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Spotify Study Playlists

By Maya B on February 25, 2022

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When it comes to studying, motivation varies from person to person. A great way to stay on task and ensure you make that 11:59 PM deadline in 2022 is by listening to music. Whether it be upbeat pop or indie music, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite genres and a few of our favorite Spotify study playlists for your listening enjoyment!

Does Spotify have Study Music?

Yes, and plenty of them! You’ll find more specific examples of the best study playlist on Spotify further down in this article but looking up “Study Music” on Spotify will garner you a plethora of playlists as well.

Spotify Study Playlists


One of the amazing features of is our Study Spaces. These are interactive sessions where you can study and do homework with peers while checking out some of the best music to listen to while studying. Typically, our tutors play lo-fi background music during the sessions. However, if there isn’t a Schoolhouse Study Space currently going on and you’re just in your bedroom studying for a test, you can still jam out to some lo-fi beats. Our favorite lo-fi Spotify study playlist is called “lofi hip hop music-beats to relax/study to.” The playlist has 12 hours worth of songs and over six million likes! We think this is one of the best study playlists on Spotify because it is versatile (it’s great to listen to while cooking too!) and will help you get into a motivated mindset for studying.


What’s better than listening to Tchaikovsky while doing trig? Classical music is great to create a peaceful and focused environment for studying. It has a calming effect while keeping your mind centered and the best Spotify study playlists will include it to help give you the ideal mindset for long readings or intense studying sessions. For more of the best music to listen to while studying, we have the playlist called “Classical Reading.” This Spotify study playlist has the perfect vibe for reading a textbook or a novel and it’s packed with over 4 hours of classical tunes by some of the most iconic composers in history. We like to listen to this playlist when we are curling up with a book after a productive Schoolhouse session or when we’re reading up for a Schoolhouse book club session.


Jazz is another favorite genre of ours for doing homework or studying. Similar to lo-fi, jazz is comprised of smooth instrumentals and good beats to help foster concentration. This chill jazz Spotify study playlist, called “Instrumental Study Jazz,” has about an hour’s worth of songs and is our go-to for when we’re needing a more mellowed focus.

Nature Sounds

The sounds of nature are well-known for helping people relax and meditate. However, did you know it can also be a useful addition to your study session? Nature sounds are a great source of background noise, transporting you to an entirely new setting to do homework in. Being one with nature can help you study more efficiently and effectively. This Spotify study playlist has six hours worth of nature sounds and is a unique method for accomplishing your academic to-do list.


Piano music is beautiful and is great for listening to while studying! Bach and Chopin are just a few of the legendary composers who can help you mitigate the stress of studying. Whether you need to tackle a huge workload or finish a smaller assignment, piano music is some of the best music to listen to while studying and can help get you into the proper mindset. The “Piano for Studying” playlist on Spotify has approximately 80 different songs and is perfect for drowning out any distracting background noise.

A Playlist With Variety

For those of you who are looking for a little bit of this and a little bit of that, we have created the following Spotify study playlist, created by tutor Maya B, which is a compilation of different genres that are best for studying. The playlist has a great variety of genres to help you achieve and accomplish your school goals!

Fun Fact: What is the longest Spotify playlist?

Speaking of Spotify study playlists, do you know what the longest Spotify playlist is? Answer: The record for the longest Spotify playlist is held by Willis Orr, with about 10,000 songs (the maximum limit of a Spotify playlist) and over 800 hours of music. For a better perspective, you’d need to listen for more than 33 consecutive days to finish the playlist! If you have a monumental, marathon of a study session, consider checking out this playlist (though we strongly discourage studying for 800 hours straight!)

Final Words

Studying is a universal action, whether it be for learning a new activity, completing schoolwork, or getting ready for standardized testing. It’s important to understand what tools help you to study effectively, such as Spotify study playlists and Schoolhouse tutoring sessions. At, we want to equip you with all the necessary components for success, including music. Happy learning and listening!

Sources: peer tutoring, for free.


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