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Stella W

Joined Dec 2021 · She/They


Hey! I'm Stella and I'm a junior (G11). I have been an avid speaker and debater since middle school and I think that Speech and Debate empowers people, so I want to come on here to give people the opportunity to develop their own voice! I also love history and love talking about all the stories and all the connections we have to one other throughout the vast span of time. Together, I hope to bring some fun new content onto schoolhouse so that everyone can enjoy history and speaking with me!


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Upcoming Sessions

AP® Review · Series

Crash Course AP Modern World History: Part I


Taking AP World? There's too much content? Not to fret! We'll tackle the first half of content for the AP Modern World History course between 1200-1750 C.E. and doing some practice multiple choice, short answers, and possibly some DBQs or LEQs. In just 7 sessions, I''ll take you over the backbone of the first semester of a regular AP World History Course. I'd recommend this to anyone who's taking the class this year or just anyone who's interested in history. So, let's understand the world one history fact at a time!

Stella W


Featured Feedback


An amazing session. The explanations are top-quality and it's really fun. Can't get enough of these classes.

Learner · 25 days ago

Great session today! I really like how you demonstrate the skill to us and let us see the contrast between two. Also, great sense of humour, the jokes keep me in focus. And the doc you shared, also a tutor here and I learned something today so I love it.

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Hey Stella! I personally found it awesome how you made sure that the idea and the topic got through well, Your session is a perfect session according to the MARS rubric. The session was very well planned and executed. Overall, Great Session! Thanks a lot for tutoring at !

Tutor · 1 mo. ago

I like how we went really in-depth with impromptu speech in this session. We saw a great example of how to give an impromptu speech and got firsthand experience of how to brainstorm several ideas/stories. Although there was a lot thrown at us today, which could be considered overwhelming, I thought it was great because I now feel more confident about myself and have a clear plan on what I need to work on. Splendid job, thanks Stella :)

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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