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Biology Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Biology Series


Biology Tutor Session

58th session

During the session, you can participate in a variety of activities and work through practice problems and problem sets to improve. We may go over your readings and assignments together to make sure you fully understand everything. I'll give concise explanations of biological ideas and concepts to help you better comprehend. We can go into greater detail about any particular subjects or regions you'd like to concentrate on, resolving any difficulties you might have. (Now since its during the summer so our session will be more flexible, for instance I can teach on topics including chemistry, algebra, history, physics, Chinese, and Japanese.) So for any need you can reach out to me.

James P


AP Biology Intro

3rd session

The goal of this series is to prepare you for either AP Biology courses! We will go over the key/basic points from the units each week.

Thanmai Y


Intro to Biological Research

2nd session

Each week, we will learn more about the process of doing biological research + any methods, as well as go over how to do your own research.

Ganeshsai T


AP Biology - An Accelerated Bootcamp

2nd session

Hey guys! This is an accelerated bootcamp for AP Biology for anyone planning on taking either next year on in the future! This session will cover the different units in bio in detail so you can crush the class and AP test in May!

Saketha K


Biology exploration

4th session

Welcome! In this series, we'll explore biology concepts. You'll learn basics of high school biology. No prior knowledge required but you must be willing to learn.

Aditya T

Registration full.

The Cardiovascular System

3rd session

Each week, we will go over one topic/aspect of the cardiovascular system. The first few weeks will be basic structural anatomy, and we will eventually move on to cardiovascular function, diseases, etc.

Thanmai Y


AP Biology Preview/Headstart

2nd session

New learners are always welcome! This is an intro to the AP Biology course where we will go over the course units to help others familiarize themselves with the concepts. I've made this via a learner's request, but anyone can feel free to join. It won't be as detailed as the actual AP course, just enough to be able to go into the class with some biology background! I'll share the slideshows on past units if you've signed up later and feel free to ask me questions or ask me to explain them in detail.

Valeria G


9th Grade Biology Advanced Summer Series

3rd session

Each weekend, we'll go over 1 lesson generally covered in a Honors/Advanced Biology course. We'll use a mix of Khan Academy materials and tutor-made Advanced Bio materials to ensure that the course is rigorous and rewarding. I hope to get through most of the biology curriculum for the school year by the end of summer. You may notice that we only have 2 sessions in the series, but don't worry, because more will be added as demand increases.

Alan R


Exploring Our Microbiological World

2nd session

Hi there! This series is going to be all about one of my favorite topics (and my soon-to-be major), microbiology! Each session, we'll be doing a deep dive into a new microorganism and it's biology: what kind of microorganism it is, where it exists, its role in its habitat, and even how it interacts with us. These are just meant to be fun, exploratory sessions, not a series on general microbiology, so no past knowledge is really needed. I can answer any general biology questions if they come up (in context with the microorganism, of course), but the main focus will be on whatever microscopic creature we're exploring during a given session! If you like microbiology, learning about new species, or just learning about the things we don't get to see much in our everyday lives, then this series is for you! Hope to see you there!

Lily D


AP Biology with a connection to Botany

5th session

Interested in plants? This series will go through the basics of botany. Fundamental knowledge in biomolecules, cell organelles, cell respirations and photosynthesis, cell signaling, and genetics will be helpful prerequisites. I will still go over them, but in a quickly fashion, as the focus will be applying them to plants.

Toby C


Common (ish) medical conditions & concepts

3rd session

Each week, we will go over a different medical condition/concept.

Thanmai Y


AP Biology Full Course

2nd session

Specifically made session at the request of a learner, but anyone is free to join.

Bornini C

2 spots left!

IGCSE Biology Syllabus Walkthrough

7th session

We will cover the entire IGCSE Biology Syllabus [Syllabus Code: 0610] so you'll be fully prepared for your exam! I will add more sessions to the series as we go along!

Sneha M  

1 spot left!

AP Biology Headstart


Hello Everyone, I am excited to help all of you get a headstart on learning AP Bio. As someone who scored a 5 on the AP exam and knows the tips and tricks required, I look forward to helping you meet your goals in the course. This will be a month long series with two sessions each week. Based on learners need I can schedule additional sessions as well.

Parva V  


Doing Research as a High Schooler (and undergrad!)


Learn from a first-author, biochemistry researcher in high school with 1,000+ hours of research experience and who's presented at undergraduate symposiums at the highest level*. Have questions about getting into research? Want advice from someone who advises graduate students? Join for two kinds of session: Short, 15 minute lessons followed by 30 minutes of free Q&A with me, or: 45 minute intensive, focused troubleshooting & advice on one of your research projects. Topics covered include: preparing as an underclassman, cold emailing, finding summer programs, how to ace the professor interview, writing a proposal for a project, and excelling in the lab. * See my profile for more of my qualifications.

