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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Biology Series


biology review series

15th session

we will go through the chapters in the text igcse (this series has been made for hanah )anyone who find this helpful can join :)

chandrika p

Registration full.

Complete AP Biology Prep Course

9th session

We will review all of the AP Biology material during our sessions. This series is primarily aimed at students who are studying AP Biology (in school or alone at home / self-studying) and are planning on taking the AP Biology exam. I prefer that you take the material at school or do some reading about it yourself before we cover it during the session as the sessions are meant as more of a review and will be somewhat fast-paced. TEACHING METHOD / FORMAT & RESOURCES Each unit will be divided into two sessions. During each session, I will start with a review of half of the unit. I will focus on the topics in the unit that the students in the class mention they find difficult and tailor the session for the students based on their feedback. Next, we will solve and discuss some practice questions during the class itself. I will constantly include both MCQ and FRQ practice questions. The resources used will generally include Campbell Biology, CliffsNotes AP Biology, Princeton Review AP Biology, and Preparing for the Biology AP Exam: To Accompany Pearson's Campbell Biology Programs. MY QUALIFICATIONS I self-studied AP Biology and scored a 5 on the 2022 AP Biology exam. I have also taken AP Biology at school the year after I did the exam because my school started offering it only then. I hosted this series last year as well, so I have good experience in tutoring students in all topics of AP Biology.

Tala S


Comprehensive AP Biology Course

8th session

Although AP biology gets a lot of bad press for being one of the most difficult APs or for the low percentage of students who score a 5 on it, you will see that with the right mindset and guidance, it can be pretty fun and not too challenging. Through this course, I hope to help those taking AP biology at school or self-studying it feel sure of themselves and do well on tests as well as te AP exam in May. - Overview - We will meet for an hour or 90 minutes (depending on how long it takes us to cover the material) every two weeks to thoroughly review the different AP Biology units. Each unit will be divided into two sessions. The exceptions are units 6 and 7. Because these two units are long and include a lot of material, I decided to divide each of them into 3 sessions. The sessions will start with a quick review of and/or a question about some of the topics discussed in the previous session(s) followed by a discussion of the concepts and topics in the particular part of the unit assigned for that week. Then, we will do some practice questions (MCQ and FRQ) and a Q&A (questions are also welcome anytime during the session). Advice on how to approach test questions and tips for studying for the AP biology test will be incorporated throughout our sessions. - Qualifications - I self-studied for the AP Biology exam and took it in May 2022. I got a score of 5. I took the AP biology course at my school in 2023 (the year they started offering it). I also taught this same course on Schoolhouse last year. Some of the feedback I received on my course last year: "Ragad had one of the most comprehensive PowerPoint presentations on Schoolhouse that I have ever witnessed." "Lots of good details and explanation with the summary." "Your use of practice problems was awesome." "Thank you for the amazing session! I liked how you interacted with us frequently and got us involved!! :)" - Resources - I will depend on a variety of resources, but the ones I use most heavily are: (Organized from the ones I use most to the ones I use least.) - CliffsNotes AP Biology 2021 Exam (most recent edition) - Campbell, biology in focus 3rd edition - Princeton Review AP Biology Premium Prep 2022, 2023 - 5 Steps to a 5 500 Questions to Know by Test Day Looking forward to teaching all of you!

Ragad S


Science [ For Adult Learners]

71st session

In this series we will cover basic topics needed for the preparation of Hi-Set (Science) Exam. There are 4 main areas where this Exam focusses on : 1. Science Inquiry and Skills (Designing, analysing, evaluating and interpreting data in Research) 2.Earth and Space Science (Earth, Weather and Natural Disasters, Changes in Earth, Environment, Space, Moon and Solar system) 3. Physical Science (Atom, Molecules, Changes, Matter, Energy & its Transfer, Motion and Force & work ) 4. Life Science (Cells &its Functions, Plant &its metabolism, Animals, Human Body, Health, Organism, Heredity, Evolution, Ecosystem, Food webs & Symbiotic relationships) Each session in this series will be for half an hour and in each session we will go-over a couple keywords ( critical words that explain an individual concept, for example to understand atom, we need to learn about Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, here Protons, Neutrons and Electrons are the keywords) that will help us understand a concept and track our progress. We will have frequent assessments and tests to help us build a good foundation. *I created a classroom for this series and here is the code for it : 9MM4GS *There is no particular pattern for the syllabus, so if you want to clear up a topic feel free to message me. *The time and dates are not fixed. * We will learn about these topics one by one :

