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Tarun G

Joined Jun 2020 · He/Him


I'm a volunteer-tutor at I used to host (and co-host) Ask Me Anythings on autodidactism. But in 2024, I'm looking to tutoring reading and philosophy.

Outside Schoolhouse, I hold an undergraduate degree in the social sciences (especially political theory), and wrote my capstone BA thesis in global philosophy. I also enjoy improvising remixed covers of various songs, but all mostly from the 1980s to present, give or take a few decades.


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Upcoming Sessions

School and - Q&A on Autodidactism and Study Tips

    66th session
*New sessions added on request* Welcome to School and, a Q&A on the art of learning I've been running for almost a year now! All you need is a Schoolhouse account. Don't have one? Sign Up for free: This series began with study skills: Is notetaking useless? How should you study for exams? Can you ever truly focus on your work? Does listening to music while working help? And can you find time to do things that matter? But it has evolved into an Ask (Almost) Anything on self-directed learning, graduate school applications, studying various humanities disciplines, etc. In some ways, it mirrors my own journey as an autodidact in college and now graduate school. Most sessions are short enough to fit into your daily schedule, and I'll ensure that each of you gets to ask at least one question, and clarify your concerns about studying. So get your questions ready: Ask yourself what you want to ask! It's your questions that drive each session, so please participate either via the mic or chat box.
I'm super-excited to help you learn better inside or outside the classroom. See you in a session! :)

Tarun G

14 spots left!

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Thank you for hopping in this post, and sharing so many tips! I'll definately try out the flashcard and anki method. Thanks in advance!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

thanks for the session it was really helpful i will try my best to apply all that and thanks for the links too hope to meet you in your future session

Learner · 10 mo. ago

You addressed my question very well by providing me a meaningful response; thank you!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

This guy is very passionate about education. He is wise and made me figure out my mind on my own.

Learner · 1 yr. ago


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