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Seoyoung A

Joined Nov 2023 · She/Her


I am a high school student interested in Political Science, History, and Bioethics! I joined the Schoolhouse community for a more studious and friendly environment in which students can share knowledge with each other. I am also a part of my school's varsity basketball team. 🏀


Dec 2023 - Present

Korea, Republic of







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AP Biology
AP World History: Modern


Festina A
Abby D
Millie M
Davinder David S
Qi Chen Z
Dawei S

Upcoming Sessions

Casual Study Space

    21st session

Welcome to this study space! Feel free to take a seat and make yourself comfortable. • I'll get some calm music going! Please feel free to suggest music that you like. • We'll use the Pomodoro technique: 25 min studying + 5 min break. • Cameras don't have to be on—you're welcome to do it either way! • Please keep your microphones muted for the 25 min studying periods. We can come off mute for the breaks! You're also welcome to use the chatbox at any time. • Due to my time zone, this series is particularly American (Eastern) time-zone friendly, but you are welcome to join whenever you have time. • I'll not schedule sessions too far ahead in the future to avoid unforseenable schedule conflicts.

Kindness C and Seoyoung A


Bioethics Debate/Discussion

    4th session

We will first have a lecture/introduction on the bioethical topic, then hold a debate or a discussion regarding the topic.


Seoyoung A and 2 others


✨📚Study Club✨📚

    28th session

Welcome to the ✨📚Study Club✨📚 🏫 Join us for a fun and productive study session where we will explore different subjects and support each other in our learning journeys. Whether you're preparing for exams, working on a project, or simply want to expand your knowledge, this study group is the perfect place for you! ⌛In our study sessions we will use the Pomodoro study method along with some relaxing and themed backgrounds and different sounds/music! 🎉Who said studying can't be fun? Occasionally, we will have some fun discussions and/or questions of the day to get to know each other! We also appreciate study music suggestions from our learners to promote an enjoyable study environment. ✨🗣️Study Session Ground Rules✨🗣️ To ensure a productive and enjoyable learning environment, let's follow these ground rules together: ▪️Respect others' need for a quiet study environment. Limit the use of electronic devices to avoid distractions. ▪️Take breaks when needed, and return promptly to the study session. ▪️Treat others with respect and kindness. ▪️Share your thoughts and ideas for improving our study sessions. ▪️There is a zero tolerance policy for disruptions. Any disruptive behavior may result in removal from the session. We value your input! If you have any suggestions for additional rules or adjustments to the existing ones, please let us know! Thanks for taking in consideration the ✨📚Study Club✨📚 Keep calm and study on! 😊


chandrika p and 3 others


Featured Feedback


Thank you for this session.

Learner · 14 hr. ago

Thank you for this session! It was very peaceful and productive! :D

Learner · 8 days ago

Thank you for this session.

Learner · 8 days ago

Thank you so much Seoyoung and Jack for an amazing discussion on the ethics of euthanasia. I found it very interesting to be able to hear thoughts from very different standpoints as well as express my thoughts and opinions on the topic at hand. I found it personally very intriguing to hear the differences in which euthanasia should or shouldn't be allowed while also being given insight into how it applied to the speakers' country. I really enjoyed this discussion and look forward to more in the future! :)

Learner · 9 days ago


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