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Devyani S

Joined Jan 2024 · She/Her


Hi there! 💗 I'm a rising high school freshman from the Midwest! I love teaching others and learning new things!

Some of my hobbies include singing, playing the violin 🎻, public speaking 🎤, guitar 🎸, piano, coding, and more! In my free time, I like to make jewelry to sell for my small business and watch Shark Tank as well as TED Talks! I'm so excited to be here at shw!

I'm looking for ways to expand my knowledge and find more ways to participate in my community! If you have any questions, feel free to message me or attend one of my sessions! I'll be happy to help!


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Upcoming Sessions

Summer Pomodoro Study Group

    37th session

Do you struggle with procrastination? Do you have a hard time getting things done? Well, this is the place for you! Welcome to my virtual study space series. We will be doing 25 minutes of working time, and a 5-minute break to reset in between. I will also be putting Lofi's music on during this session. We will have a 1 hour session to work on our assignment or anything that you need to do during the session. Let me know if you want me to change it if you don't like that kind of Lofi music. Please feel free to join or leave at any point during the sessions. Feel free to unmute if you have any questions or put in the chat. I can’t wait to see you there, and happy studying

Cindi L and Devyani S

7 spots left!

Learning Pre-Algebra! ✨ + Kahoots

    5th session

In this series, we will be going over a few topics in pre-algebra like systems of equations, factors, multiples, equations, exponents, order of operations, and more! ➕➖🟰➗✖️ More sessions and topics will get added as I get certified in more of them! :) We will meet once a week and go over one topic every week! You will need paper and a pencil/pen ready for each session. There will be a Kahoot at the end of every session that will cover what we have learned in that particular session and a review of the last one. Slideshows will be shared with learners after each session! 😁💗 Note: This series has already started, but please feel free to join as I can create additional catchup sessions if needed.

Devyani S and Prakruti S

Registration full.

Speech Bootcamp for Beginners ✨🎤


Do the words "public speaking" or "presentation" scare you when hear them? Fear not, in this series we'll teach you how to present speeches effectively as well as overcoming anxiety! 🌸 In the first few sessions, we will cover everything from the structure of a good speech to using hand gestures. This series has it all! 🌼 After the learning process is completed, we'll have monthly sessions for people to keep practicing and improving. Practice is very crucial. Learners will be given a prompt in advance. 🌺 For each speech, learners will receive individual feedback. 💮 We would recommend that you keep your camera on so that we can provide accurate feedback and evaluation on specific areas. 🌻 Please keep in mind that times may be changed; let me know if they don't work for you! 💐 Before joining, please ensure that your Zoom video and audio are working properly. 🌹 Feel free to reach out if you have questions! I'd be happy to help! 🌊

Devyani S and Vedaa N

1 spot left!

24-Hour Study Session: Breaking the SHW Record!


This is a series consisting of 8 back-to-back 3-hour sessions to make for a "mega-session" lasting for a total of 24 hours. 🎉 You are not required to join all eight sessions. Come and join us for the greatest, longest, most exciting study session EVER on Schoolhouse! We aim to shatter the record for the longest study session ever hosted by participating in this 24-hour mega study session. Come grind your summer plans, whether it be: - conducting research in the most esoteric depths of mathematical analysis, - cleaning out your bedroom which you have not been able to make yourself clean for the past year, - torturing your fingers to master La Campanella on the violin, - anything in between! You do not have to stay for the entire 24 hours, as long as you are able to come. We welcome as many tutors in as many different timezones as possible to cohost the session! This record-breaking event cannot happen without a joint effort of many, many tutors. In the spirit of most study space series on Schoolhouse, we will also use the well-celebrated Pomodoro technique of 25-minute study times and 5-minute breaks. We can do this! 💪


Kindness C and 10 others


Featured Feedback


I loved this session. Lovely music! Friendly and improved concentration!

Learner · 3 days ago

Thank you for these sessions it helps me be more productive

Learner · 3 days ago

Great session, everyone is super involved in helping others! I'm going to try and come every day next week.

Learner · 3 days ago

loved the session :)

Learner · 4 days ago


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