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Biology Help






Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Biology Series


Campbell Biology Course: Useful for AP Bio, IB Bio, and Olympiads

3rd session

The IBO Chairman hailed Campbell's biology as the "Bible" of biology. It is a fascinating book. If you love Biology, I am sure that you will enjoy it!
Campbell Biology consists of 8 UNITS and 56 Chapters. I will try to go over 1-2 chapters per week based on the potential of the class. If I see that the class needs more time to Understand the topics, I will lower the speed making it 1 chapter per 2 weeks.
Some chapters will be skipped and I will ask the students to study them independently.
Hope to see you!
Kind Regards,
Mohammadamin Y

Mohammadamin Y


AP Bio Hyper-Review

8th session

Super laid back, detailed reviews of every unit of AP Biology to prepare for the final exam in May! The most important sessions are marked by an asterisk*.

Max D


AP Biology Units 1-8 Review

13th session

Each week, we'll broadly review one Unit in depth and tackle all of the concepts in this particular Unit. I will also provide practice problems, interactive activities, and some lecturing and make sure that the material is reinforced to get ready for the exam in May 🤍

Kanzy M

Registration full.

AP Biology Prep

6th session

This is a series created for a learner's specific AP prep requirement, but we would also welcome other learners who are interested or need help with the AP Bio exam this May.

Dawei S

1 spot left!

AP Biology Complete Review for the 2024 Exam!


With 2 sessions per week, each week, we'd go over 2 units in order. (one unit per session) The units are organized the same way as collegeboard organizes them. First, we'd review the concepts, then we'd go over how to answer questions from that unit. Lastly, we'd try to do problems on our own (MCQ nad FRQ both) and discuss them later. I will also offer tips and tricks for the AP exam. There would be also AP practice problems to do in between sessions for optional extra practice!😀

Mia N


Biology Tutor Session

55th session

During the session, you can participate in a variety of activities and work through practice problems and problem sets to improve. We may go over your readings and assignments together to make sure you fully understand everything. I'll give concise explanations of biological ideas and concepts to help you better comprehend. We can go into greater detail about any particular subjects or regions you'd like to concentrate on, resolving any difficulties you might have. (Now since its during the summer so our session will be more flexible, for instance I can teach on topics including chemistry, algebra, history, physics, Chinese, and Japanese.) So for any need you can reach out to me.

James P


A.P. Biology Review

6th session

Every week, we'll go over the basics of each unit of biology and practice questions for the A.P biology exam on May 16th!

Namann S

5 spots left!

Biology Help Group!

16th session

In this series you can come get help for biology topics you need! This series is for HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY not AP or anything more advanced than that.
Questions for igcse biology topics because I used to get them a lot when I ran this series previously. I am not super familiar with the entire curriculum I actually don't understand the concept of igcse very well. However, I am able to cover questions over their biology topics a majority of the time.
When coming to this series, prepare with topics you need help with and if you need help with specific problems please bring them with you! Make sure you can take a picture and send them in the zoom chat. I have informative slides for specific topics and can use them to help you along with videos to understand certain concepts better. The session topics are completely driven by you and what you want to review.

Queena X

Registration full.

A.P. Bio Review

4th session

Each week, we'll go over two units of A.P. Bio!!

Namann S



2nd session

In each session, we will go over units that will help you get a 5 on AP EXAM for Biology. Units and specific topics will be reviewed on request.

Helly P


AP Biology Prep Helping Sessions

3rd session

I will help with any AP Biology related questions. Equal time will be allotted to learners who show up before 5 minutes into the session. If the learner does not have a question, I can lecture on any AP Biology topic that the learner requests.

Toby C

1 spot left!

Nutrition 101

8th session

Each week we'll be going over various topics of Nutrition, including (but not limited to) vitamins, diseases/disorders, water, allergies, and more!

Some of these topics you may have previously learned before but I hope that by the end of the series, you can learn some new knowledge that can hopefully help towards your health.

