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Wafiyah W

Joined Apr 2023 · She/Her


Hey! I'm a current junior and I tutor in Math, Chemistry, SAT topics, and sometimes Enrichment. I aspire to pursue a Psychology or Dietetics major in university. In my free time I do alot of cooking, baking, singing in the shower, painting, working out, graphic design, and writing. I joined SchoolHouse for an opportunity to help others master content, as well as become a more efficient tutor and meet new people such as yourself!


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Upcoming Sessions

Learn AP Chemistry in 60 Days!

    10th session

There will be a syllabus tailored to the course and exam description for AP Chemistry that I will review for the first session. Each session will be around an hour, and recommended* practice materials will be around 5 multiple choice questions and 1 free response question each time.


William B and 3 others


Featured Feedback


Thank you for the session! I love how you were so patient when we asked questions and how you explained everything in detail.

Learner · 3 days ago

I really appreciate the session. You were very friendly and patient. I feedback I'd give, which may be very obvious, is on time/pacing. I didn't mind the longer time at all, and I know it's hard because you need to cover contents. But may be summarize or skip certain parts. I think the volunteering for share screen could've been skipped, but I maybe wrong. Thank you again for the onboarding!

Learner · 3 days ago

Thank you for this session and your energy! You did a great job making the experience feel comfortable and upbeat.

Learner · 3 days ago

Thanks for the session - supes fun and easy to understand - love the balance between the hosts

Learner · 15 days ago


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