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Welcome to the Schoolhouse Blog!

By Drew B on July 27, 2021

Blog image

Schoolhouse is excited to announce the launch of its very own blog! We hope to provide you with quality posts that pull back the curtain into our growing and vibrant global community. Whether you are already a learner or tutor or are just browsing to see what Schoolhouse is really about, we are excited to have you on this journey!

Here's the team that makes this blog possible:

Team Leads

Maya B

I’ve been tutoring at Schoolhouse since August 2021 and joined the blog team a few months afterward. A crucial part of Schoolhouse has been community involvement and the project we’ve created by working together. The blog can be one part of this amazing teamwork and the legacy of our community. Writing and editing blogs has also been such a cherished part of my involvement with this platform. I’m honored to be a co-lead and am looking forward to what we do next. I can’t wait to see what all of our brilliant writers and editors continue to do in the future!

Michael K

Hi everyone! My name is Michael and I’ve been tutoring at Schoolhouse since June 2021 and started writing for the blog team as soon as it was created. I became a blog team leader in March of 2022. I find the blog team absolutely critical to's mission because it gives our tutors a voice to talk and inform about the education topics that matter to them. The blog is a great place to learn new tips, read about cool topics, and share your own ideas. I'm so excited to co-lead the team with Maya, and I look forward to making the blog into a place for our community.


Ishani B

I joined Schoolhouse as a tutor in December of 2021 and have joined the blog team quite recently. It has been incredibly fun and truly an honor to be editing such a diverse array of blog posts, and getting to know the multi-faceted Schoolhouse community through a literary lens. Aside from the blog team, I am also an active member of the India Team, and Schoolhouse Ambassador Pilot. Outside of Schoolhouse, I participate in my local HS STEM programme (2022-26), co-lead my middle school Model UN team, and participate in National History Day. Overall, I cannot wait to watch our blog and community flourish in the hands of our wonderful team leads, staff writers, and fellow editors.

Sharon V

I am a UC Berkeley graduate currently working as a researcher in a lab in San Francisco! I have been involved with Schoolhouse since March 2021 and love being a tutor and an auditor! I’ve hosted many Calculus, AP Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Lab Techniques, and College Information sessions on the platform! I am excited to be an editor and provide guidance to our writers!

Staff Writers

Jose C

Hey everyone! It’s great to be working with y’all. I’ve been a part of Schoolhouse since the 21st of August last year, and I’ve hosted a couple of math series since then. I’m looking forward to hosting a Calculus series over the summer and am about to start a philosophy series so look out for those 🙃. I’ve been mostly focused on tutoring, but I recently joined the auditing team, and I onboard as well. I can’t wait to write some blog pieces, and I hope you find them both interesting and helpful!

Jennifer J

What started as past-time soon became a part of my life. I have been tutoring at since January 2022, mostly in Science. Apart from being in the Blog team, I am also a part of the Audit team, Onboarding-buddies team and Mentor team. As a member of the staff writers, I would like to write about scientific phenomena, untold stories of scientists who revolutionized our world, and give this community a different view of subjects. I look forward to being a part of the blog team and contributing to its growth.

Harshil N

As said by Isaac Asimov, ”Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” We all do a great deal of thinking, but only some of use found that golden in writing. I am grateful that I did, and now I would like to share it with you! My name is Harshil Nukala and I’ve been a part of since January 2022. I have joined the blog team to share the joy of writing with others who think that writing is nothing more than a school task. Writing is like playing an instrument, a silent way to express yourself, but a deadly effective one. Personally, I favor writing stories and plays. Writing these pieces can express my creativity and can make me highlight the great world we live in. Even though we have, thousands of Einsteins, thousands of Jordans, and thousand of Jacksons, the thousands of Shakespeares that the world have is as important as anyone else. Other than the blog team, at, I am part of the Auditing team and the Onboarding Team. I also enjoy, math, physics, coding, biking, and hiking. I hope I can make an impact on the Blog team and motivate you to whenever you see a pencil, pick it up, start writing, and realize that you have just unlocked your creative mind.

Abhishika C

Hello 👋 , I'm Ika and I've been a part of SHW since November 2021. Schoolhouse gave me a chance to serve the community,  and diversify my social circle. Free live tutoring is something I never thought would be possible. I've been writing ✍ since age of 5 , from a coping mechanism to an actual interest. I hope I can give my best to the team , and learn so much more.

Justin D

Hi everyone, my name is Justin. I'm from the United States, specifically the big state of Texas. I joined the blog team because I thought I could help out to produce interesting and informative articles for SHW and was eager to get even more invested here. Some of my interests include basketball, STEM, videogames, and just hanging with friends.

Jay R

Hello! My name is Jay and I’ve been a tutor for SHW since March 2022. I’m currently in high school and I mainly tutor pre-algebra topics. I’m happy to be part of the community and am glad to be able to connect to other tutors and learners through tutoring, community events, auditing, and blogs. I also really enjoy writing which is why I chose to join the blog team!

Sowmiya T

Hi! My name is Sowmiya and I have been on SHW since April 2022. I’m currently transitioning to University and intend to study Life Sciences. Writing is my fuel so I’m very happy to be here today as a Staff Writer at - literally a dream come true. I cannot wait to inspire you all with my articles and rally our community towards greater good in whatever we pursue <3

Sarah M (Sam)

Hey Everyone! Glad to be a part of the blogging team I have been a tutor here since January 2022. I am a junior and I am homeschooled. I enjoy writing poetry, I have a more darker taste in writing, like horror or post-apocalyptic themes. I’m super excited to write for schoolhouse as writing is one of the various ways I express my feelings. Hope I can collab with some of you to make some amazing articles! :3

Avinash T

Hello everyone! I'm Avinash and I've been a tutor at Schoolhouse since November 2021, mainly teaching Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. It’s been so amazing to contribute to our blog and I’ve just enjoyed being able to share with this community through writing. Can’t wait to see more great content in the future!

Hafsah M

Hi everyone! I'm Hafsah, a (soon to be) high school student from India. I joined schoolhouse as a learner in November 2021, becoming a tutor a month later. I tutor a wide variety of topics, ranging from math, science to TEDx sessions! Writing has been my passion since a very young age, and I hope to write articles related to science and math topics, tutor and product team spotlights and much more!

Previous Contributors

Iyas B (Team Lead)

Hey! I’m Iyas and I’ve been here at since June 2020 and it has been really awesome to see the growth of this outstanding community. I’m a rising senior from Chicago and co-developer of The Ultimate Key to AP and like spending my free time having fun outside with my friends.

Ananyaa N (Team Lead)

I’ve been a Founding Tutor at since January 2021 and started leading the blog team in July 2021. As a writer, my goals are to tell stories - both big and small - to help showcase the realities of the world around me. I particularly enjoy critical writing and creating profiles of individuals. My goal for the SHW blog is to highlight the diversity and spirit of our growing community. I look forward to seeing the blog grow over the next several months!

Karen J (Staff Writer)

Hi everyone! I’m Karen, and I’ve been a part of Schoolhouse since July 2020. I primarily tutor calculus and SAT prep. Can’t wait to share the thoughts and voices of the Schoolhouse community! peer tutoring, for free.


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