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Learn something new this summer.
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A global network of volunteers.

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Reach your goals together, with the Schoolhouse community, in Study Spaces.

Reach your goals, together with the Schoolhouse community in Study Spaces.

Upcoming Study Spaces

🌿Eco-Green Study Spaces🌿 · Session

Study Spaces

This study spaces is here to help students who have trouble concentrating, or feel bad about their never-ending studies! Feel free to interact with the tutors and ask them questions! At breaktime, just feel good to chat away your thoughts, your feelings, and your ideas! Enjoy this lovely and active session! ✨✨✨ Your tutor for today: Pranu


Vivian P and 5 others


⌜ Virtual Study Corner ⌟ · Session

Study Spaces

Feel free to join/leave the study corner at any time! We will be using the Pomodoro technique (25 min work followed by 5 min break, then repeat).

Sara G


Homework & Quiet Study Space · Session

Study Spaces

Let's get some work done, help each other, and have fun :)

Chloe C


How it Works


Join a Study Space

Join a virtual study room with fellow learners across the world.


Stay focused

While you study or do homework together, keep each other focused– videos on or off.


Track your study hours & reach your goals

The amount of time you spend in Study Spaces is automatically tracked, so you can keep yourself accountable to reach your goals! peer tutoring, for free.


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