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Upcoming Community Events

🌊 SeaSpace Study Room 🌊 · Session

Study Spaces


Aurel G and 5 others


I&J Writing Project · Session

Other Topics

Planning X

Joseph Z


Nick's Novella Club · Session


I will reveal our next novella (a great spring read!), and we will discuss the author’s life and historical context!

Nick W


Moderator Sync · Session

Other Topics

Biweekly sync.

Akshay R and James O


Schoolhouse Physics Club · Session

Other Topics

Physics Club Session 8!

Rayyann A and 2 others


Learn Programming with Python! · Session

Other Topics


Susmit D and Brook M

Registration full.

SHW Tutor Game Night · Session

Community Updates

March Updates: In this session, we will participate in an Icebreaker Activity, cover
March SHW Updates, and participate in a fun, interactive game about Schoolhouse.

Alba H and 3 others

1 spot left!

Study Room! [STILL OPEN] · Session

Other Topics

This session is made just so that the series does not automatically end on its own (if I accidentally forget to create more sessions).

Zachary W and 3 others

39 spots left!

Mengmeng's English Help - Reading and Writing Pilot · Session

Other Topics

This meeting aims to provide students of all levels with assistance in their English reading and writing homework, including essay writing. The meeting will begin with a welcome and introductions, followed by a review of the meeting objective. Students will then be given the opportunity to ask questions about their homework, and the instructor will answer them in a clear and concise manner, providing specific feedback and suggestions. If needed, a whiteboard or projector will be used to illustrate points. The meeting will conclude with a summary of the key points discussed and review of any next steps. The text also provides tips for leading the meeting, such as being patient and understanding, providing specific feedback and suggestions, and being encouraging and supportive. Example questions that students may ask are also provided, such as how to choose a topic for an essay, how to develop a strong thesis statement, and how to organize an essay.

English Help Pilot ! and ...


Schoolhouse Marvel Fan Club · Session


NO SPOILERS Deadpool 3 Reaction! Hear a first-hand spoiler-free reaction to the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the ONLY film of 2024, and perhaps the greatest crossover multiversal film to grace the big screen...

Rayyann A

3 spots left!

Relaxing Study Group 🌟 · Session

Other Topics

Session so the series doesn't delete in case I forget to add more sessions!

Mila L


Other Ways to Get Involved

Share your feedback and ideas

Share your feedback and ideas

Have a suggestion to improve Schoolhouse, or need to report a bug? Share your ideas and upvote those of other community members in Feedback and Ideas!

Share your story

Share your story

Have a personal or touching story about Submit a short story about your experiences learning or tutoring with us for a chance to become featured on Schoolhouse Stories!

Community Guidelines

Be respectful.

Be respectful.

Think about how your words and actions will affect others, and keep things classroom-appropriate.

Be safe.

Be safe.

Remember to keep your personal boundaries–avoid sharing your personal contact information or social media handles.

Be kind.

Be kind.

Find ways to help out; whether that’s pointing another learner in the right direction, or giving a tutor helpful feedback on their session! peer tutoring, for free.


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