other tutors reached out to me on Slack, forming friendships and giving me support. In just three months, I am amazed at the difference Schoolhouse has made in me. Tutoring at Schoolhouse is an experience I will never forget.

Anuska M

Tutor in India

Learning Never Goes Out Of Style

Nov 3, 2021

My name is sarah and i'm going to write a personal story about my journey through school and how i strive to go deeper into learning I was bullied a lot in school and eventually i switched to online schooling where i could go at my own pace. I continued this for over 4 years and i'm now in the 10th grade and still homeschooled! Schoolhouse is a good place for me to go and connect with others on topics i enjoy and things i need a little extra practice in. I have enjoyed this because i am able to learn at my own speed and not have to slow down or speed up for anyone. I've come to realize over time that learning isn't uncool or nerdy. It's amazing! I always thought that if you learned to much that you were a nerd or an outcast but my mom has always encouraged me to learn as much as i can so i don't fall for scams and false promises that will pop up during my lifetime. My mom always tells me "Knowledge is something no one can ever take from you" and i hold those words dear to my heart, not just because it's true but because those words inspired me to go above and beyond my learning abilities and to never stop because learning never goes out of style :)

Sarah M

Learner in United States of America

I can't believe this finally exists!

Oct 30, 2021

In a world where nothing seems to be free (mostly for obvious reasons), I was shocked to find as a free tutoring site... I couldn't believe myself as last year I searched for a free tutoring site to help me with my schoolwork and I couldn't. All of them were way too expensive for me... but now I found this. This little hidden treasure that more people are finding nowadays. I wasn't surprised that it's by Salman Khan as well, dude he's my hero. I used and loved Khan Academy for a long time and now he made this, an even greater thing, I was amazed! At school, we all had to write about a famous/successful person we admire and it may not surprise you that I wrote about him. Making education free and accessible to everyone is the best thing ever and I'm glad he exists and that I know about it. I gotta say SHW may be the best thing that ever happened these past years, especially with the current pandemic. I'm lucky to be a part of it and I hope more people will find it too and join this precious learning community!

Anisa I

Tutor in Albania

Great Experience

Sep 23, 2021

A newsletter from the Idaho State Superintendent's office stated Idaho was granted access to Schoolhouse tutoring for free. Even though I know Schoolhouse was intended for students, I signed up hoping that it would assist me, a veteran science teacher working on my math endorsement, with difficult problems while studying for Praxis 5161. It has been a great experience. Although responses are not instantaneous, they are very helpful. I am very grateful for this resource. I will be a huge advocate in letting students and teachers know of my experience. Having a tutor rather than just watching a video is a better experience. I am able to ask questions in real time while being shown how to work a problem on a shared screen. This is vital for studying upper level math concepts such as trigonometry because often these concepts are not intuitive. Thank you for working for us to have this resource available at no cost.

Cindy R

Learner in United States of America

From a random khan academy YouTube viewer to a tutor at schoolhouse

Aug 25, 2021

I was just randomly scrolling khan academy India page where I saw a video about schoolhouse. I liked its concept and wanted to give it a try, I signed up and attended 2 or 3 sessions in capacity of a learner and got to know that you need not be a much experienced teacher in order to tutor at schoolhouse. So in a month or so, after completing my ongoing project of breakthrough junior challenge video, I applied for tutor. Apart from me myself learning something by teaching, one thing which keeps me here is the fact that even if there is 1 learner in the session and I could help him/her learn something, the pleasure it gives is divine.

