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Shadman S

Joined Apr 2022 · He/Him


Hey there! I'm a current undergraduate freshman at Stony Brook University, and I love the STEM fields most out of all my subjects in school! With that being said, though I tutor mostly competitive math nowadays, I also tutor high school math and science. I also join many sessions on Schoolhouse, because there are so many things to learn and enjoy in Schoolhouse - though I haven't joined many series recently, I had a lot of fun in Taeho's Korean Camp last summer! Outside of Schoolhouse, I love to play basketball and Pokemon.


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Featured Feedback


great orientation! Shadman's super friendly and considerate, and even though you say you're rambling it's all really enjoyable. I had a nice time getting to know everyone and I'm glad you make an effort to foster a respectful space at Schoolhouse. overall, it was great getting to learn what to expect for the course as well as creating our own schedule :)

Learner · 9 mo. ago

Yo this session was fantastic, Shadman. I was grateful for the thoughtful responses you gave to our inquiries, and the exciting problems you presented. The fact that several of the problems you gave us were applications from our earlier sessions made me quite thrilled since it made me realize that I actually learned something 😆. Also, thank you for acknowledging our thought processes as opposed to just the results (i’ve made a lot of arithmetic mistakes so I greatly appreciated you doing that), and for having faith in our ability to find solutions even if it takes us a long time (though it’s probably just me who takes long lol) to do so.

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Professor Shadman is the absolute best! He made the information so easy to understand, and hes truly gifted at what he does. I recommend him to anyone struggling in math, he will make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Awesome session! I have learned so much in this series through your intuitive proofs and great teaching skills!

Learner · 1 yr. ago


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