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Ariana N

Joined Aug 2023 · She/Her


Hi! I'm a high school student who loves listening to music, reading, baking, and crocheting.

I'm currently taking a variety of AP classes so if you want to review any topics, I'm happy to host a session to study together!


Sep 2023 - Present

Subworld Moderator Team

Dec 2023 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

Crochet Club

    11th session
We'll go through the basics of learning how to crochet. By the end of this series, I'm hoping that each of us can successfully crochet a tote bag and donate crocheted baby hats to local hospitals/institutions!

Ariana N

1 spot left!

College Course Support: Intro to Biology

    4th session
This series was created for students at Worcester State University.

This series will cover the topics in BI-101 (Intro to Biology), which may include the following based on student interest: genetics, evolution, disease, plant/animal diversity, and more!

This series is cohosted by Ariana and Amisha,.
Ariana: Biology is one of my favourite subjects, so I'm very excited to participate in this program and get to know all of you!

Ariana N and Amisha V


Schoolhouse Writing Center

    11th session
A space to share your writing and get feedback and peer suggestions! Each week will be the same format, and any (English-language) writing you want feedback on is eligible!

Maggie F and Ariana N

9 spots left!

Featured Feedback


Thanks so much for the session Ariana!! This was super helpful and your explanations are really good :)

Learner · 1 day ago

thanks so much for hosting and answering all my questions this was super helpful. this really helps me review for the earlier topics that I may have forgetten, thanks again!

Learner · 8 days ago

THERES NO WAY THIS WAS THE LAST SESSION (im feeling this way and i only attended two) but mannn it was so fun like i never ever ever thought i'd refer to ap history exam prep fun but IT WAS! ariana was so kind, patient, and explained everything very well. i honestly js loved the entire vibe of the meeting and i most DEFFFFFF recommend!!! :)

Learner · 7 days ago

ariana was sooooo very helpful in this session! she was very kind and patient and answered all our questions, and i actually felt like i was learning with every passing minute (i literally had to keep a notepad next to me as she was talking BC I NEEDED ALL THAT)! this was my first session with her and im honestly so happy i discovered her before my exam because woah. yes. just yes anyways def def deffff recommend!

Learner · 9 days ago


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