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Nathaniel S

Joined Apr 2023 · He/Him


Hello everyone, I’m a homeschool high school school student from Houston Texas. In my spare time I like to play games, practice kickboxing, and learn more about the world.


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Upcoming Sessions

DSAT Reading and Writing Summer Study

Every week or every other week, I would love to gather and spend some time reviewing concepts for the SAT Reading and Writing Section. We will take a few practice tests and cover example problems as we work to improve or maintain SAT scores.

For those who are taking the SAT for the first time next semester or for those who want to improve their score, I want us to keep our skills fresh through summer vacation! (This will be my first time hosting a series, so please show me some grace as I learn.)

Nathaniel S and 2 others

Registration full.

General · Session

What to Know about the SAT (And PSAT)

The SAT is a big deal for both students and colleges, but what is this test?
What resources are used to achieve a good score? What is a good score? In this session, I'll answer these questions and more as I share some tips, recommendations, and answers to your questions about the SAT (and PSAT).

Nathaniel S


Featured Feedback


At multiple points, the learner verbally states that the question makes more sense after hearing your explanations. You also left the learner off with lots of encouragement, ensuring that both their skills and confidence are increased by the end of the session!

Tutor · 8 days ago

This session was amazing, and the tutor was so helpful! I would recommend Nathaniel to anyone wanting to learn more about these hard SAT questions, he is really good at explaining!!

Learner · 13 days ago

You come across as very friendly and eager to help. I like how you built relatability with your learner, like by saying that you took the same Practice Test recently as well and reassuring the learner that you can see where they're coming from for their answers. As a result, the learner was very comfortable sharing when they were unsure about something (like guessing on one of the questions).

Tutor · 8 days ago

Thank you so much for all the help. You are very informative and interactive.

Learner · 16 days ago


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