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Hi! My name is Kate, and I'm a high school junior from Arkansas. I teach a variety of subjects here at schoolhouse, including SAT prep (reading, writing, and math), algebra, calculus, and programming. Hope to see you in my sessions!

What learners have to say

She was very reassuring and check in with us whenever we needed help or got a question wrong! Very helpful and patient and broke things down, as well as made sure that if we had any questions that we asked so she could help up us.

Kate was amazing! Before this tutor session, I was completely new to quadratic equations, but she explained at an amazing pace. She was very kind and reassuring. She made the content a lot less intimidating. It surprised me on how much I was able to learn in just 40 minutes, and I feel like I have a good idea of quadratic equations. It was a lot simpler than I thought.

The class was really great! I liked to solve the questions and Kate's explanations were awesome. Thanks :)

Kate gave us some helpful tips today and talked us through a couple strategies for solving History passages, and I performed much better on the passage than I had on the one in my practise test. Thanks a ton, Kate!

I only wish I could rate this session higher than super helpful. It's THE MOST helpful sessions I've attended, like Sal's Ask Me Anythings! I'm ready to get started with the certifications to become a tutor here. Thank you so much for patiently answering all my questions about tutoring, especially for mentioning the Wacom partnership! This session made my day! :)

I love the way she explains the strategies. the practice problems helped me see how the strategies work. I am able to go through the passage quicker and more efficiently, through her strategies.

We had a lot of fun! Kate is friendly and flexible; she is open to discussion and encourages us to ask questions.

I loved the meeting yesterdayyy. My english level not is soo good, but I understood the all part. I'm excited for the next meeting. Thank you Kate :)

I really enjoyed having knowledgeable students and tutors communicate in a two-way conversation. It's really nice to get new perspectives, thanks!

i felt like I learned a whole unit within 5 minutes!

What fellow tutors have to say

The session was very nice. I really like how you explain the solution and make sure everyone's participating!

Amazing session! Thank you for bringing SAT tutors together and trying to improve learners' experiences here.

The tutor was great, the lesson was informative, and it was overall very interesting.

I think that she did a really good job at getting the students engaged in the lesson.

You were a great tutor! Your activities were very interactive, and your students were great!


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Ready to get started with tutoring on Schoolhouse, but don't know where to start? This learning circle is for you! You'll get the opportunity to connect with fellow SHW tutors, receive guidance on planning and scheduling sessions, and learn the ropes of effective tutoring. The sessions are casual, and there will be ample Q&A time to talk with more experienced tutors and receive personalized guidance. Hope to see you here!

Kate P


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