Akshat B

Tutor in India

Finding an Outlet with Schoolhouse

Aug 25, 2021

When my teacher posted on our google classroom about schoolhouse, I initially passed over it. Then, after my teacher brought it up again, I checked out the website. Right away, I was intrigued by the concept of a platform for people to learn for free—from peer tutors. After exploring the page, I got an account and was waiting for something to redirect me to a free trial or a purchase page. As a result, it surprised me that there wasn't a catch, and a legitimate, reliable website was providing tutors for free. I immediately started the certification process and now, after months of tutoring, I am so glad I stumbled on this website. It truly gives me an opportunity to learn how my peers think, to see people grow in their learning process, and to find a way for me to help people. Through Schoolhouse, I realized how much I enjoy teaching people and the satisfaction at the end of a session, when you realize that though it may be a little thing, you showed them something new. Whether it be a new way to think, a solution to a problem they were stuck on, or just correcting something, it's something new. The entire process is humbling: even as a tutor, you find out there is so much you don't know. I feel like I found my space at Schoolhouse, a unique way to use the knowledge I've gained over my years of study. The community makes everything 100% better: the number of times I've deferred to my fellow tutors is countless. Through constructive feedback, compliments, and just fun conversations, you realize there's always room to grow. My students are also amazing: they bring a fresh perspective to a conversation, they're always so sweet, and overall, are just great people. As the summer comes to an end, when people ask me what I did this summer, I'm proud that I can say I gained more experience as a tutor at Schoolhouse.

Anvika A

Tutor in United States of America

Snow Days are the Best Days at Schoolhouse

Aug 25, 2021

Whenever the website is down due to a bug or outage, we call it a snow day. A couple of volunteers including Kareena S create wording about it. We come together and post this message, "SNOW DAY! We are facing technical issues and all classes over the next day are currently cancelled. Class signups are also on hold..." It is amazing to see bright minds coming together to ensure that information is being communicated smoothly. It shows the diversity and community that schoolhouse fosters.

Varun C

Tutor in United States of America

Motivation to learn

Aug 25, 2021

I found schoolhouse at a time when my school was closed and I didn't know what to do to improve my learning and connecting with others, because everyone was in quarantine and I had a different perspective of the outside world:), I was very pumped to learn more and more and from OTHERS that I don't even know! And I really liked that very much (I still do). This kept me very busy instead of sitting around doing nothing all day. And when school started this week (aug 16) It was very funny to hear what others in my class had been up to which was basically sitting/ sleeping all day doing nothing. My teachers were very satisfied to hear that I was learning and working while everyone was doing nothing. even my classmates were shocked about the time I woke up every morning to attend session.

Jia M

Learner in Suriname

Tutoring....around the globe.

Aug 7, 2022

I have always tried to help and tutor my peers or students. However, with Schoolhouse, I was able to widen my net and help students all over the world. I was able to interact with students who, like me, loved science or calculus or french or computer science and I got to watch them learn about new things that inspired me in my own educational journey. I also found it to be an incredible experience and exposure to the very different educations that exist around the globe today.

Isabelle W

Tutor in United States of America

How Schoolhouse impacted me

Aug 3, 2022

When I first joined schoolhouse, I didn't know much and was confused about things. I was looking for lessons where I could self-study or learn subjects. However, once I got into the deeper aspects of the site, I realized that I could teach and help those who need help in subjects. It became a part of me. That caused me to become a tutor. I went from someone who didn't have many interests to someone who loves to help other people succeed in what they want.

Urjit A

Tutor in United States of America

A Whole New Exploration!!!!!

Jul 29, 2022

Who would ever believe you can get free tutoring from a purchase-free website? For so long, I've been trying to find the best free resources to help me catch up and prepare for my future study, but every website I visited–as expected–required premium purchases and so on. The moment I jumped on SchoolHouse, I felt something different...The website was really pretty, and the fonts and the design...I knew this was a life changer. I soon began joining sessions, where I met many enthusiastic learners and entertaining tutors willing to help people worldwide. SchoolHouse opened me up o a new field where I could explore new content and topics that I could not find alone. And it's not only about learning, but it's also a door to meet and discuss with people from the other half of the earth.

Alyssa M

Learner in Japan

Great Experience

Jul 23, 2022

I did an SAT math series with Firdaus F. She was great! I really struggled to understand how I could get a better score on the math section until I did sessions with her. She is very helpful and thorough in her explanations. I had a very big jump in my SAT math score after doing her bootcamp series. Highly recommend both her and Schoolhouse as a whole!