Jonathan O

2 spots left!

Introduction to AP Biology

2nd session

Every week, we will cover two of the eight units from AP Biology to help students prepare for the course ahead of time if they are taking it this upcoming school year or are simply interested in taking a deeper dive into biology. AP Biology is certainly not easy, as I know from experience. However, reviewing all the material before beginning the course will help learners excel in their class and on the AP exam!

Eknoor K

1 spot left!

High School Biology Study Group

71st session

The primary textbook we are using will be Campbell Biology. This series is created for students with no prior knowledge of biology but who are planning to take either Honor or AP Biology in the near future. The weekly 1 hour sessions are divided into two 30-minute sessions with 15-minute break in between. Please take time to read the material before coming into the session. The speed of the series can be adjusted according to how we fare.

Tei K

Registration closed.

Intro into Human Anatomy 💀🫀🧠🫁


If you are an aspiring medical professional, an anatomy nerd, a curious student, or interested in how your own body works, then I have a GUT feeling you Be-LUNG in this session. This is the right place to master the fundamentals of human anatomy! Join us for a week of interactive learning where we'll break down the essential systems of the human body through engaging lessons and fun activities. We will cover foundational systems in the body: 1. Basic anatomical terminology 2. The skeletal system 🩻💀🦴 3. The muscular system 💪🏋️🏃 4. The digestive system 🍔🍕 5. The nervous system 🧠⚡ 6. The circulatory system 🩸🫀 7. Respiratory System 🫁💨 LOOKING FORWARD TO LEARNING WITH YOU!

Shriram N



18th session

Greetings, future anatomist! Welcome to this series where we talk about the most complex structure of science, the human body! This course features: ⭐The Integumentary System ✅ 🎀The Skeletal System ✅ ⭐The Muscular System ✅ 🎀The Nervous System ✅ ⭐The Endocrine System ✅ 🎀The Cardiovascular System ✅ ⭐The Lymphatic System ✅ 🎀The Respiratory System ⭐The Digestive System✅ 🎀The Urinary System ✅ ⭐The Reproductive System (Female and Male) ✅ + KAHOOTS, ICEBREAKERS EVERY MEETING AND QUIZZES!!! 🐱 So, buckle up and let's dive in to the world of the human body! See you there! 🛫👨👩 (P.S. If a student misses a session, but gave notice prior the session, I will provide the slideshows and a session to "make-up" the missed class ONLY IF requested!) ♡ Claire S became a co-host on 05/19/24 ♡ ♡ Jayden K became a co-host on 05/25/24 ♡ ♡ Yash J became a co-host on 05/28/24 ♡ ♡ Aditya T became a co-host on 06/17/24 ♡

Ayesha A


High School-Level Anatomy Course

3rd session

We will cover various human body systems in our advanced early-on classes, starting with the basics and progressing to more complex topics!

Isabella F



9th session

This series will consist of IB SL Biology content. We will review 4 units, that will be: A1 unity and diversity, A4.1 Evolution and Speciation, B1 lipids & proteins and B4 Form and functions. There will be mock IB practice questions of each topic at the end of the lesson.

Marina B

2 spots left!

Introduction to the Biological Sciences

11th session

This series is for anyone who has NONE or LITTLE biology knowledge. It is designed for students who are entering High School Biology this school year or have not taken HS Bio yet. This series will introduce you to a variety of concepts within the biological world and help to prepare your for higher level biology session. We will utilize a variety of virtual labs, games, and challenges to help deepen our knowledge of biology.

Claire S

3 spots left!

Intro to AP Biology

7th session

Taking the AP Bio class or exam this upcoming school year? Join us for a summer introduction or refresher of some key biological concepts that underlie the curriculum and also go over some of the most important skills and information needed in this course! We will tackle the AP Bio curriculum unit by unit and go over things to the depth at which they are taught in AP Bio such as: the cell cycle, cellular energetics (photosynthesis+cellular respiration), cell signaling, genetics (chi square, Mendel, Punnet Square) all things DNA (transcription, translation,) evolution and evolutionary relationships (phylogenetic trees, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium). There will also be fun Kahoots at the end of each session to test your knowledge!

Nancy J

3 spots left!

AP Bio Full Course Review


Hello Guys! This is the previous AP Bio review that will go over Unit 1 to Unit 8. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will review a part of a unity. Sorry, I forgot that the series would close if I didn't continue adding sessions.

Seojun (Jun) M


Biology Sessions


Tuesday, July 23

  • AP Bio for Alyson

6:15 PM - 7:15 PM

In this session, we will review 1.1 of AP Bio, which we already covered, and cover 1.2 and 1.3 if possible. This session was requested by a specific learner but anyone is free to join.

Saffron S