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Asher N

Joined Feb 2022 · He/They


👋 Hey there, my name is Asher N. My pronouns are he/they.

🎒 High School Student in Oregon, US.

🇺🇲 Vietnamese Native, speak Vietnamese and English, both fluently. 🇻🇳

📚 Love learning new things and love teaching.

📝 Tutoring pre-algebra and other subjects, now I'm the Welcoming Team co-lead and the Tutor Operations team co-lead.

🛌Love sleeping and watching 📺 shows.

🗣 Hablo un poco de español :)) Mình nói và đọc được Tiếng Việt :))

👯Sami's twinsieee since May 2022

Nice to meet you!! Happy tutoring!


Feb 2022 - Present

Welcoming Team

Sep 2022 - Present

Tutoring Operations Team

Aug 2022 - Present

Onboarding Buddy Team

Apr 2022 - Nov 2022

Peer Review Team

Apr 2022 - Sep 2022

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Upcoming Sessions

Trigonometry · Session

Right triangles & trigonometry

Welcome to the land of right triangles! In this session we will be going through, Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cosecant, Cotangent, Secant (sin, cos, tan, csc, cot, sec). These ratios are soooo fun!! It will just -click-! Hope to see you there!

Asher N


Community · Session

Schoolhouse Tour

Are you a learner looking to be a tutor? Join today! In this session, you will be going through the tutor portal, intro to MARS, and playing some games to get to know each other. Bring a pen and paper! Take notes! And hope to see yours there!

Asher N and Harp K


Featured Feedback


Thank you for helping me today, Asher! Your session was very enjoyable and was very helpful!

Learner · 13 days ago

This was really good practice for tutoring! I'm happy to have been able to practice on others and am grateful for the honest feedback. I will work to improve my skills!

Learner · 20 days ago

I was really happy with the way you guided the session and I will definitely use the techniques you taught us and used.

Learner · 19 days ago

Really detailed yet concise information on tutoring in I definitely feel ready to go host my own sessions now!

Learner · 2 mo. ago


Welcoming Team

Member since Sep 2022

Tutoring Operations Team

Member since Aug 2022

Onboarding Buddy Team

Member from Apr 2022 to Nov 2022

Peer Review Team

Member from Apr 2022 to Sep 2022


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