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Failing a test? Stressed about the SAT? Get the help you need to succeed—from students who understand your struggles. or Stuck on algebra? Dreading those SAT word problems? Get free live help from students who get it. Ace your next test, stress less.

Get 1:1 support from peer tutors–completely for free.

Get live 1:1 math homework and SAT help from peer tutors!

How Our Free Online Math Tutoring Works

Get help with math homework and SAT prep from a live math tutor for free! Break down problems with a student math coach who's been in your shoes.

Receive guided, personalized math and SAT help—not just answers. We're here to support your learning—from algebra to calculus!

Need additional support? Your live math tutor will help guide you to other Schoolhouse resources.

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We are a non-profit with the mission of connecting the world with free, peer-to-peer tutoring. is founded by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy.

Founded by Sal Khan

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Homework got you feeling stuck? We're here to help.

Other ways to get involved

For Prospective Tutors

Want to learn through teaching and build impactful volunteer experience? Become a Schoolhouse-certified tutor–students welcome, and no experience required!

For Teachers

Interested in supporting your math classroom with homework help? Live Help matches your students with friendly peer tutors certified in Pre-algebra to Calculus.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit our Help Desk.

How does a student qualify for free tutoring?

All students who are at least 13 are welcome to get free math homework and SAT help!

What can students expect when they sign up for free tutoring?

To get started with free math and SAT help online, students will complete a 5-minute registration that helps us better understand their tutoring needs. As soon as they've completed this process, they'll have access to get math homework and SAT help every weekday evening. After their account has been approved, they will be able to sign up to join small-group review sessions on specific topics for extra support.

How does a student qualify to become a tutor?

We welcome all students to become tutors as long as they can show content mastery in at least one math topic through our video-based certification system. After that, we'll give them all the support they need to learn how to run a tutoring session, including an interactive training, an onboarding buddy to support them at their first session, and ongoing feedback from experienced tutors.

What subject areas are available?

Free math homework and SAT help is available for all high school math (pre-algebra to calculus).

Can you tutor math online?

Though it's a relatively new resource, using online math coaching is an incredibly effective way to learn math. Working with an online math tutor can provide you with a host of benefits when it comes to your learning.

Utilizing an online live math tutor is comfortable and convenient. You can ask for help in any environment and do it at a time that works best for you. It beats waiting until school hours for help or having to schedule an appointment at a busy commercial math tutoring facility. Online math coaching gives you the flexibility to own your schedule!

We might be biased, but we also think that using online math homework and SAT help is more fun. You don't have to be sitting at a desk or listening to a math teacher lecture you in order to understand math. Live tutors can be more interactive and can create a casual environment that makes it easier for you to relax and absorb information. Exploring live math homework and SAT help as a new method of learning provides a breath of fresh air and will inspire you to learn more.

What is the best math tutoring site?

With a quick Google search, you will see that there are many websites that offer live tutors for free math homework and SAT help online. The best math tutoring site is ultimately dependent on your personal goals and needs!

Here at Schoolhouse, we offer free, peer-to-peer live math homework and SAT help. Our method is unique and effective for a couple of reasons:

  1. Your live math tutor is another student. That means they've been in your exact shoes and have experienced the problems that you have. They can relate to you and speak your language.
  2. Your live math tutor will actually help you learn, rather than just giving you answers. We want to support your learning journey and make sure that you grasp topics. It's not only about completing the assignment, it's about understanding the subject!
  3. Your live math tutor can provide you with additional resources. If you need more support, your tutor will equip you with more resources, whether it's for algebra, calculus, or anything in between.

The best thing about Schoolhouse's live math coaching? It's completely free—and always will be! peer tutoring, for free.


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