Weekly Digest

By Akshat S | Monday, August 2, 2021

Another great week for the growing schoolhouse.world community!

Product Changes:

  • We further updated our reporting options to make it easier to report an issue, whether that be safety or something else wrong on the platform. You can find it in the user menu in the top right corner while logged in.
  • We updated the taxonomy of the website, creating a new “Community” course for community-related sessions and renaming “Other” to “Experimental”.
  • We added the ability to sort both sessions and series on the “Explore” page.

General Updates:

  • The product team is hosting a session where they are going to give an update of the organization’s goals and current progress. Make sure to sign up here.
  • Have you seen our new blog (accessible from the footer)?
  • We have our first high school advice series starting tomorrow. Make sure to sign up or share it with someone who would benefit from this series.
  • UChicago Admissions is hosting an advice session for their supplemental essays. You can sign up here.

Engagement Data:

  • There were 441 sessions scheduled in the past week. This is now our all-time high!
  • There were 127,066 learning minutes last week.
  • There are 18,490 total users on the platform.


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