Jennifer J

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Preparation for USABO - animal anatomy & physiology

12th session

Getting A+ in the most challenging level of biology in our school and earning a 5 in AP biology exam, I am also a national top 10% scorer in 2023's USABO and a global gold medal winner of 2023's BBO. This is a preparation course for USABO and specializes in animal anatomy & physiology section, which is beyond the scope of AP biology. However, this course would welcome learners at every level.

Dawei S


Biology Tutor Session

40th session

During the session, you can participate in a variety of activities and work through practice problems and problem sets to improve. We may go over your readings and assignments together to make sure you fully understand everything. I'll give concise explanations of biological ideas and concepts to help you better comprehend. We can go into greater detail about any particular subjects or regions you'd like to concentrate on, resolving any difficulties you might have. (Now since its during the summer so our session will be more flexible, for instance I can teach on topics including chemistry, algebra, history, physics, Chinese, and Japanese.) So for any need you can reach out to me.

James P

4 spots left!


16th session

Join us for a deep dive into how the body fights off infections, how vaccines work, and what are the different white blood cells, platelets, antibodies, and more. This will be an in-depth class covering far more than surface-level immunology. It is best if you have basic biology knowledge, however, it is not required.

Claire S


Global TEEN Medical Club

5th session

(Tutor's Qualifications: ) - Host of Medical Reading Cozy Corner Summer Camp (2 years running) - 5 on the AP Biology, AP Exam - Biology Tutoring Certification (Honorary) - AP -- Review Tutoring Certification (Honorary) - AP Biology Certification (Honorary) - HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Club Officer --- The Global TEEN Medical (GTM) Club is for students from grades 9-12 and provides opportunities for them to expand their medical knowledge. The purpose of the Global Teen’s Medical Club is to provide learners who are interested in pursuing medical careers with opportunities to explore the various field of medicine and to foster the growth of medical knowledge through lectures and discussion with peers. The year-long club meetings/discussions will start with one of the medical fields such as biology and will continuously discuss other fields such as chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. Other medical subject fields will also be explored and discussed through the discussion with club members. We will have monthly meetings (1st Sunday of every month) and activities through which the GTM club educates learners about a medical topic and plan fun activities around the topics.

Erin Y


Beyond AP Biology

10th session

We will cover the main fields of biology ----biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, biosystematics, and plants & animal physiology/anatomy ---- in great depth with the assumption that learners have finished AP Biology & AP Chemistry. A sufficient understanding of the entire AP Biology and AP Chemistry curriculum is the key to get the most out of this series; however, anyone interested is welcomed!

Toby C


High School Biology Study Group

16th session

The primary textbook we are using will be Campbell Biology. This series is created for students with no prior knowledge of biology but who are planning to take either Honor or AP Biology in the near future. The weekly 1 hour sessions are divided into two 30-minute sessions with 15-minute break in between. Please take time to read the material before coming into the session. The speed of the series can be adjusted according to how we fare.

Tei K

Registration closed.

Intro to Marine Bio 101


There are 8 sessions in this series. Here's an introduction to the main species and phyla's when knowing about the marine bio field. The sessions will be interactive and there will be a Kahoot at the end of each session!

Grace C


AP Biology & Beyond

12th session

We'll go over all concepts in the AP Biology syllabus and some in more depth to enable a better understanding. Learners are expected to not only listen to the lectures but also engage in problem solving. I scored a 5 on the AP Biology exam and top 500 on the United States Biology Olympiad.

Toby C

3 spots left!

The Med Ethics Lounge

3rd session

We know that the field of medicine has been the source of many controversies regarding various discoveries made recently, i.e. cloning, GMO plants, euthanasia, patient bias, etc. But sometimes, we don't want to mention these in public for fear of starting an argument. Not anymore! At the Med Ethics Lounge, you can calmly discuss such issues and your opinions without fear of reprisal and a willing ear! We just ask that you provide the same to others.

