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Claire S

Joined Apr 2021 · She/Her


I am an undergraduate double majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Zoology. I am also minoring in Business. I speak 3 languages which are English, German, and Turkish. As a tutor, I am very passionate about helping students reach their full potential in school. I tutor biology, chemistry, writing, German, Turkish, and a variety of AP classes to help students prep for their exams. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, playing D&D, and watching movies/TV shows.


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    18th session

Greetings, future anatomist! Welcome to this series where we talk about the most complex structure of science, the human body! This course features: ⭐The Integumentary System ✅ 🎀The Skeletal System ✅ ⭐The Muscular System ✅ 🎀The Nervous System ✅ ⭐The Endocrine System ✅ 🎀The Cardiovascular System ✅ ⭐The Lymphatic System ✅ 🎀The Respiratory System ⭐The Digestive System✅ 🎀The Urinary System ✅ ⭐The Reproductive System (Female and Male) ✅ + KAHOOTS, ICEBREAKERS EVERY MEETING AND QUIZZES!!! 🐱 So, buckle up and let's dive in to the world of the human body! See you there! 🛫👨👩 (P.S. If a student misses a session, but gave notice prior the session, I will provide the slideshows and a session to "make-up" the missed class ONLY IF requested!) ♡ Claire S became a co-host on 05/19/24 ♡ ♡ Jayden K became a co-host on 05/25/24 ♡ ♡ Yash J became a co-host on 05/28/24 ♡ ♡ Aditya T became a co-host on 06/17/24 ♡


Ayesha A and 4 others


Introduction to the Biological Sciences

    11th session

This series is for anyone who has NONE or LITTLE biology knowledge. It is designed for students who are entering High School Biology this school year or have not taken HS Bio yet. This series will introduce you to a variety of concepts within the biological world and help to prepare your for higher level biology session. We will utilize a variety of virtual labs, games, and challenges to help deepen our knowledge of biology.

Claire S

3 spots left!

Featured Feedback


This series was wonderful! I can already spot a great number of improvements from last time. In addition to Kahoot, Quizlets and Thema, the history part was great. I learned a lot of new things!:) Just like last time, we didn't just learn about the language, but also a little about the history of Germany. The activities you planned out were amazing and also the projects. I really appreciate your effort for helping us learn something new. Thank you so much Claire:)

Learner · 10 mo. ago

Thank you so much for this session, Claire! I had so much fun creating a story. While this was a challenge, it definitely helped me expand my writing skills and practice writing a story using a limited amount of words. I really appreciate you hosting this session. You were very encouraging and kind and I really love your enthusiasm to help. I look forward to future sessions! Thank you so much!!! -Liya

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Thank for taking your time to teach us German. I really enjoyed this series. The way you thought the series made it really easy to understand grammar concept. The activities you'd planned for us and other resources like Quizlet etc made it easy for us to learn. Thema, Kahoot and the quizzes made the classes really fun: ). I really enjoyed the German City Project and The German Culture Project. Apart from learning about the language, we also learned a lot about the country itself and the culture. I really appreciate this. Danke, Guten Tag

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Claire was very kind, patient, and considerate; she didn't force anyone into doing anything they didn't feel comfortable with. She taught in a way that was very insightful, and pushed us to think about the limits of creative writing. She respectfully listened to everyone and what they had to say, and I think it's safe to say that we all learned something new from the very first session (or, in the very least, was inspired)!

Learner · 1 yr. ago


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