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Joseph Z

Joined Mar 2023 · He/Him


Hello, I am Joseph, a homeschooled high school sophomore from China PR, but I am taking a US program. I am one of the Reading and Writing Subworld Moderators and I also tutor Chinese language series.

Field of Interests

Academic: History, Geography, Stage Performance, Languages, Cultural Study. I am good at map study and have been trying to learn Hebrew, Dutch, and Italian; currently learning Spanish.

Art: Ink pen drawing/sketching and gouache painting.

Music: Proficient in Hulusi, a Chinese traditional flute, passed the top level in 2022; Dizi, the bamboo flute, has been learning for several months. I like to listen to traditional Chinese music, instrumental epic, and folk songs.

Sport: Soccer, table tennis, swimming, inline skating. Big fan of PSG, Messi is the GOAT, and supports the French national team.

Literature: A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Born a Crime, Assassin's Creed, Percy Jackson. Never read horror and sci-fi.

Personality: ESFP-A. I am also a Ravenclaw.

Color: Black, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, and Deep Purple, never give me yellow or pink!

Animal: Wolf, Stag, Cat, Horse, Dolphin, and Raven.

Game: Werewolf, DnD, AFK Journey, Super Smash Bro, Minecraft.

TV: Big fan of MCU. Also watch epic fantasy worlds, martial arts, and some teenage friendship/romance.

Other hobbies: Hiking, cooking, and creating fantasies!


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Upcoming Sessions

The Official Reading and Writing Game Night Series II

Hello, all members of the R&W Subworld, welcome to the weekly game night series!

This series will be hosted twice a week at 7 PM EST on Friday and 7 AM EST on Sunday to reach more learners around the world. You may join as many sessions as you want, just remember to enjoy yourself!

This series will be a little bit different from our first official game night ( Every week, we will have a topic for the game, ranging from literature to movies, and our games will be based on these topics; I am open to suggestions!

We will play various of creative games like Garticphone,, Gimkit, and more!

This will be a great place to make friends and get to know the moderators better! We are not those behind-the-scene scary-masked rulers...but cheerful outgoing people that want to know you better also!

Joseph Z


Study Room! [STILL OPEN]

    187th session
Welcome to THE study room!
Sessions might not be hosted every day but we will put in as much as we can, and due to multiple co-hosts, the session time will not always be the same. If you guys have any questions about any homework, feel free to directly message us or other attendees in the chat for help! Feel free to put the things you are looking forward to getting done at the beginning of the session and update us if you managed to complete them at the end.
We will be accepting music suggestions! *NOTE: Turning your camera on would be preferred; this series is intended for us to get our tasks done. We will be accountable to each other and ensure we are getting what we need to be done! Zachary, Joseph, and Queena

Zachary W and 2 others

15 spots left!

Featured Feedback



Learner · 4 days ago

Today the session is very helpful, l learned so many useful skills in spoken English, and I can feel the emotion of the tutor and the classmate, it’s really nice to listen their chat even though l can’t understand the talk totally, but the chance to listen is also very nice.l hope there are more opportunities to learn from the tutor.

Learner · 20 days ago

Super fun and engaging tutor! He helped me work on such a boring, and tiresome assignment however his playful manner made it so that I was able to power through it. He's very thoughtful, engaging, and always has something wise to say. Thank you so much for your help, Joseph! You're a wonderful tutor.

Learner · 8 days ago

It’s very glad to see be honest,I am very nervous at the beginning , but at the end, I speak loudly ,it’s really amazing during this session, the tutor is very friendly and super patient ,I learned how to do a speech, he teaches super detail and useful. At the end,I asked one question, and the tutor answered with his own learning style and it’s really helpful. Thanks for the advice ,thanks for the meeting .I hope everyone can be better.

Learner · 28 days ago


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