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Simran R

Joined Feb 2021 · She/Her


Hello everyone👋. I am a high school senior from India. It's always awesome to tutor students around the globe, so I'm here on SHW to share my knowledge and help curious learners to learn and explore more with me. I also believe that- we learn more when we teach and we should have the zeal to learn. And there I go. Please do join my sessions if you find them fruitful. Hope to see you around!


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Upcoming Sessions

Community · Summer Camp Series


    12th session

We'll be practicing Microtutoring to ace our tutoring skills. This will be the space for us to improve and learn some useful tutoring skills from one another. I'm super excited to meet and learn something new from you! You can find more info about what microtutoring is, and how does it function here: P.S. This is exclusively for tutors; no learners will be admitted in the zoom room.

Simran R


Community · Summer Camp Series

Annual Schoolhouse Science Fair

    7th session

**The series is open to anyone interested in joining -- can be a participant in the fair or just as an audience!** This series is co-hosted by our very talented tutors at the schoolhouse -- Kevin, Kareena, Hafsah, and Tinashe. In this fair, every participant will get a chance to present anything that they are interested in Science. There will be an Orientation session where you'll be introduced to the fair and a final one for the presentation that you've been putting your best efforts into and the winner's announcement along with the optional sessions to guide you. Yes, you heard it right! We'll have winners too. Stuck planning how will you manage and do everything? Don't worry, mentors are here to guide you all the way along in the optional sessions during the series. You can find more details about the sessions below. Interested? Register for the series in a hot second... Let's have all the young and innovative minds jam in the series! This is going to be so FUN and I'm super excited to meet y'all!!

Simran R


Community · Summer Camp Series

Around the World in less than 80 Minutes(9:30 AM UTC) :)


One of SHW's greatest assets is our community's diversity, with thousands of active members having their own unique backgrounds, identities, and stories. Through this series, we'll educate each other on our own backgrounds by shining a spotlight on these stories and work together to define and analyze the importance of not just having, but effectively living, in an increasingly diverse society. Each session will explore a different facet of what makes each of us who we are — from the foods we consume to the music we listen to — through group activities, mini-show-and-tells, discussions (and maybe some debates), and a ton of storytelling. Expect to be actively involved, either in the chat or preferably with your microphone. Check out some of the sessions below, to get an idea of the structure! More sessions and topics will be added based on learner interests and suggestions! This series will be running parallel to those run by these awesome SHW tutors @Iqra A and @Ishita P. Check out their series below to find one that best suits your schedule! (Time zone converter for reference: Iqra's (9:00 PM UTC): Ishita's (3 PM UTC): See you all there!

Simran R


Featured Feedback


Simran R's Tutor Learning Circles was wonderful! I reccomend it to any tutor because it will really help you improve as a tutor. I'm definitely coming back to this series.

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Hey Simran! Hope you're having a good day 😀! Thank you so much for welcoming us to the session and also waiting for everybody to join! It's great that you encouraged everybody to present and take part in the session it was very active and interactive! I think this is a fantastic way to help everybody build confidence with tutoring. The feedback I got was very useful and was very detailed I’m very excited to this use tomorrow. Thank you!

Tutor · 4 mo. ago

Great series. I'm so glad I attended this session. But I have just one complaint: Super helpful isn't enough to express how enriching this session is! Yes, it's that good! I love how you exemplified being an amazing tutor in your own way. In particular, the way you welcome learners and invite questions from them all, and encourage participation through any medium they can participate is so inspiring. Equally remarkable is how you actively listen to learners and provide relevant feedback. I also appreciate how attentive you are to areas I can improve my tutoring capability in, and for encouraging feedback from fellow tutors in attendance as well. I don't know if you're a long-time learner on Khan Academy, but I can definitely see the growth mindset in your feedback and tutoring method overall. Microtutoring is ingenious and incredibly impactful. Please keep this series going. I hope that over the coming months it becomes a central feature of Schoolhouse like Live Help. It is to Tutor Learning Modules what Schoolhouse is to Khan Academy courses. It's so good! - Tarun G

Tutor · 4 mo. ago

Just wanted to say thank you for the session, it was super helpful! I have a lot of new tricks and tips I can use to help me with my tutoring! The session was very well laid out and planned. Thank you Simran!

Learner · 4 mo. ago


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