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Margaret S

Joined Oct 2022 · She/Her


I'm a homeschooler who loves math, reading, writing, coding, chess (and Antichess, DM on SHW Slack to challenge!), running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and much more!

Have a wonderful day/night :)


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Upcoming Sessions

Weekly 1 on 1 Tutoring | Algebra 2

This is a weekly 1 on 1 tutoring series!

Margaret S

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Geometry · Session

Geometry Regents Prep For A Learner

This session was requested by a specific learner, but anyone may join! We'll be going over a Geometry Regents Practice Test.

Margaret S


Featured Feedback


Thank you for the helpful session! I appreciated everything you've taught me (and for the riddle with the star in the circle lol) Thank you!!! :)

Learner · 7 days ago

Thank you so much! although I'm still struggling, your session actually did help me to clear off a lot of questions.

Learner · 14 days ago

Thank you so much for the help! You're awesome :)

Learner · 13 days ago

You did a great job of validating the learner in how the poorly-written problem would make someone stressful as well as confirmed their suspicions that the question was faulty. You also did a great job of nudging them towards asking their teacher about the problem during their next class period, noticing that the learner said that they would "maybe" do it rather than positively do it. This shows your attention to their confidence level, even without having the ability to use their camera or voice to determine it. In addition, you would check in to see whether or not the learner wanted to continue the session once the question was pointed out to be faulty, showing your focus on them learning rather than just getting service hours for the tutoring. When the learner would get questions wrong, you never made empty words of encouragement but genuinely shared how the topic is confusing and why it would be easy for the learner to make a conceptual mistake. Great job!

Tutor · 15 days ago


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