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Hi! I'm a high school senior from the Savannah area. I like to host sessions in calculus, physics, and SAT prep. I enjoy writing, painting, racing (electric cars), and learning new things. Really excited to learn with you all! 😊

What learners have to say

my friend and I have been trying to go to every single one of your sessions for the past few weeks and we literally love you. like we go to other tutor sessions and are always saying we miss karen. thank you so much for everything you've been so helpful and patient I hope I have a reason to use schoolhouse again for SAT prep maybe!

I don’t know how but your way of explaining complex topics make so much sense to me. I tend to struggle with a lot of topics because I am definitely more of a hands on learner which was difficult in a virtual school setting since I tend to not ask a lot of questions even though I know I should. I really appreciate how attentive you are and if you continue doing topic like tonight’s, I will probably pass the exam because of you :’).

This session really helped me solidify my understanding of circle equation problems! I've struggled a ton with the problems in the past, but now I'm super confident about doing them. Thank you so much.

It was great! Your explanation was very clear and you're very sweet :)

I literally am crying this was so helpful. It's my first class on SATs English here and God I had no support in my locality

Just wanted to say thank you for the session, it was super helpful! I have a lot of new tricks and tips I can use to help me on the reading portion, and I got a lot of my questions answered.

A very organized and productive session! She is super helpful and makes sure everyone is on the same page. Highly recommend!

You were extremely helpful. You were very kind, and you went at a perfect pace. I also liked how you wrote out the equations and gave examples.

Karen was super friendly with all of her students and all of us felt comfortable with her!!!

You took so much efforts in creating the slides, quiz and even extending the class! You made sure that we felt confident before moving on to the next question. It was a great session :) Thank you so much!!!

What fellow tutors have to say

Hi Karen! I'm actually registered for your SAT series but missed this session because of a conflict, so I took this (auditing) as an opportunity to catch up as well. 😄 I just want to say that I really like that you explain why answer choices are wrong (in addition to why one is right, of course). It helps a lot, especially for SAT questions, because learners are then able to understand what part of their thinking led them to the incorrect answer, and they can adapt for next time. As I watched the session, I found myself automatically categorizing the questions into the types that you mentioned in Session #1, and I was able to quickly and accurately respond to almost every single question! Thank you so much; your sessions have helped a lot. - Athena Z

The explanations were really great and I was able to understand all the material. It was really helpful.

Hi Karen, The session was very well planned and students were encouraged to try every step. You patiently waited after each step and made sure that everyone tried to redo what you showed. Asking if anyone is struggling and helping them out was amazing too. The idea of having sessions on Photoshop or similar software skills is interesting. I am happy you did that!

The session was great, and I got an opportunity to learn something interesting and unique, looking forward to more such sessions

I loved the session. Although I had to leave a little early, it was very informational. She planned the lesson really well and her explanation was clear.

Very structured, engaging, and well-prepared presentation. Good use of polling and chat as well. Keep it up!

I honestly cannot say enough great things about you. I learn a lot everytime I come to your sessions. Thank you so much, once again. Keep up the great work!

This session helped me so much. I feel ready for the AP Calc AB Exam in May!


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