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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

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Quadratic and Exponential Equations & Radical and Exponential Expressions

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Join the SAT Prep Subworld to ask questions, help other students, and attend sessions.

About Subworld

To prepare for the SAT together!

Note that if you want to participate in SAT Bootcamps, those happen in the SAT Bootcamp Subworld!

You should learn / tutor in the SAT Bootcamp Subworld if the following things are both true:

  • You want a more structured 4-week tutoring series
  • You're preparing for the Paper and Pencil SAT

You should learn / tutor in this SAT Prep Subworld if:

  • You're preparing for Digital SAT
  • You missed the publish/register deadline for SAT Bootcamps
  • You're a learner scoring outside the 400 to 690 range







In order to best serve the community, let's try to follow these guidelines:

  1. Do keep your sessions open and inclusive.
  2. Do not create sessions specifically for one learner and bar others from entering.
  3. Do point learners in the right direction (a good example would be asking "have you tried this this way" as opposed to "doing it this way brings you to x=13")
  4. Do not give direct answers to questions.
  5. Do get certified if you're able, and give back to the community!
  6. Do not give help you are not certified to give. (If you've never taken the SAT or done math of that type, please do not misinform. If someone else gives a different answer which proves to be correct, please rescind any incorrect answers.)
  7. Do keep posts neutral, helpful, and age-appropriate.
  8. Do not post anything controversial, derogatory, or profane. (If you see a post that may break this policy, please report it.)

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