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Pre-Calculus • Series

Get Ready for Precalculus!

Next session on Jul 24, 2024

Ariana N

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Series Details


Taking Precalculus next year? We'll be covering the most important things you'll need to know.

I'm basing this series on the Glencoe textbook I used last year in Honors Precalculus. However, I'll skip some units to focus on covering topics that are emphasized on the AP Precalculus exam (which I got a 5 on, without studying, purely based on the curriculum in this textbook!).

I'm going to be trying my best to make this series as interactive as possible! We'll be solving tons of problems together and you'll get a chance to share your explanations and methods with everyone.


No worries if you can't make a session. But, please let me know ahead of time so I can get you caught up! :)


June 26 - January 1


95 / 100

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About the Tutor

Hi! I'm a high school student who loves listening to music, reading, baking, and crocheting. I'm currently taking a variety of AP classes so if you want to review any topics, I'm happy to host a session to study together!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 7

Office Hours

Chapter 5: Trigonometric Identities and Equations
Quick review!

Chapter 9: Polar Coordinates and Complex Numbers
We'll do some review and practice questions on: polar coordinates, graphs of polar equations, polar and rectangular forms of equations, and complex numbers

If time allows:
Chapter 6: Matrices
We'll do some review and practice questions on: multivariable linear systems and row operations, matrix multiplication, inverses, determinants, and partial fractions

Chapter 8: Vectors
We'll do some review and practice questions on: vectors, vectors in the coordinate plane, dot plots and vector projections

Session 8

Office Hours

Review Game!
We covered most of the foundational information that you'll need next year for precalculus. While we couldn't go through everything, I hope this series was helpful! We can do a quick review game to review all the topics we learned.

I'll also share some additional resources that you might want to consider using next year.

Session 9

Office Hours

Missed anything? No worries! I'll schedule some makeup sessions mid-to-late August so I can answer any questions you may have. We can schedule those closer to August!

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