Prerequisites: None

Godae N


AP Biology Exam Prep

3rd session

Hi! My name is Bornini and I am a junior in high school. I took AP Biology in my sophomore year and received a 5 on the exam. In this series, I hope to share my study tips and methods, review all the course material, and do tons of practice. We will have four sessions of content review, one session for FRQ prep, and one session for MCQ prep!

Bornini C


AP Biology Exam Preparation Series

2nd session

Welcome! Each weekend we will review vital components for the exam and practice questions from old AP Exams. We will practice multiple choice and FRQ strategies to help you best prepare.

I took the AP Bio exam 3 years ago and am currently a Molecular and Cell Biology Major.

Claire S


8th Grade Science Session + UIL Science

6th session

We will be answering all your questions that you have for biology. We will also go over some questions for 8th grade UIL Science.

Arnav A


College Course Support: Intro to Biology

4th session

This series was created for students at Worcester State University.

This series will cover the topics in BI-101 (Intro to Biology), which may include the following based on student interest: genetics, evolution, disease, plant/animal diversity, and more!

This series is cohosted by Ariana and Amisha,.
Ariana: Biology is one of my favourite subjects, so I'm very excited to participate in this program and get to know all of you!

Ariana N


👩 Human Anatomy and Physiology 👨

42nd session

Hey, welcome to this series about Human Anatomy and Physiology! In this series I want to cover the basics first and then go into following body systems: The Integumentary System (the skin)✅ The Skeletal System✅ The Muscular System✅ The Nervous System✅ The Cardiovascular System (Heart & blood vessels) ✅ The Respiratory System The Digestive System The Lymphatic System (Immunity) The Endocrine System The Urinary System Reproductive System As you can see there's a lot to cover! So it will take a long time to teach all of these. I am going to go into depth for each one of these systems. Prerequisites: High school level biology completed or another class of similar level. Also high school level chemistry or another class of similar level is recommended but not needed * More sessions will be added

Nitya D

12 spots left!

High School Biology Study Group

55th session

The primary textbook we are using will be Campbell Biology. This series is created for students with no prior knowledge of biology but who are planning to take either Honor or AP Biology in the near future. The weekly 1 hour sessions are divided into two 30-minute sessions with 15-minute break in between. Please take time to read the material before coming into the session. The speed of the series can be adjusted according to how we fare.

Tei K

Registration closed.

IGCSE Biology Syllabus Walkthrough


We'll be going over the entire IGCSE Biology syllabus in depth. I'll add more sessions to the series as we go along.

Sneha M


Intro to Anatomy & Physiology

2nd session

Beginner's course/introduction to A&P to those wanting to know more about the body and the way it functions. We will be easing into topics so it is stress-free and a fun learning environment. Each week we will go over a different body system or topic. Suggestions welcome!

Alyssa A


Comprehensive AP Biology Course

19th session

Although AP biology gets a lot of bad press for being one of the most difficult APs or for the low percentage of students who score a 5 on it, you will see that with the right mindset and guidance, it can be pretty fun and not too challenging. Through this course, I hope to help those taking AP biology at school or self-studying it feel sure of themselves and do well on tests as well as te AP exam in May. - Overview - We will meet for an hour or 90 minutes (depending on how long it takes us to cover the material) every two weeks to thoroughly review the different AP Biology units. Each unit will be divided into two sessions. The exceptions are units 6 and 7. Because these two units are long and include a lot of material, I decided to divide each of them into 3 sessions. The sessions will start with a quick review of and/or a question about some of the topics discussed in the previous session(s) followed by a discussion of the concepts and topics in the particular part of the unit assigned for that week. Then, we will do some practice questions (MCQ and FRQ) and a Q&A (questions are also welcome anytime during the session). Advice on how to approach test questions and tips for studying for the AP biology test will be incorporated throughout our sessions. - Qualifications - I self-studied for the AP Biology exam and took it in May 2022. I got a score of 5. I took the AP biology course at my school in 2023 (the year they started offering it). I also taught this same course on Schoolhouse last year. Some of the feedback I received on my course last year: "Ragad had one of the most comprehensive PowerPoint presentations on Schoolhouse that I have ever witnessed." "Lots of good details and explanation with the summary." "Your use of practice problems was awesome." "Thank you for the amazing session! I liked how you interacted with us frequently and got us involved!! :)" - Resources - I will depend on a variety of resources, but the ones I use most heavily are: (Organized from the ones I use most to the ones I use least.) - CliffsNotes AP Biology 2021 Exam (most recent edition) - Campbell, biology in focus 3rd edition - Princeton Review AP Biology Premium Prep 2022, 2023 - 5 Steps to a 5 500 Questions to Know by Test Day Looking forward to teaching all of you!