Setareh L

Learner in United States of America

Everyone is a learner

Jul 16, 2022

*I know I shared a story a while ago, but something else wonderful happened so yea... Yesterday, I hosted a session called "ESL Club for Vietnamese speakers," well, the session was great, everything went smoothly until we go to the debate part, which it's like 9 pm for me so I was tired already and couldn't keep the vibe going. So we stopped and have a talk. I found out all of my learners are all older than me, wow, one already has kids, one is graduating college and one is a junior in high school (I'm a rising sophomore). We got a talk about everything, all in English, then I found out, that their English is so good that just do not get put on the spot and get stressed. I was confused since the topic was a culture which is a big thing in most Asian countries. I found out, that I was directing the topic in a less genuine way, so they were struggling. I'm getting too much into their personality, LOL. Okay so, I believe anyone could be a learner, everyone is a learner. So, if you're a tutor and stop your learning career? Slow down and try to be both, it will benefit you!

Hai N

Tutor in United States of America


Jul 1, 2022

The beauty of schoolhouse is honestly, to the next level, it should be marketed though, since the website is very nice, but not many people use it, and hence miss out..and keep complaining. I honestly found about about SHW through a YouTube video, and trust me, it changed my life, I have been here for 2 months, and I am just so happy with it. I wake up at 3 am just to attend some of the classes, that's how much SHW has affected me. I, for the very first time in my life, enjoy learning

Naitik J

Learner in India


Jun 30, 2022

It has been around 3 months since I joined SHW, and I can't say I have been less happy throughout! I have worked through long nights and heavy days, scorching suns and lonely moons, and I still don't regret a single thing. Before Schoolhouse, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life beyond research in the STEM field, and now I know my calling (at least for now) is to teach.

Shadman S

Tutor in United States of America

Free Learning that you cannot experience from paid tuition

Jun 19, 2022

The tutors are doing this as non-profitable charity! Plus it is so high quality education, some of it I cannot learn from school.

Jil S

Learner in United Kingdom

Educating Beyond Horizons

May 12, 2022

The idea 💡 of learning, tutoring and sharing across the globe 🌎 for free, itself gives a new dimension to schooling . Hello 👋 I'm Ika , a 10th grader from India 🇮🇳 and I've been a part of the SHW community since January 2022 . It's both exciting, overwhelming and very remarkable how I can connect with people from all around the world , share my insights, and serve the community at the same time . Schoolhouse is the ultimate hub for students across the globe. To be a part of the community itself has changed a lot in my life , from learning different skills, getting advice for college , and being stress-free about my doubts cause I can always count on different features on SHW. Someone on the other side is always eager to help 🤝. I would have never been able to enjoy tutoring and online classes so much,if something like schoolhouse didn't exist. Although it's just been a couple of months , tutoring has become my daily routine now . I really hope more and more people join this community, and one day it'll finally be able to be a part of every students life ❤.

Ika .

Tutor in India

Practicing makes you better

May 6, 2022

I joined schoolhouse recently and it gained my attention, I came across a YouTube short by Gohar and it just felt good join here. As I joined I tried certifications and different sessions to make me get my doubts clear. So just practice and you'll get better.

Prateek P

Tutor in India

Food for soul

Apr 13, 2022

I find helping others extremely fulfilling. During the COVID-19 crisis, I felt helpless because I wasn't able to physically help others. I found Schoolhouse in the start of 2021, and tutoring has filled the void in my heart. I feel immensely grateful that I'm able to help students become confident with their knowledge. It has been a very rewarding experience and each time I see an impact that I created here, it makes my heart feel full and happy! ❤️

Shreya V

Tutor in India


Feb 17, 2022

During the pandemic, everything went out of order. In my country, schools were closed for about 3 years now and we are still not sure about reopening. I was worried because it scared me that my quality of learning will decline and I cannot hire a tutor financially. Since the pandemic has opened a lot of online opportunities, I figured maybe I could search for an online platform where I could learn. Later on, I stumbled upon "". It was amazing since I didn't have to pay, reveal my personal details, and I did not have a hard time using it since it is very accessible. The global community amazed me. It was amazing a shared love for learning integrated how different people from different parts of the world.

