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Schoolhouse Stories is a non-profit whose mission is to connect the world through learning. Hear from our community about what Schoolhouse means to them!

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Math struggles

Nov 30, 2022

I always "lost" the most amount of my PSAT points on the math portion, and with my first SAT coming up, I was understandably worried. However, after attending about four weeks of math SAT prep here on schoolhouse, I can honestly say I'm so much more confident and prepared than I would have been otherwise! I'm so grateful for my amazing tutor who had fantastic explanations for every math problem we struggled with, and with this, I was also able to figure out what topics I needed to practice on my own too!!

Luisa B

Learner in United States of America

My Regret? Not Joining Sooner

Nov 20, 2022

When I was invited to be a tutor on Schoolhouse for an SAT Bootcamp, I was beyond excited. I had always loved teaching, and this opportunity seemed amazing, yet, I had never taught any high schoolers before as my only professional volunteering experience was with middle schoolers. Even though I always help out fellow students at school, I was afraid. However, when I got over my imposter syndrome, I fell in love with the platform. I wish I had known of Schoolhouse when I was taking the SAT, it would've helped my progress tremendously and I could've started my tutoring journey sooner!

Selen Melis B

Tutor in Turkey

How Tutoring Has Helped Me

Nov 22, 2022

These sessions offer a chance for me to become less nervous, more confident, a better teacher, and a better speaker. Also, these sessions offer instant gratification the moment a learner says, "I understand now!" It makes me so happy to know that I helped someone. The challenges and rewards associated with tutoring are so appealing that I wish I had learned about Schoolhouse sooner! These skills and experiences will also better prepare me to enter a collaborative college environment.

Avery B

Tutor in United States of America

Broadening My Horizons

Nov 19, 2022

When I was first invited to tutor for the SAT, I was a little nervous, as I had never tutored before, and have always struggled with public speaking. However, I was confident in the subject material, so I took the opportunity. I am very grateful that I did, because I was quickly able to better my confidence in public speaking and tutoring, significantly as a result from the very supportive community that Schoolhouse offers both with its tutors and learners. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity -- it has truly had a positive impact of great magnitude on my life.

Dakotah H

Tutor in United States of America

If only I knew about Schoolhouse earlier

Nov 22, 2022

I've always loved teaching, but ever since I learned about schoolhouse through the sat bootcamps I instantly fell in love. I was able to use my skills to help people that were actually motivated to learn. Before I was teaching kids that had no interest to learn and their parents were forcing them to learn, but with schoolhouse the education and knowledge goes to those who will benefit the most from it. I absolutely love this program and am proud to be a schoolhouse tutor.

Sushanth C

Tutor in United States of America

Schoolhouse: A Place of Purpose

Nov 17, 2022

I got invited into Schoolhouse to run an SAT Bootcamp, and I was immediately drawn in. A place where learners can get tutors online, absolutely free? Where anyone with the qualifications can volunteer as a tutor? I had tutored in other volunteer projects before and I absolutely loved my time in those projects. Naturally, Schoolhouse was the perfect platform for me to continue doing what I love: teaching! I've learned so much about being a tutor during my time here: the tutor trainings available taught me so much more about how to engage with my students and teach effectively. Teaching at Schoolhouse is a joy: every time I tutor, I am always greeted by wonderful learners. Every time I hear a Eureka moment - an 'Ohhh!' or an 'I think I get it now!' - I always feel a massive sense of joy knowing that my sessions are fulfilling their purpose. The sense of purpose I get from tutoring at Schoolhouse and helping others learn never fades, and it is rejuvenating. I always wake up looking forward to hosting my next session, and I can't wait to host many more here at Schoolhouse!

Rahaditya R

Tutor in Malaysia

What Learners Have To Say About Sessions

Professional young man speaks very good as a teacher, as someone would with a great deal of experience. Vismay P. is very knowledgeable about programming. I would definitely recommend this tutor. Also he shared many recourses that will be very helpful to me in my continued learning. There were 2 people in the class and attention was given to each person fairly so that each person took from the class.
Learner in Vismay P's session

(Parent here) Excellent teaching -- the best tutoring we've seen so far. Very organized, useful time management tips, engaging process of letting kids try the questions on their own then calling on them to explain, and helpful review of key learnings at the end. Thank you!
Learner in Shiva K's session

I don’t know how but your way of explaining complex topics make so much sense to me. I tend to struggle with a lot of topics because I am definitely more of a hands on learner which was difficult in a virtual school setting since I tend to not ask a lot of questions even though I know I should. I really appreciate how attentive you are and if you continue doing topic like tonight’s, I will probably pass the exam because of you :’).
Learner in Karen J's session

Ananyaa was super nice and chill. She gave some great tips I'll be sure to use from now on.
Learner in Ananyaa N's session

The tutor was amazing! She provided us with an engaging session wherein she cleared all our doubts. The slides and the annotations were exceptionally informative. I hope to attend many more sessions by this tutor.
Learner in Simran R's session

my friend and I have been trying to go to every single one of your sessions for the past few weeks and we literally love you. like we go to other tutor sessions and are always saying we miss karen. thank you so much for everything you've been so helpful and patient I hope I have a reason to use schoolhouse again for SAT prep maybe!
Learner in Karen J's session

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