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Hi! My name's Anvika, I'm a sophomore and I'm excited to be a tutor! (she/hers)
I'm an avid reader, public speaker, and runner.
I also love teaching new concepts to students and helping them through different obstacles in their learning journeys, all while still trying to make things engaging.
Everyone has needed help at some point, and it's amazing how much you can pick up from other folks who have struggled as well.
🗣️ Any feedback whatsoever is GREATLY appreciated— I want to be the best tutor I can possibly be :) 🤗 Just in general, I tend to stick to smaller group sessions because they're more effective so I might not increase group size past 15 or 20. Nothing personal. I hope I see you at a session!

What learners have to say

Great session! Anvika is not only helping for the test itself but also with new strategies for life studies. It helps me a lot and I'm really grateful for that, thanks!

Thank you so much for hosting this session! You explained everything really well and I was able to understand everything. Thanks!

I really liked the atmosphere that you cultivated for the session (and series). It's clearly individualized which increases engagement greatly.

I really liked listening to your experiences and how you navigated through this process.

I was able to have a structured and timed practice with the passages you provided. That was very helpful for me, thank you!

loved it! love how open and flexible she was to the entire journey

Anvika is really funny and helpful! Open and ready to help all the students in her class :) Thankss for that

What fellow tutors have to say

I got some awesome explanations and tips from this session. Thank you so much!

In addition to my questions being answered, I've got some awesome tips from the session thanks to you.

Anvika is a great tutor! she is bubbly and optimistic and engages all students in the class. She makes me feel welcomed and encouraged to ask any questions I might have. She then explains the answers to the best of her ability and I am always satisfied with them.


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