Christine A

Learner in Philippines

Realizing your Passion

Feb 6, 2022

For many years now, I have found myself geared towards helping my friends in academic and non-academic fields. Joining SHW as a Peer Tutor has helped me understand where my future lies and I love to continue my journey here.

Nishant Aanjaney J

Tutor in India

A wonderful and supportive community

Jan 12, 2022

In November 2021, I was a high school junior who was trying to find resources to get further ahead in school. Khan Academy had always been my lifeline. One day in November, while studying calculus, I stumbled upon the recordings of the “Ask Sal anything” sessions on the Khan Academy YouTube channel. From those videos, I heard about schoolhouse and then tried to get to know more about it. I ultimately decided to join schoolhouse to get more help in getting ahead in school, thinking that I would attend sessions from other tutors which would be helpful for me. I got to know that I could become a tutor right when I joined schoolhouse, but I completely ignored it, thinking “How on earth can I, just a high school junior, be a tutor?”. I then started attending sessions, and then after seeing all the amazing tutors who were of my age and how confident and supportive they were, I got inspired and became motivated to become a tutor. I was someone who always wanted to help students, who, like me, did not have access to high-quality education. This further motivated me to become a tutor. Ultimately, all that motivation and inspiration made me to decide to become a tutor about a month later, in December 2021. When I became a tutor, all of the community was really supportive and helped me out in any issues that I was facing in tutoring. I requested to be matched with a mentor for help in some issues that I was facing, and he organised a session and helped me and was really supportive. I can surely say that just after a few weeks of becoming a tutor and hosting a few sessions, schoolhouse has really helped me in firstly, improving my communication skills, and also helped me in achieving my dream of helping students with not a lot of access to high-quality education. One thing that I’ll surely remember for the rest of my life is the amazing community and the amazing people that I’ve met!

Hafsah M

Tutor in India


Dec 12, 2021

Why school house ? When I first started coming to school house I was a special ed kid I still am this day , all the tutors care so much and want you to have success . They helped so much in the math subject talking the time to personalize the meeting and help me understand better. Thank you schoolhouse and tutors ❤️☺️😀 Thank you . Maisy ♥️

maisy h

Learner in United States of America

I love SchoolHouse.World from Malaysia

Nov 30, 2021

I love learning. Schoolhouse.World is nothing far than at your fingertips. One day, I discovered SchoolHouse.World, from my wonderful mother. Then, I registered, it was easy. Then, I start attending a session, it was awesome, engaging and I fell in love. Attending a session is like being teach by a friend in a real school. Always excited to join a session on SchoolHouse.World.

Joancy G

Learner in Malaysia

Tutoring Makes Us Think More

Nov 3, 2021

I was in 12th Grade preparing for my final exams and various competitive tests in April 2021, when I got an email from my school about a peer-to-peer tutoring platform. I'd wanted to hold online tutoring sessions independently after my Medical Entrance Test (NEET-UG) but I wasn't sure about the means and the marketing. Schoolhouse made me think of accelerating my tutoring plans, thus helping me in my own tests as well. I understood that all of us were struggling with online classes with large class strengths during the pandemic, and a smaller class size with more personal attention would be better. It would be a two-way benefit as the learners get a chance to learn from more tutors than they would in school, and tutors can improve their concepts. For example, if I have an exam close to my session, I take a review session with my learners where they ask good questions. I now have the opportunity to interact with learners with varied interests and backgrounds, some who come for exam help and some who come for concepts which they don't usually get a chance to learn. Many times, learners ask questions that startle me! I wouldn't have thought about it before, but the questions make me think differently and I look into the questions they ask. I also interact with an extremely supportive amazing community where we all help each other when we need it. Nowadays, I seem to relate with my teachers often on the struggles they face during online classes. Tutoring has also helped me in my success across competitive exams in India. I was apprehensive about giving my email and name to register on a site, but now that I look at it, has been very safe and when my confidence level is low, I have my fellow tutors who give me the best advice!! I'm really happy to be a part of this initiative to help students in these times!!

