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Schoolhouse Stories is a non-profit whose mission is to connect the world through learning. Hear from our community about what Schoolhouse means to them!

Inspired by our internet neighbor, Khan Academy

Learn With Confidence

May 16, 2024

Are you afraid of making mistakes while learning? It's okay on Schoolhouse! As some people say and I quote, "You can't learn without mistakes." This is my version of the quote. Once you make a mistake, your brain tries to remember how that happened and then it does its best to avoid doing it again. And doing that on Schoolhouse is awesome! I am a tutor and a learner here on Schoolhouse, and I have fun every time I'm learning or tutoring because we always make mistakes and we learn from them. "The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.", Stephen M

Kevin R

Tutor in United States of America

Gaining Wisdom / Knowledge

Mar 18, 2024

High school has been tough for me, especially now that I'm in 11th grade and have so many state and school exams. Before I found out about Schoolhouse, I struggled with understanding most of what I was learning at school. I always asked myself, "Do I really need to take a math or science class? What will I use it for in the future? Why is it so important to study things that won't help me in my future?" It turns out that I do need to use math and science in the future. Time is math. Understanding how humans behave is a type of science. I found out about Schoolhouse through Khan Academy. Ever since then, I have come to realize that with all the knowledge I could gain inside and outside of school, I could share it with others who crave and want knowledge. I enjoy using Schoolhouse because it not only helps me, but it also allows me to help others. With all out knowledge combined, we will make a great team! -Thank you!

Ariella C

Learner in United States of America

An Opportunity to Make Change

May 13, 2024

I had a learner I reached out to who said she was struggling with turning in assignments for the specific subject, but she wouldn't let me help her. The next day, she told me she was going to delete her account because she didn't like the platform. I told her how to delete her account because she asked, but once again offered to enter a session with her. She agreed and were in a session for 30 minutes working on subject related work. The day after that, she told me she was still going to delete because she was "shy and not smart." Through heavy convincing, I was able to get her to agree to a 90 minute session and taught her core fundamentals in the subject that she had missed. Over the session, I saw so much growth and development in her as a learner. But still, after this, she said she was going to delete, so I told her goodbye. But just an hour later, she returned and said exactly this: "I just wanted to tell u that I am sorry abt how I acted and I want to keep this and get my grades up i love u tutoring me and I hope that u could do It more oftain!!!! thank u so much ur the best tutor!!!" The learner is going on a vacation for two weeks, but after then, we hope to resume working on subject matters. I wanted to say thank you so much Schoolhouse for giving me the opportunity to make a change and impact in someone else's life, and for giving me the chance to make a difference, which really made my day!

Amanda-Pearl O

Tutor in United States of America

To make a difference

Mar 13, 2024

As I have grown into a tutor I have had a lot of help along the journey. I have helped learners grow into the bright minds they are today, and I have met wonderful tutors who were willing to help me grow into the tutor I am today. I have been busy and I love the time I spend here every day it is truly amazing that the founding tutors have been able to build this community from the ground up to the sky. The tutors and learners here are the meaning of "the sky is the limit" A lot of learners come to me and other tutors with the anxiety of failing and they count on us to tutor them, But as the time zones don't match up a lot of times but it is wonderful that all learners feel comfortable with seeking help we also know what it is like to need help in school so we try to explain the subject to the best of our ability, so don't ever contact a tutor with the fear of being turned away we are here to help and we care

Jason W

Tutor in United States of America

Learning While Teaching

May 7, 2024

I had already taken the SAT, but I was planning on taking it again to get a better score. I got a 1490 the first time, and I decided to join and tutor people on their reading and writing. This process allowed me to pass on the experience I learned preparing for and taking the SAT my first time, but it also gave me new materials and strategies that I adopted to do better the second time around. I attribute the 1580 I got the second time around to the BootCamp I hosted.

Ryan J

Tutor in United States of America

To Make A Difference

Mar 9, 2024

I joined schoolhouse very recently, as a SAT Bootcamp Tutor. I received an email from CollegeBoard informing me of the opportunity, and, safe to say, my interest was piqued. I completely self-studied for my own SAT, and it was difficult at times. Although I had a host of resources, especially Khan Academy, I had nobody who I could turn to for questions, nobody who could offer me advice on parts of the SAT that went beyond just content, like pacing and what order to do the questions in. I had to teach myself all of that. Upon learning about the SAT Bootcamps offered at Schoolhouse, I remember thinking that this was the sort of support I would have loved to have while I was studying for my own SAT. So, I figured, why not? I'd get the chance to help people like I wished I'd been helped, and I had nothing to lose. I was incredibly nervous for my first session. I've always been an extremely shy person, and I had zero prior tutoring experience - what if I wasn't a good tutor? What if I let my learners down? But, as the sessions went on, I grew more comfortable, more confident. My learners were understanding what I was teaching them; I was doing okay, at the very least. I stopped fearing how to tutor. Watching my learners grow more comfortable as well, watching them answer questions correctly or have the bravery to admit that they didn't know the answer - it always made me smile. Watching their practice test scores tick up as the bootcamp went on made me so incredibly proud. I didn't even know them, but they were putting in the work, actively participating, and improving as a result. Words cannot describe how proud I was to see that. Schoolhouse has given me the opportunity to help others, utilizing my own strengths. It has given me the opportunity to make a difference - a real, valuable difference, no matter how small. I can help people just like myself, caught in the highs and lows of school, just trying to do their best. I can be part of the reason for someone's smile, as they fall back in their chair and just stare at their SAT score - just like I did, when I saw my own score. I can be part of the reason somebody gets their dream score, somebody gets a scholarship, somebody gets admitted to their dream college, somebody falls in love with a subject. I've always wanted to help people, and now I can, on a far larger scale than I was ever able to before. And that - that means the world to me.

Heetal B

Tutor in United States of America

What Learners Have To Say About Sessions

Professional young man speaks very good as a teacher, as someone would with a great deal of experience. Vismay P. is very knowledgeable about programming. I would definitely recommend this tutor. Also he shared many recourses that will be very helpful to me in my continued learning. There were 2 people in the class and attention was given to each person fairly so that each person took from the class.
Learner in Vismay P's session

(Parent here) Excellent teaching -- the best tutoring we've seen so far. Very organized, useful time management tips, engaging process of letting kids try the questions on their own then calling on them to explain, and helpful review of key learnings at the end. Thank you!
Learner in Shiva K's session

I don’t know how but your way of explaining complex topics make so much sense to me. I tend to struggle with a lot of topics because I am definitely more of a hands on learner which was difficult in a virtual school setting since I tend to not ask a lot of questions even though I know I should. I really appreciate how attentive you are and if you continue doing topic like tonight’s, I will probably pass the exam because of you :’).
Learner in Karen J's session

Ananyaa was super nice and chill. She gave some great tips I'll be sure to use from now on.
Learner in Ananyaa N's session

The tutor was amazing! She provided us with an engaging session wherein she cleared all our doubts. The slides and the annotations were exceptionally informative. I hope to attend many more sessions by this tutor.
Learner in Simran R's session

my friend and I have been trying to go to every single one of your sessions for the past few weeks and we literally love you. like we go to other tutor sessions and are always saying we miss karen. thank you so much for everything you've been so helpful and patient I hope I have a reason to use schoolhouse again for SAT prep maybe!
Learner in Karen J's session

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