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Joseph Z

Joined Mar 2023 · He/Him


Welcome! Here is Joseph. I am a Chinese high school sophomore homeschooler. Founder of English-Help-Channel on Slack. I am a Chinese tutor, fluent in Chinese and English; you can ask me anything about Chinese! I love to make friends from all over the world, so talk to me about anything!

Field of Interests

Academic: History, Geography, Stage Performance, Languages, Cultural Study. I am good at map study and have been trying to learn Hebrew, Dutch, and Italian.

Art: Ink pen drawing/sketching and gouache painting.

Music: Proficient in Hulusi, a Chinese traditional flute, passed the top level last year; Dizi, a bamboo flute, has been learning for several months. I like to listen to traditional Chinese music, European folk songs, Celtic, and Epics; no rock-and-roll, pop, jazz, hip-hop, DJ, etc. for me, I am a person of the past.

Sport: Soccer, Ping-pong, Swimming, inline skating. Big fan of PSG, Messi is the Goat.

Literature: A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hobbit, Anne of Green Gable, The Hunger Games, Born a Crime, Assassin's Creed, Journey to the West. Never read horror and sci-fi.

Personality: Campaigner (ENFP-A), very accurate. I am a Ravenclaw!

Color: Black, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, and Deep Purple, never give me yellow or pink!

Animal: Wolf, Stag, Cat, Horse, Dolphin, and Raven.

Game: I didn't play a lot, but my favorites are DnD, Catan, Super Smash Bro, and Minecraft.

Other hobbies: Hiking, cooking, and creating fantasies!

My dream university is Corban University in Salem, Oregon, USA.

I am a Christian, God bless you!


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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Series

Intermediate Chinese Activity Group

    14th session

In this series, we will choose different topics every week, discuss them, and play some games simultaneously. Chinese will be used as the primary communication language, but English is always used for support. Two qualifications for this series: 1, you can understand essential conversational Chinese. 2, you can speak essential conversational Chinese. If you are already fluent in Chinese, I don't recommend you join; the purpose is to build a comfortable environment for intermediate Chinese speakers. This series is open to everyone who needs practice!!!

Joseph Z

2 spots left!

Community · Series

Study Room! [STILL OPEN]

    131st session

Welcome to THE study room! The Regular session time will be sometime around 5:30-6:30 P.M. EST, but the time might change a bit occasionally so don't be surprised. The session might not be hosted every day but we will put in as much as we can. If you guys have any questions about any homework, feel free to directly message us or other attendees in the chat for help! Feel free to put the things you are looking forward to getting done at the beginning of the session and update us if you managed to complete them at the end. We will be accepting music suggestions! *NOTE: Turning your camera on would be preferred; this series is intended for us to get our tasks done. We will be accountable to each other and ensure we are getting what we need to be done! Zachary, Joseph, Mengmeng


Zachary W and 3 others

14 spots left!

Community · Series

Chinese Study Group-Fun&Facts

    15th session

Welcome! Worthy Scholars who decided to tread the path of Studying Chinese! This Series is dedicated to being the lamp of your feet and the light of your path! Study Plan: In this series, I will combine practical communication skills with fundamental Chinese spelling skills for informative teaching, aiming to the milestone of helping you understand basic communication and pronouncing each Chinese Character independently with the support of Pinyin, the Chinese system of spelling. For clarity sake, a session will have four major sections: 1, Communication skills: learning useful phrases and expressions, including some grammar. 2, Pinyin skill: learning the pronunciation of pinyin alphabets and the way they combine with each other. 3, Fun & Facts: learning some fun things about Chinese, such as dissecting a Chinese character, learning an idiom or slang, etc. 4, Chinese Q&A: Bring forward any question you have from the previous week's study or homework (if you have one), and I will help you solve it at the end of the session. Other activities and things to know: From time to time, I will add a session for special activities, such as Chinese poetry, folk stories, unique cultural aspects, or even calligraphy. Feel free to register just for these, but it won't be as much of them as the actual lesson. Everyone is free to come, no matter what level of learning you are in. Even if you are Chinese, come in and have some fun; take a look and share some feedback, I would appreciate that a lot! About homework, I will not assign any official homework, but maybe a few things for you to review over, I hope that you will make some progress. I will be excited to see you there, it is great if you want to study, but it is also fine if all you want is some fun! If the time is not ideal for you, tell me in the chat! I will see what I can do about it. Here is a good resource for practicing Chinese, try out Duolingo!

Joseph Z


Experimental · Series

The Name Origin of Days of the Week, Months, and Chinese Years


Welcome, my dear knowledge seekers, this shall be exciting for you! We will be hosting a series of sessions talking about the origin of the names for the seven days of the week(Sunday to Saturday), the twelve months(January to December), and the twelve Chinese years(mouse to pig...sounds funny?). Of course, a session will mainly have three parts: Days of the week, Months, and Chinese years. Additionally, I will be creating question kits from related to the topics covered in our series and we can play them together both for fun and for refreshing our memory! The time for the main sessions will be set for Sunday AND Tuesday 6:30-7:30 pm EST, with the addition of activity time such as playing Gimkit review games on Wednesday or Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm EST. I look forward to seeing you in our session and promise that you will have a splendid experience! Additionally, I am looking for one or two co-hosts for this series with the following qualifications: 1. You have some prior knowledge on these topics, at least the origin of weeks and months (the Chinese years part will be mainly my topic to prepare) 2. You are already an experienced tutor (have been a tutor for at least one month) 3. You can be sure that you will be free at the time written above. 4. You are comfortable working with people from all backgrounds. (Message me privately if you are interested in applying, via Schoolhouse or Slack)

Joseph Z


Featured Feedback


Thank you for hosting today's session. It's been a difficult time for you and your family but you still kept up with hosting sessions and being so friendly and kind as always. I can't appreciate and admire you for this enough.

Learner · 1 day ago

Great job, Joseph! Though this wasn't a session that was supposed to teach through a medium, I really love how you introduced Chinese through conversations. That's exactly how I learned Hindi and Malayalam! The fact that you used online games to spark conversations made it exciting and hard not to participate. Video games are a powerful tool for engagement. Using them as a medium for language learning can make the lessons more interactive and fun, helping students stay motivated and interested. They often require players to make decisions based on dialogues and interactions. This can encourage students to actively use their language skills in a simulated environment, enhancing their conversational abilities. Overall, great job, Joseph! 👍

Tutor · 10 days ago

This session was so helpful! I feel much more prepared for any travel to China in the future, armed with my new knowledge of airport/train station terminology. Seeing how the Chinese keyboard works was also very cool. Thank you so much for the session, and I can't wait for the next one!

Learner · 8 days ago

By incorporating video games into the learning process, you effectively tapped into a shared interest among the students. This not only makes the lessons more relatable and engaging but also helps foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among learners who share a common hobby. It's a clever way to break the ice and encourage students to participate more openly. Over the past few years I've had my computer, I've learned that the use of video games, a familiar and enjoyable medium for many, likely helped in creating a comfortable and low-pressure learning environment. You've taken this to your advantage and created a unique and innovative approach to teaching conversational Chinese.

Tutor · 10 days ago


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