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Schoolhouse Stories is a non-profit whose mission is to connect the world through learning. Hear from our community about what Schoolhouse means to them!

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My incredible experience with

Mar 22, 2023

Hi there! I'm a tutor on I wanted to share the impact that schoolhouse had on me. I honestly never thought I would become a tutor, let alone at this age. It was such an amazing experience. The tutors were more than tutors and learners are more than just students. It's like a big family. Joining schoolhouse is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's interactive, fun, friendly, and just so awesome. It makes math a game. and it's not just math, it so many other subjects. Really fun and changed the perspective I had on many things. Who knew algebra was actually fun? Anyways, if you haven't already, go and check out where you'll meet people from all around the world. This may be the best ting that has happened to you all day!

Liya D

Tutor in United States of America

My new journey as a tutor

Mar 14, 2023

Starting my tutoring journey on Schoolhouse has been a great experience. I've been tutoring AP World History for my past sessions, teaching my learners how to write FRQs and tackle MCQs. Being able to help them and make them feel more comfortable and confident in tackling certain concepts brings me happiness. Peers helping other peers is what makes Schoolhouse so special. Like my math teacher always says," We learn more when working together". Schoolhouse has brought us together in tutoring and learning a wide variety of subjects from STEM to the humanities. By helping my peers, not only am I growing as a tutor, I'm also growing as a learner.

Sollina A

Tutor in United States of America

Passing with A+'s

Mar 21, 2023

school house is a wonderful place to learn with school houses help I pass my grade with distinctions before I would come home with c's but thx to school house I pass with more I would recommend it to others becoz like everyone told me doing physics was hard but when I started learning in school house. It became very easy for me I love this academy 😭❤

mwanaija h

Learner in South Africa

Making an impact from the convenience of my own home.

Mar 13, 2023 is revolutionary. The platform is so well-made and the community is so friendly, professional, and uplifting. My time at Schoolhouse has helped me become a more mature person and allowed me to reach new horizons. As a student who had moved to the US just before my freshman year of high school and as a student who is studying online, I had very little knowledge of how the system worked and was restricted to what my school offered me. However, after joining Schoolhouse I learned that there was so much more! I realized that not all people are as fortunate as me and felt the sorrow after learning the difficulties some faced. At the same time, I felt intense joy after being able to successfully help learners understand the topics they struggled in. At the same time, Schoolhouse has benefitted me as a learner just as much as it has benefitted me as a tutor. As mentioned earlier, when I first came to the US, I had no idea how the system worked. However, thanks to Schoolhouse's college prep sessions I was able to understand how to navigate through the system. In addition, community sessions such as the very recent Schoolhouse MUN are such a great experience where you can interact with people from across the globe. The opportunities at Schoolhouse are endless but no matter how much I elaborate, I can only say so much with words. Only thing I can tell you is if you are reading this, don't delay it, go ahead and sign up for Schoolhouse now!

Humam A

Tutor in United States of America

The most beautiful learning project there is, available to all!

Mar 17, 2023

I learned about Schoolhouse while looking online to volunteer as a tutor. I never expected such a beautiful, easy, well-organised, professional, high-standard project existed. Even though I've been teaching math in schools for 30 years there is still so much to learn when you teach at Schoolhouse. It is a world of continuous learning, learning from the students who many are themselves tutors, learning from the always available support, learning from self-reflection, learning from other roles one can choose to take. So we are all the same, making a difference while learning and giving back, and all this available to all! Incredible!!!

Carla M

Tutor in Portugal

Extremely helpful website

Mar 9, 2023

this is such a helpful website, it especially helps low income people since its online and free. plus, its everyday, and I can't thank the tutors that have helped me here enough. with this website I understand a lot more, and it really helps in class. thank you!!!

Anthony T

Learner in United States of America

What Learners Have To Say About Sessions

Professional young man speaks very good as a teacher, as someone would with a great deal of experience. Vismay P. is very knowledgeable about programming. I would definitely recommend this tutor. Also he shared many recourses that will be very helpful to me in my continued learning. There were 2 people in the class and attention was given to each person fairly so that each person took from the class.
Learner in Vismay P's session

(Parent here) Excellent teaching -- the best tutoring we've seen so far. Very organized, useful time management tips, engaging process of letting kids try the questions on their own then calling on them to explain, and helpful review of key learnings at the end. Thank you!
Learner in Shiva K's session

I don’t know how but your way of explaining complex topics make so much sense to me. I tend to struggle with a lot of topics because I am definitely more of a hands on learner which was difficult in a virtual school setting since I tend to not ask a lot of questions even though I know I should. I really appreciate how attentive you are and if you continue doing topic like tonight’s, I will probably pass the exam because of you :’).
Learner in Karen J's session

Ananyaa was super nice and chill. She gave some great tips I'll be sure to use from now on.
Learner in Ananyaa N's session

The tutor was amazing! She provided us with an engaging session wherein she cleared all our doubts. The slides and the annotations were exceptionally informative. I hope to attend many more sessions by this tutor.
Learner in Simran R's session

my friend and I have been trying to go to every single one of your sessions for the past few weeks and we literally love you. like we go to other tutor sessions and are always saying we miss karen. thank you so much for everything you've been so helpful and patient I hope I have a reason to use schoolhouse again for SAT prep maybe!
Learner in Karen J's session

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