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Hello everyone👋. I am a high school senior from India. It's always awesome to tutor students around the globe, so I'm here on SHW to share my knowledge and help curious learners to learn and explore more with me. I also believe that- we learn more when we teach and we should have the zeal to learn. And there I go. Please do join my sessions if you find them fruitful. Hope to see you around!

What learners have to say

The tutor was amazing! She provided us with an engaging session wherein she cleared all our doubts. The slides and the annotations were exceptionally informative. I hope to attend many more sessions by this tutor.

The session was super awesome! The way she solved all of our doubts was excellent. All in all, it was very interactive.

Very Good teaching everything was understandable

Thanks a lot for conducting this session. It will help me a lot in future really for me this session was appreciated. Hope this will continue and will bring more wisdom to us.

Thank you for all of your guidance and feedback during this session! I learned a lot about tutoring.

This was a very enriching session!

Super useful for revising

It was a great session. The instructor cleared all of our doubts very clearly and explained topics clearly too!

What fellow tutors have to say

Thank you so much for hosting the tutor learning circle! I learned a lot about the characteristics of a great tutor!

This was a very interactive and interesting experience!! I didn't really lose much focus in the sessions at all and I hope we can do more sessions like this soon!!

I like this idea of micro tutoring as it allows the tutor to figure out where they are lacking via constructive criticism, also it's a great way to learn something from other tutors and their tutoring which can be employed in our future sessions. I want this idea to continue also it can be employed as a part of training new tutors. Thank you, Simran for this wonderful idea. Regards Shuvam K.

You are doing amazing work. Taken the session beautifully:)

This really helps tutors get a better understanding of their concepts and better their teaching styles!

it was a very informative session. thank you

Super fun!

You did an excellent job interacting with the learners and keep the session alive. I liked the online quiz very much and I think the learners also enjoyed it. I wish you all the best in the future sessions to come!

This is a brilliant initiative, the other speaker's points helped me and I hope mine helped all the learners as well!!


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Simran R


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