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Emma F

Joined May 2021 · She/Her


Hello! I am an incoming 10th grader, and I love math and helping people! Currently, I tutor Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, geometry, and biology. I hope you learn a lot from my sessions!


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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Series

Biology 101

  • Live now!
  • Started

We will be going through all topics in high school biology to understand the basics of biology. Whether you want a review, to prepare for the upcoming school year, or prepare for a test, this series can help you! For practice problems, we will use both of the high school biology courses in khan academy. Topics: Biology Foundations Cells Cell division Cell transport Inheritance and variation Evolution and natural selection Adaptation and environmental change Human body systems Biodiversity and humans

Emma F

3 spots left!

Algebra 1 · Series

Beginners guide to Algebra 1

    14th session

The goal of this series is to prepare for algebra 1 over the summer! Each week, we will be focusing on two topics, with three sessions a week. In order to do this, I will be pairing shorter units with longer units. Dates/times are subject to change, my summer is a bit hectic! Office hours and catch-up sessions will also be available!

Emma F

3 spots left!

Geometry · Summer Camp Series

Triangles in Geometry

    3rd session

Such a simple idea-triangles- have so much depth! In this series, we will go over triangle congruency, similarity, right triangles, trigonometry, and triangle centers! 3 sided figures are so fun

Emma F

1 spot left!

Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Music Theory Summer Camp


We will be learning all about the wonderful world of music! Music theory includes understanding key signatures, rhythm, and more. We will start off with basic knowledge of how to read music, and go into the more advanced interpretation of musical pieces. At the end of this series, we will be writing our own short pieces to show what we’ve learned! This series would be great for anyone interested in music, but maybe doesn't have the resources or instrument to begin!

Emma F


Featured Feedback


The examples were really helpful

Learner · 23 hr. ago

Hi Emma F, I just audited your session and I like how you were prepared for the session with a slideshow including the topics to go over. You were able to build off what the learners are saying, and also explained really good. Keep up asking the learners to have a try at the problems, it's a nice way to involve them. Thank you and feel free to reach out to me on slack if you have any questions - Avinash T.

Tutor · 7 days ago

As always, enjoyed your session immensely! Can't wait for the next one...

Tutor · 6 days ago

Great Session! Emma was super nice and explained all the topics very well!

Learner · 8 days ago


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