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Shadman S

Joined Apr 2022 · He/Him


I'm a high school junior from NY, USA! I scored a perfect 800 on my SAT Math and a 770 on my SAT Reading/Writing, and I participate in math contests quite often. I look forward to helping you guys in all high-school and AP-level STEM classes and SAT Reading/Writing, and I hope to get certified in more courses as time goes!


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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Series

Beginner's Guide to Problem Solving

    9th session

This is a course that will go over all the basic must-knows to be proficient in problem-solving (competitive math), starting from square 1! Optional Prerequisites - Geometry, Algebra, and Right Triangle Trigonometry. Anyone can join even if they don't know the prerequisites - though their understanding of the super rigorous proofs will be slightly impaired. Goal is to prepare learners for AMC 10 - level math: particularly to get qualifying scores for AIME.

Shadman S


Calculus · Summer Camp Series

AP Calculus AB+BC Bootcamp!!!! (For People Taking the Class in 2022-23)

    3rd session

Held every Tuesday+Thursday, starting July 5th! Cohosting with @Satrio B: Amazing mathematics tutor, definitely go to his sessions! Including his office hour series for this series (please join if and only if you are registered for this series!):> Each of us are 100% certified in Calculus, and Shadman took AP Calculus BC in 2021-2022. We will do our best to create the best first impressions of calculus we can, though experienced learners are also welcome to come and review! In this series, we expect to go over the entire curriculum of AP Calculus BC (but AB students are still welcome to join!), starting all the way from limits going all the way to infinite series! This series is meant to help people with a pre-existing understanding of pre-calculus, but we may review some of the topics in pre-calculus for the first session after orientation (don't worry: you won't need everything from pre-calc!). In any case, afterwards, we will focus on every BC unit for one to two days, and we will also hold office hours and review sessions for people who have questions or need to catch up! If you need any 1-on-1 help, you can contact either Satrio or Shadman Can't wait to see you all! For eager people out there: Here is a link to the AP Calculus AB curriculum on the College Board's official page (includes prerequisites): Here is a link to the AP Calculus BC curriculum on the College Board's official page (includes prerequisites):

Shadman S

Registration full.

Featured Feedback


Absolutely brilliant as always! Shadman had a nice lesson plan set up and it felt like one concept flowed into another. This session was extremely helpful and I learned so much!

Learner · 1 day ago

Shadman has a pretty wide knowledge about almost everything and he could answer all the questions you throw at him. I don’t know how he fit all of those info in his head, but it’s quite amazing.

Learner · 2 days ago

This made me excited to do math! It’s always fun to attend Shadman’s sessions since I always learn something new that I never would’ve known if I haven’t attended. It’s always fun to learn something today that I didn’t know yesterday. I’ve been introduced to a lot of new terms such as the inradius, incircle and the circumcircle. I loved how Shadman started from the very basics and worked his way up making everything easier to understand. It was pretty awesome how we were able to cover a lot in such a small time. I also enjoyed the problems that we covered since you wouldn’t need a calculator to solve. (Sorry I wasn’t able to reply in all of the questions since I was busy taking notes, I promise I was listening the whole time!)

Learner · 1 day ago

Shadman provided a very comprehensive lesson. I definitely recommend attending his sessions! And he's really friendly too!

Learner · 8 days ago


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