Ragad S

Registration full.

College-level Medical Immunology - Infection Immunity

11th session

As suggested by its name, this course is going to be about medical immunology, more specifically infection immunity. In addition to the immunology part, this series is going to dig deep into various infectious diseases. Examples might include 2019-nCoV, Ebola virus, HIV, etc. This would be a rigorous course but doesn't require prior knowledge in immunology. However, it would help if you have any. In addition to the sessions, there would also be seminars, games, practices to help you learn about expertise in this field. After all, it is also a great idea to just immerse yourself in knowledge about immunology. Come and have fun!

Dawei S


Global TEEN Medical Club

6th session

(Tutor's Qualifications: ) - Host of Medical Reading Cozy Corner Summer Camp (2 years running) - 5 on the AP Biology, AP Exam - Biology Tutoring Certification (Honorary) - AP -- Review Tutoring Certification (Honorary) - AP Biology Certification (Honorary) - HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Club Officer --- The Global TEEN Medical (GTM) Club is for students from grades 9-12 and provides opportunities for them to expand their medical knowledge. The purpose of the Global Teen’s Medical Club is to provide learners who are interested in pursuing medical careers with opportunities to explore the various field of medicine and to foster the growth of medical knowledge through lectures and discussion with peers. The year-long club meetings/discussions will start with one of the medical fields such as biology and will continuously discuss other fields such as chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. Other medical subject fields will also be explored and discussed through the discussion with club members. We will have monthly meetings (1st Sunday of every month) and activities through which the GTM club educates learners about a medical topic and plan fun activities around the topics.

Erin Y


⚛︎🔥Hot Scientific Conversations🔥⚛︎


How ethical are synthetic biology and cloning? How can AI be used to address healthcare disparities? What unintended consequences could it have? Why are scientists releasing billions of mosquitoes to the wild?

You can expect some of what will be discussed to look like those questions -- none are limited to biology and I will be receptive to topics you guys can offer! Please participate in this informal series, ready to learn, for fun!!

My hope with this series is that you not only improve your scientific literacy but also your communication and critical thinking skills, which will be applicable in any field you choose to pursue, science or not. Towards the end of the series, we will provide dedicated learners with an exciting FUN project that you WON’T want to miss!

General Structure of Meetings (may vary):
1) Concise overview, key aspects, relevance and current implications of topic
2) Random breakout rooms; each group will explore a specific aspect of the topic in more detail
3) Reconvene: Each group (representative or shared) will share their key insights (this will be important for the guided discussion)
4) Guided discussion with prepared critical questions based on everyone's input; there will also be follow-up questions
5) Your final thoughts/reflections; summarization of main insights, questions, and conclusions
6) Topics you want to see in the future: put them in the chat!
7) Post-meeting discussion forum with a burning question in the SHW group chat related to the topic (short ~1-2 sentence response)

Expectations and Prerequisites: Just come ready to actively learn and contribute from and to the discussion. Whether you have all the science experience in the world or just beginning to see what science offers, everyone is welcome to engage and have fun in our informal series; all you need to bring to meetings is your enthusiasm for science!

Zachary W


Biology Sessions


Saturday, April 20

  • Biology Review for Liel S!

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We will go through Biology notes!

Louise A

  • AP Bio Review

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

AP Bio review for Autumn M and Zoe B

Pallavi C