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How to Be Both Indispensable and Replaceable

A great paradox of early-stage startups is that team members are trying to be indispensable and replaceable — at the same time.

Drew B on May 24, 2023


Human Tutors, Backed by AI

Schoolhouse is using AI today, but in ways that may surprise you. Here's how.

Drew B on March 17, 2023


Will Tutors Be Replaced by AI?

ChatGPT is the talk of the town these days. As someone who runs a tutoring platform, I'm now regularly asked if AI is going to replace our human tutors.

Drew B on February 26, 2023


📚 Always be a Learner 📚

The story of a tutor who considers himself a learner, and why this embodies one of Schoolhouse's core values.

Drew B on February 2, 2023


🏆 Uplift Each Other 🏆

Learn about the value that is baked into Schoolhouse's mission: Uplifting Each Other.

Drew B on January 18, 2023


👟 Step In 👟

Three people, three stories, and one of Schoolhouse's core values: Step In.

Drew B on December 30, 2022


🏔️ Think Big, Start Small 🏔️

A story illustrating one of Schoolhouse's core values: Think Big, Start Small

Drew B on October 26, 2022


Tutor Trees

Learn about Schoolhouse's tutor trees and their profound impact!

Drew B on August 25, 2022


A Note on Ukraine

A personal note from our COO, Drew, on Ukraine and its impact on Schoolhouse.

Drew B on March 10, 2022


Announcing: Schoolhouse Points and Badges!

We’re excited to announce Schoolhouse Points (SP) and Badges, as well as public profiles for everyone!

Jackie L on November 10, 2021

HQ Announces New Funding From Citadel and Citadel Securities

Funding to facilitate rapid expansion of the platform, providing instruction to more students around the globe.

Drew B on November 7, 2021


Embracing Cameras Off in a Virtual Classroom

Drew, the COO at, explains how having cameras off in a virtual classroom may not be as detrimental to interaction as one may believe. By incorporating certain useful tools and changing perspective, it can even be beneficial to the learning process!

Drew B on October 29, 2021


Hacking Schoolhouse—aka Building Cool Things

Our COO, Drew, looks back at the recent hackathon by reflecting on the cool features that got added to the platform as a part of it and their impact.

Drew B on October 19, 2021


The Two Secrets of Hiring

Drew, our COO, explains how's hiring process works and how it is representative of some of the deep rooted values of our community at large.

Drew B on September 9, 2021


"I found Myself an Internship!" | Team Spotlight: Christy

In this blog post, Christy Hu, one of our design interns, discusses her story working for

Christy H on August 30, 2021


The Power of Peer Tutoring

The community is rooted in peer tutoring. In this post, you will hear from Drew, the SHW COO, about why peer tutoring is so important.

Drew B on August 24, 2021


Khan Academy Meets Wikipedia

Learn more about how Drew, the SHW COO, explains what SHW is!

Drew B on August 18, 2021


"Interns have an impact here!" | Team Spotlight: Joy

Learn more about Joy Liu, a Software Engineer Intern at!

Elysa K on August 14, 2021 peer tutoring, for free.


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