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Vince K

Joined Dec 2021 · He/Him


Hey, everyone! My name is Vince and I'm a sophomore. I really like math, languages/cultures, and music. I'm a South Korean native but I currently live in the US. I have spent a lot of time doing math and I began to help my friends with it after I realized they were going through the same roadblocks that I had gone through. My goal is to keep learning new things -- history, stories, songs, etc. -- and enjoy what I do. I'm really glad to become a part of the schoolhouse team and I hope to help you guys along the way!


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Upcoming Sessions

Pre-Calculus · Series

Pre-Calculus Crash Course🌏🚀🧠

    14th session

Welcome to our Pre-Calculus Crash Course! Join this series to learn how to solve problems confidently and come out feeling better with math than ever before. In addition, no previous knowledge is required, though some knowledge of previous math courses like Algebra I and II make things much easier. Make sure to have a notebook, pencil, and scientific calculator too! We'll run through a handful of Pre-Calculus subtopics, from complex numbers and trigonometry to matrices and vectors. We'll also go through the methods/strategies that go hand-in-hand with certain problems and topics by using them in practice problems from Khan Academy. By the end of the series, you will be able to solve any Pre-Calc problem on your own with enough practice and time. TIME IS TBD! More sessions will be added! I'll also continue to edit the sessions in the series, so be on the lookout. Hope to see you there! :)

Vince K

1 spot left!

Featured Feedback


This was an awesome session! Vince always breaks confusing topics into such easy concepts that don't make topics as confusing anymore! These sessions are really interactive and have helped made pre-calc easier for me!

Learner · 12 days ago

It was really fun learning with him. He is one of the best tutors out there. Thanks Vince!

Tutor · 29 days ago

Thank you! this was an awesome session, and even though i knew a few topics before we had started the session, i learned so much more by the end!

Learner · 19 days ago

trig was pretty challenging before, but learning thru this class helped me understand concepts better!

Learner · 29 days ago


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