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Reading and Writing Series


Harry Potter - Reading Comprehension & Fluency

19th session

This is a series requested by WeiZhen H. where we will focus on reading comprehension and fluency through the Harry Potter book series. Anyone interested is welcome! English as a Second Language friendly... don't hesitate to join us! It's not our first language either! :)

Iman K

6 spots left!

Word of the Day for 365 Days!

75th session

New learners are always welcome! In this series, there are two sessions every single day for a whole year! We have one in the morning and one in the evening, you can pick which of those you want to attend based on your schedule. How it works: We go over the pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms, origin, (and maybe some fun facts) and how to use the word in a sentence. There is always a super fun Kahoot about the word. Then we have idiom of the day where we introduce a new idiom, it's meaning, and how it's used in a sentence. Then, at the very end, we have two quotes of the day! They may be inspirational, or funny, or both! I hope to see you there! These sessions are perfect for expanding your vocabulary.

Brooke M


Get Ready for AP Lang!

4th session

We plan to cover some of the most important topics for AP English Language & Composition. At the end of this series, you will be more than prepared to tackle AP Lang in the fall. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a debate, or writing an essay (we will decide this together)!

Dana C


Harry Potter - Reading Comprehension & Fluency 2

7th session

This is a series requested by a couple of learners who are unable to make the times for the same series I'm hosting at a separate time. We will focus on reading comprehension and fluency through the Harry Potter book series. Anyone interested is welcome! English as a Second Language friendly... don't hesitate to join! It's not my first language either! :)

Iman K

1 spot left!

Literary Analysis of a Short Story -- "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker

3rd session

In this series, we'll read Alice Walker's famous short story "Everyday Use." Then we'll learn about important literary concepts such as plot, dialogue, and characterization and apply them to the story. Come ready to discuss the story with other learners!

Claire A


Non-fiction Book Club


Welcome to the book club! We will read a non-fiction book twice a week. I have selected two books that we'll read and discuss together over the sessions! Both books are science non-fiction. The books are very well written and have awesome reviews. We will be doing popcorn reading, so be ready to read! 1st book: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee. 2nd book: The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Aditya T



4th session

Every week, we will go over not commonly used words that often appear in classical books or potentially in the SAT. In every session, we will have learned at least a few new words and review words previously learned. Some examples of words that you will learn are: abysmal, counteract, eloquent, repudiate, and so many more! Come join us to learn their meanings and to know how to use them in sentences!

Alina J

7 spots left!

✍ SHW Short Story Writing Competition ✍

2nd session

Welcome to the SHW Writing Competition. Me and a few other tutors hosted a similar series last summer, and after seeing how much fun that was, I’ve decided to keep it going! So, this summer, we’re back with another Writing Competition, with a few tweaks and changes. If you were a part of the competition last year, welcome back! I’m excited to see the stories you all come up with! This series is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, in this competition, all participants will write a short story regarding any topic and submit it using a Google Form. Yep, that's simple. There are, however, some rules to help keep things in check which we'll discuss in the orientation session. *Thank you so much for all the judge applications! We now have enough for this series!*

Liya D

6 spots left!

☀️Summer Book Club☀️

10th session

📚 Welcome to our Summer Book Club! Jump into a world of books from the comfort of your own home! Join us for fun talks, interesting ideas, and exciting stories. Whether you love reading or want to find new books, our online class is a place where book lovers come together to enjoy reading. 😊 We'll explore classic tales, popular books, and hidden gems as we go on a reading adventure together. Get ready to learn and have fun this summer! 🌞 RECENT UPDATE: We are starting a new book NOW so anyone can join :D

Aneesh M


Sci-Fi and Fantasy: How to share your story!


Every week, we'll work on different fundamentals of science-fiction/fantasy writing. From world-building to character creation, we'll cover everything you need to write your science-fiction/fantasy story, whether it be a short story or a novel.

Isabella C


How To Tell Your Story: A Personal Narrative Writing Series


In this series, we will go over how to craft a personal narrative that conveys your story in a way that will resonate with readers. We will go over everything including picking a experience to write about, structuring it, writing the the body of the paper, and peer reviewing it.

Elona S



3rd session

Welcome to the fantasy and romance book club! Once a month, we will meet to talk about the book that we choose to read in the genre of fantasy or romance or fantasy romance which is a combination.I will choose the first book but after that, we will vote as a group and do some activities like kahoots and just like quick assessment about the book that were reading.

Ashley S

3 spots left!

✎ Weekly Hour of Vocab! ✎

10th session

In just an hour a week, go on a journey with me as we work through sets of 7 advanced words each session! Some example words that we will be learning are: extol, haught, concomitant, fiduciary, pecuniary, and so many more! Expected materials: Paper, pencil, pen Prerequisites: N/A In each session, we will be learning a NEW word and REVIEWING past words in a spaced repetition pattern. Come take on a brand new habit and develop some new disciplinarian and perspicacious practices!!

Zachary W

7 spots left!

Vocabulary Studies


Every session, we'll cover a new vocabulary topic and review roots, words, and definitions. We'll end the session with a fun vocabulary team competition where you can practice what we've learned. Please make sure you have access to a device you can use during the session and an account with

Nathaniel S


✍️⭐Crafting Captivating Narratives✍️⭐

5th session

This series is perfect for our narrative writers of all levels, whether aspiring or professional. Through the power of the Narrative Arc, we'll learn how we can shape stories to give the reader choice. And for what could be the first time ever, we'll have the option to use the second perspective in our writing. Make sure to come prepared with Google Docs and Google Forms depending on your comfort level! At the end of our series, we'll share and present our stories with other learners for those who are comfortable, so get ready to try other's games/creations. Also, times are flexible, so let me know if they don't work for you!

Amanda O