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Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing


Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Reading and Writing Series


Nick's Novella Club

76th session

Welcome to my novella club! Throughout this series, we will be reading classic novellas (short novels) from some of the most influential and famous authors of all time! The goal of this series is for you to develop the skills to analyze and appreciate works of literature. Since novellas provide tons of room for higher thinking analysis, in each session we will be discussing plot, character, setting, and deeper meanings of the novella that we are reading. To make the series entertaining, there will be many occasions when you will have debates among fellow learners. And, we will even play trivia games relating to our current novella!

Nick W


AP English Language Boot Camp

5th session

This will be an 8-week boot camp session to help with the AP Language exam on May 14, 2024.

By the end of this series, you should feel confident to take the AP Language exam!

Jenan H


June 2024 ACT English Prep


Hello everyone! This series is primarily to prepare for the June 2024 ACT english section. We will look at the core types of questions, refresh our grammar rules, and do a ton of interactive practice to make sure you’re test day ready!

Note: I will be adding more sessions as we go along, but if you have any ideas for aspects of the test you’d like to focus on, let me know.

Harini V


9th Grade English

3rd session

Each week, we will go over both reading and writing skills that you are expected to have developed by the end of your Year 10 English class. The skills we be taught at an honors level, but at the pacing of a regular class.

We will be using both nonfiction and fiction pieces of literature equally as much.

Jeremy L


Book club

2nd session

Hello! I'm excited to host my first session session I hope to see you here! we will have so much fun>

Kendra B


AP Lit Mega-Review

8th session

Each week, we'll go over 1-2 components of the AP English Literature exam to help you feel as confident as possible! We'll be going over how to find your own magic formulas for essays, different ways to analyze prose & poetry, as well as personalized strategies for the MCQ section. AP Lit is a difficult class with a (considerably even more) difficult exam–there's no doubt about it. However, I wholeheartedly believe anyone can succeed if they dedicate themselves, even if literature may not be your cup of tea :,)

Mariana M

Registration full.

Profound Poetry


Hello everyone! I am excited to introduce you to our new series where we will explore different types of poetry. We will analyze poems written by famous poets in each class and even write our own poetry. This will be a fun and relaxed way to learn about a diverse range of poetry and express our thoughts on it. The content covered in this series will help you analyze and summarize poems, a valuable skill for school. So, I encourage you to join us and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow with us. Thank you for your attention, and I hope to see you soon!

Helena C

Registration full.

Schoolhouse Writing Center

10th session

A space to share your writing and get feedback and peer suggestions! Each week will be the same format, and any (English-language) writing you want feedback on is eligible!

Maggie F

10 spots left!

Science Fiction Book Club!


Hello and welcome to the Science Fiction Book Club!!

Throughout this series, we will read and discuss various science fiction novels and maybe even a series!

I will choose the first book. For the rest of the books, we will vote as a group from a list I created. The list will have 3-5 books to choose from!

My goal for this series is for you to learn and sharpen your ability to analyze language, character development, and most importantly, have fun!

In each session, you will be able to discuss and share opinions about the book with other learners. On some occasions, we will do a Kahoot or Gimkit trivia game!

Please come to the sessions having read the assigned pages! Also, optionally, come with some questions for discussion!

Jenan H


✎ Weekly Hour of Vocab! ✎


In just an hour a week, go on a journey with me as we work through sets of 7 advanced words each session! Some example words that we will be learning are: extol, haught, concomitant, fiduciary, pecuniary, and so many more!

Expected materials: Paper, pencil, pen
Prerequisites: N/A

In each session, we will be learning a NEW word and REVIEWING past words in a spaced repetition pattern.

Come take on a brand new habit and develop some new disciplinarian and perspicacious practices!!

Zachary W

Registration full.

SHW Reading Contest

3rd session

Prakruti S


The Official Reading and Writing Subworld Game Nights

2nd session

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Reading and Writing Subworld Game Night! Every week, we'll be playing games like Gimkit, Blooket, Garticphone, Crosswords, Word Finds, and more!

If you have any recommendations for games that we can play, we'd love to hear them!

Welcome to the game night family.

Sarah I

10 spots left!

Word of the Day for 365 Days!


Every single day, I will be introducing y'all to a new word, its spelling, meaning, pronunciation, origin, history, and how to use it in a sentence.

Brooke M


Reading and Writing Sessions



  • Essay Writing and Review

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

How can you accomplish the purpose of your essay? We'll discuss the answer to this question through analysis of structure and argument. Feedback on previously written essays will also be provided.

Kaci L