Aritro G


AP Biology Crash Couse

8th session

೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Everything you need to know to get an A in your class and a 5 on the exam ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Hi everyone! This series is great for anyone who is planning to take AP Biology next year. AP Biology covers a lot of material and is ranked as one of the hardest AP courses, so getting a head start on the material will definitely help you do well in the class and on the exam. The material covered in this series is based on the AP® Biology Course and Exam Description from College Board: This will be a year-long course covering all 8 units of AP Biology, starting in September and ending in May. The AP Biology exam this year will take place on May 16th, at 12:00 PM. Sessions will take place weekly on Fridays at 7:00 PM EST, and there will be practice AP sessions and office hours sprinkled throughout the week (since I've already reached the maximum number of sessions in this series, I will create separate sessions for these and send the links to register in the group chat). I will also provide optional practice questions/homework to help grasp the concepts for each unit in the series group chat. We will be covering the content for all 8 units of AP Biology: - Unit 1: Chemistry of Life (8%–11% of exam score) - Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function (10%–13% of exam score) - Unit 3: Cellular Energetics (12%–16% of exam score) - Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Cycle (10%–15% of exam score) - Unit 5: Heredity (8%-11% of exam score) - Unit 6: Gene Expression and Regulation (12%-16% of exam score) - Unit 7: Natural Selection (13%-20% of exam score) - Unit 8: Ecology (10%-15% of exam score) Note: Although I've listed what we are going to cover in each session in the session descriptions, it's just an estimate on how long I will take for each unit and may change. Below are some resources to help you prepare for the AP Biology exam: - Campbell Biology (textbook): I mainly used this resource to study for the AP Biology exam. There are many editions of this textbook (I personally used the 11th edition), but they all cover the content tested on the AP Biology exam. - Khan Academy: - Fiveable: - Amoeba Sisters (YouTube channel): - Crash Course Biology: - Bozeman Science: - (note: this site has a lot of great AP Biology practice questions but requires a paid subscription in order to use the resource) How I studied for AP Biology: I learned most of the content covered by reading and taking notes from the Campbell biology textbook. I also learned through class lectures and watching YouTube videos on topics that I was confused about. I reviewed for the AP exam by using the Princeton AP Biology review book and by taking a lot of practice tests. I took this course two years ago, scored a 5 on the AP exam, and have been tutoring other students at my school on AP Biology since then. I also took high school biology three years ago and IB Biology HL (year 2 of IB Biology) last year. Also, if you are unable to make the session times, please let me know! I can't change the times because many other learners have registered, but I'd be more than happy to schedule a makeup session with you. Additionally, if you need any help with biology homework, feel free to send me a chat and I will do my best to help you. Thank you, and I look forward to teaching you!:)

Monica P


College-level Medical Immunology - Infection Immunity

4th session

As suggested by its name, this course is going to be about medical immunology, more specifically infection immunity. In addition to the immunology part, this series is going to dig deep into various infectious diseases. Examples might include 2019-nCoV, Ebola virus, HIV, etc. This would be a rigorous course but doesn't require prior knowledge in immunology. However, it would help if you have any. In addition to the sessions, there would also be seminars, games, practices to help you learn about expertise in this field. After all, it is also a great idea to just immerse yourself in knowledge about immunology. Come and have fun!

Dawei S


👩 Human Anatomy and Physiology 👨

31st session

Hey, welcome to this series about Human Anatomy and Physiology! In this series I want to cover the basics first and then go into following body systems: The Integumentary System (the skin) The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Nervous System The Cardiovascular System (Heart & blood vessels) The Respiratory System The Digestive System The Lymphatic System (Immunity) The Endocrine System The Urinary System Reproductive System As you can see there's a lot to cover! So it will take a long time to teach all of these. I am going to go into depth for each one of these systems. Prerequisites: High school level biology completed or another class of similar level. Also high school level chemistry or another class of similar level is recommended but not needed * More sessions will be added

Nitya D

10 spots left!

US Bio curriculum intro FOR LYNN CHEN


This is only for Lynn Chen. If you are not Lynn Chen, you will not be let into the meeting.

