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Margaret S

Joined Oct 2022 · She/Her


I'm a homeschooler who loves math, reading, writing, coding, chess (and Antichess, DM on SHW Slack to challenge!), running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and much more!

Have a wonderful day/night :)


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Upcoming Sessions

General Geometry Q&A with the Mods

    2nd session

Welcome to a geometry series hosted by all the geometry moderators! We would love to help all the learners in this subworld as much as we can and would love to hear some feedback and answer questions subworld-specific as well. Each session, a moderator will be teaching a topic from HS geometry to prepare everyone for their geometry class the upcoming school year for som time, but most of the time, it will be quite interactive and we will answer general questions/doubts related to geometry that everyone asks(we will try our best with the order) to make sure each person gets something useful out of this series.


Misha T and 2 others


Flipped Classroom - AP Calculus AB Summer Crash Course

    4th session

This five-week series will function with a flipped classroom - meaning you'll learn topics in your own time, practicing and ask questions during the sessions. This series is designed to be very fast paced and learner-oriented, so expect to be active in sessions and dedicate some time to learning whenever it fits your own schedule! I will not be giving lectures. Communication through microphone is preferred, but I understand completely if you would rather use the chat. Sessions will be twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 7:30 PM PT. The plan is to cover the AP Calculus AB curriculum by mid-August. If you plan on registering as a learner, please read the following: Outside sessions: - Watch videos and do Khan Academy practice problems - Write a problem and solution (this isn't nearly as hard as it sounds, don't fret!) During sessions: - We'll start off by checking in to see if there's any specific questions from learners - Learners will pick a topic from what we're covering that session and give a brief explanation, presenting their practice problem (other learners will try to solve it and give feedback on the problem) - We'll wrap everything up with some more practice problems! This can all sound very intimidating at first, but it'll get easier with practice! AP Calculus AB can be challenging, and I hope that this series helps serve to prepare for that challenge during the school year. Resources are currently TBD. Co-hosts welcome (please DM first)!

Margaret S and Jacob W

Registration closed.

✍ SHW Short Story Writing Competition ✍

    2nd session

Welcome to the SHW Writing Competition. Me and a few other tutors hosted a similar series last summer, and after seeing how much fun that was, I’ve decided to keep it going! So, this summer, we’re back with another Writing Competition, with a few tweaks and changes. If you were a part of the competition last year, welcome back! I’m excited to see the stories you all come up with! This series is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, in this competition, all participants will write a short story regarding any topic and submit it using a Google Form. Yep, that's simple. There are, however, some rules to help keep things in check which we'll discuss in the orientation session. *Thank you so much for all the judge applications! We now have enough for this series!*


Liya D and 5 others

6 spots left!

9th Grade Reading & Vocabulary (Requested by a Learner)

This session was requested by a specific learner, but anyone may join! We'll be going over some Grade 9 Reading and Vocabulary.

Margaret S


Featured Feedback


Thank you so much for the session, Margaret! Your explanations were AMAZINGLY SIMPLIFIED, very engaging, and you were so patient with me even though I kept accidentally interrupting you! You also managed to take us through a lot in a reasonably short amount of time (and extra for shenanigans...). The poor Calculus Handymen falling off a jump discontinuity while trying to fix it created a very vivid and memorable description for me...I doubt I'll forget that anytime soon.

Learner · 4 days ago

Fun session. You have made a nice environment to learn from each other.

Learner · 6 days ago

My third time with her and gosh she is amazing! she knows how to explain n properly and help me fix and understand my mistakes!

Learner · 5 days ago

The tutoring session was phenomenal as you explained very well the material. Also you are very friendly towards students.

Learner · 2 mo. ago


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