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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Schoolhouse Certifications allow you to verify your mastery in a course, while qualifying you to help answer questions and host live sessions as a tutor.

Get certified by...

Completing a Course Challenge

The Khan Academy Course Challenge tests your general knowledge across all topics in Biology. After completing this, you'll be able to tutor any unit in Biology.

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Completing a Unit Test

Haven't learned all of Biology? Take a single Khan Academy unit test to get started tutoring.

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Submitting Your AP Score

Have you taken an AP test for Biology? Submit your score to start tutoring.

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Why get certified?

Build confidence.

Have a big test soon? Practice through certifications and gain confidence to tackle anything.

Become a tutor.

Get an official certified tutor badge and become eligible to host live sessions.

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Build a college-ready portfolio.

Send your certifications to colleges like UChicago, Case Western and MIT.

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How it Works


Choose a Khan Academy Test

Test your knowledge across the entire course, or just in a single topic—both qualify you to tutor. Nervous? You can review and practice the unit before on Khan Academy.


Record a video

To verify your knowledge as you take the test, you'll explain your reasoning out loud while recording a video that shares your screen and your webcam.


Submit with at least a score of 90%

To submit your certification, you'll need to get at least 90% of questions correct. Didn't quite make it? You can keep practicing and record your video as many times as you need.


Get your certification

Once your video has been reviewed by peer volunteers, you're certified! You'll get an official tutor badge in this World and get an email with a publicly shareable link to your certification transcript.

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