Lakshana M

Tutor in India

My Journey At Schoolhouse

Oct 29, 2021

I joined Schoolhouse in August 2021, hoping to find a new outlet to tutor others and give back to the community. I didn't expect to be welcomed into such a wonderful, tight-knit community. Throughout my first few months of Schoolhouse, I enjoyed all of my experiences, both as a tutor and part of Schoolhouse teams. Everyone at Schoolhouse is compassionate about learning and willing to work together to make this platform as amazing as possible!

Maya B

Tutor in United States of America


Aug 26, 2021

Hello, my name is Carl in the year of 2020 I needed some help with math because am working on earning my high school diploma ,one day in July of 2020 I was on google I saw this video of Sal khan talking free tutoring , and how you can grow to become a tutor I knew of Sal Khan from T.V and Khan Academy ,so I listen and I didn't wait so I sign up right away, next day or two I receive an email from school .world they accepted me as a learner I was super excited I few days later I sign up for a session some how I got this 13 year old young man name Sachin Syal that moment change everything at first I was Embarrased because here am adult asking a 13 year old for math help but this guy was very smart in math a few days later in another session I told him I am working on earning my high school diploma I asked him can you help me and he said yes other tutors came on board this one tutor and tutors has made huge impact on my life it been amazing being a part am ways sharing schoolhouse with others I got a co-worker to sign up and another co-worker thinking about signing up.

Carl M

Tutor in United States of America

A New Worldview

Aug 25, 2021 has helped me meet and connect with people from all over the world, from so many different backgrounds (yet somehow we share so much in common). It has showed me that there are people who genuinely want to learn, and people who genuinely want to help. I first came onto this site as a learner in July 2020 desperate for AP Calc help, and now most of the sessions I tutor are for AP Calc. That's crazy to me, but something about Schoolhouse's environment and its people has pushed me to slowly get out of my comfort zone. During COVID and virtual school in 2020-2021, I almost forgot what human connection was like, but Schoolhouse really showed me that sometimes the worst possible situations can still make way for the best things, too.

Karen J

Tutor in United States of America

Helping Me Stay On Track

Aug 25, 2021

Schoolhouse has helped me prepare for school by helping me understand the topics I need to learn. The website was available to me when my school and extracurricular activities were canceled. I have been able to fully understand all my subjects from the Skeletal System to Piecewise Functions. There is a wide array of sessions to choose from. I have also been able to learn a new language using schoolhouse. After my sessions on Schoolhouse, most topics were easier to understand and finish. I have also attended SAT practice sessions as well as sessions on the application process to college. Schoolhouse has been able to keep me ahead of my classes in school and interest me in new topics.

Katie F

Learner in United States of America

Selfish to Selfless

Aug 25, 2021

The reason I joined School House is probably not like most, it wasn't because I was motivated to teach(though I am now) or wanted to increase my knowledge but it was because I was applying to a school and wanted another thing to list on my resume. This was the selfish intent I actually joined School House World with but it has turned into so much more. As soon as I hosted my first session that intent dropped away. I got such positive feedback and engaging learners that I knew I wanted to teach more and help impact learners in that same way. Ever since I have tried my hardest to tutor(for 25 sessions) not for an achievement but to help others in the way those first learners taught me a lesson in character. A little into my time at School House World I became more and more active in the community of tutors. I became invested in seeing SHW grow and expand and this led me to try and join multiple teams. Currently, I am apart of the User Support, Onboarding Buddies, and Auditing team and happy about it since each role allows me to make a difference here at School House World. To conclude, I joined for a selfish reason(to add to my resume) and the result was amazing as now I was able to increase my teaching skills, learn how to make an impact, interact with other tutors, and learn character skills such as patience, perseverance and most importantly 𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙛𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨.

Noreen M

Tutor in United States of America

How a Big Brother is helpful

Aug 25, 2021

My brother has been a part of since December and he was annoying me to join schoolhouse to receive help with Mathematics and SAT Exams which I will soon take. I initially joined with the impression of only being a learner, get ready for the different exams I will take this year and then leave. However, something attracted me to be a tutor and when I finally got certified, I was introduced to an awesome community of people! My onboarding buddy was really helpful and answered all my initial questions. Mariah, the Head of Community hosted a session for new tutors so we would meet and discuss the problems we faced in our first sessions. I got to personally meet a bunch of tutors who were facing the same initial problems I was! I soon got to be a part of various teams on schoolhouse and all of them led me to meeting a different kinds of awesome people from all around the globe, be it the welcoming tours team, the user support team or the auditing team. All of them made me feel at home virtually which is a great feat to achieve! It has been a great journey for me and I cannot wait for the next chapters I will go through here at schoolhouse!!