Amelia Z

Registration closed.

Biology Help Group!


In this series you can come get help for biology topics you need! This series is for HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY not AP or anything more advanced than that.

Questions for igcse biology topics because I used to get them a lot when I ran this series previously. I am not super familiar with the entire curriculum I actually don't understand the concept of igcse very well. However, I am able to cover questions over their biology topics a majority of the time.

When coming to this series, prepare with topics you need help with and if you need help with specific problems please bring them with you! Make sure you can take a picture and send them in the zoom chat. I have informative slides for specific topics and can use them to help you along with videos to understand certain concepts better. The session topics are completely driven by you and what you want to review.

Queena X  


genetics fun lil' course/group! it really is fun you'll see

7th session

We'll get to learn what happens between that weird tiny strand of dna encoded information, and all the proteins that create us and our structure, essentially what makes us who we are! there are a lot of questions and topics that follow that path, and for me it is such an interesting ride. In this series, i'll be answering questions & revising topics you wish to see, and also going through the actual content, practice questions and everything. I can even take a look at what these look for ap bio, though i've never taken it before so that would be more of a together effort ;) . I want this, as much as you're comfortable with it, to be really a dialogue kind of thing. sure i'll be teaching, but i have so much to learn from you as well! so don't be afraid to speak up anytime to ask, share or answer anything. I'll add more sessions as we go, so we can adapt topics based on your learning and times based on my schedule.

Maria Luísa F


SHW Feedback for AI+

2nd session

Share your feedback for Schoolhouse, imagine the possibility of the future, especially anything related with AI... this series is an outreach (test run) of the new Special AI Ops team. We can also talk about AI related topics if we have extra time.

William W

Registration full.

Exploring Climate Change: Discussions on Environmental Issues

4th session

Are we getting the right picture when it comes to climate change? In today's world of catchy headlines, the full story is not often reported. In this series, we will discuss the truth and science behind environmental issues, both the good news and the bad. Each session will provide researched information to provide you with the clearest image of each issue. Topics include: - The complex picture of climate change: the causes - The multiple effects of climate change - The potential solutions and the implemented solutions - How should we talk about climate change? - Why does it seem like no one is making progress? - Prevention and Adaptation strategies - What you can do to help in your community - What is the biggest thing you can do to have the greatest impact? - Is climate change as bad as it looks? I hope you will join me in learning about what really lies beneath climate change! (Session times are subject to change)

Ruoyu C


Biology Sessions



Cellular Science

12:00 PM - 12:50 PM

We will learn more about cell organelles and endomembrane system.

Charu Y


Saturday, December 9

PHOTOSYNTHESIS (From the Ground Up) (AP, GCSE, A Level)

2:30 AM - 3:45 AM

Targeted groups

High school students

GCSE or IGCSE Biology students

AS Level or A Level Biology students

AP biology students

College Biology 1st and 2nd year students


🌿 Explore the fascinating microscopic world of PHOTOSYNTHESIS with this one-off online session! Whether you’re navigating GCSE, A level, High school, or AP Biology, all students are welcomed to unravel the mysteries of this crucial process. Join me for an engaging session where you’ll have the opportunity to grasp the intricacies of photosynthesis, from its fundamental principles to advanced concepts.

🪴We will first focus on a generalised summary of the process, outlining the requirements and conditions needed for the reaction before heading into the microscopic realm within the chloroplast. Exploring photosystems, electron-transport-chains and the Calvin-cycle, we will understand how photosynthesis ultimately results in the storage of energy from the sun within the bonds of glucose molecules, ready to be transferred along the food chain.

🍃Whether you are revising for an upcoming test, learning about the process for the first time or simply want to update your memory on photosynthesis, join me for an interactive, fun session where you can ask any questions you want and have your doubts cleared!


Pearson International A level Biology- student book 2

Pearson Biology: a global approach (12th edition)

E. O. Wilson's Life on Earth- Unit 2

Ravindu L


Mitosis and the Cell Cycle (Alison)

9:00 PM - 9:40 PM

We'll be reviewing mitosis, meiosis, the cell cycle, and cancer. This series is tailored towards Alison, but all are welcome to join!

Ariana N