Hitansh A

Tutor in India
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What Learners Have To Say About Sessions

Professional young man speaks very good as a teacher, as someone would with a great deal of experience. Vismay P. is very knowledgeable about programming. I would definitely recommend this tutor. Also he shared many recourses that will be very helpful to me in my continued learning. There were 2 people in the class and attention was given to each person fairly so that each person took from the class.
Learner in Vismay P's session

(Parent here) Excellent teaching -- the best tutoring we've seen so far. Very organized, useful time management tips, engaging process of letting kids try the questions on their own then calling on them to explain, and helpful review of key learnings at the end. Thank you!
Learner in Shiva K's session

I don’t know how but your way of explaining complex topics make so much sense to me. I tend to struggle with a lot of topics because I am definitely more of a hands on learner which was difficult in a virtual school setting since I tend to not ask a lot of questions even though I know I should. I really appreciate how attentive you are and if you continue doing topic like tonight’s, I will probably pass the exam because of you :’).
Learner in Karen J's session

Kate was amazing! Before this tutor session, I was completely new to quadratic equations, but she explained at an amazing pace. She was very kind and reassuring. She made the content a lot less intimidating. It surprised me on how much I was able to learn in just 40 minutes, and I feel like I have a good idea of quadratic equations. It was a lot simpler than I thought.
Learner in Kate P's session

I would love more of these types of sessions! They are super helpful and informative. They make me feel more confident as I am preparing to take the test.
Learner in Laura R's session

I'm a foreign student and American math is sometimes hard for me. So my knowledge was at a really low level before the session and it was difficult for me to solve even easy problems. But Shraman did his best to explain everything to me and I know a little bit more. His explanations were really useful for me. Moreover, he even shared with me some resources to broaden my knowledge. Thanks to Shraman, now I know what to do next.
Learner in Shraman K's session

Emma is truly a great tutor! She helped me a lot with the problems. She is also not a native speaker, so it made everything easier for me, because she gets that it may be difficult for foreigners to understand math in a different language. Therefore, she did her best to explain me everything and I'm really grateful for that!
Learner in Emma A's session

Excellent tutor! I would want Ben to be my Calculus teacher. He explained everything in detail, cleared most of my doubts, and not only helped me with my quiz questions, but helped with everyone's questions. For these reasons, he surely deserved my super helpful rating.
Learner in Benjamin J's session

Ananyaa was super nice and chill. She gave some great tips I'll be sure to use from now on.
Learner in Ananyaa N's session

The tutor was amazing! She provided us with an engaging session wherein she cleared all our doubts. The slides and the annotations were exceptionally informative. I hope to attend many more sessions by this tutor.
Learner in Simran R's session

my friend and I have been trying to go to every single one of your sessions for the past few weeks and we literally love you. like we go to other tutor sessions and are always saying we miss karen. thank you so much for everything you've been so helpful and patient I hope I have a reason to use schoolhouse again for SAT prep maybe!
Learner in Karen J's session

I really liked the atmosphere that you cultivated for the session (and series). It's clearly individualized which increases engagement greatly.
Learner in Anvika A's session

The session was great and had a warm atmosphere. I've been studying for the SAt for a little over a year now and I learnt some key tips today (like the ways to notice emphasis with word choice and punctuation) that I have not seen anywhere before. The word "meticulous" is also going to stick with me for a very long time because of you haha. Thank you!!
Learner in Dickson T's session

Just no words.... I just am like amazed by her teaching I MEAN I LEANRED EVERYTHING!! I AM SO EXITEDDD!!!!
Learner in Catherine P's session

I am finally loving math and understanding it, thank you so very much.
Learner in Justin D's session

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