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Physics Help






Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Physics Series


A Year of Physics in One Month

5th session

Each session, we'll go over Physics units based on a Michigan curriculum. This is regular Physics aimed at beginners and people who want to review, not AP or IB.

Ananya B


The Basics Of Physics

6th session

We'll be covering the fundamentals of physics, including

Vectors and Kinematics
Momentum and Collisions
Work, Power and Energy

This is a beginner friendly series, so we will be starting from scratch, and work our way up from there.

Adi K

1 spot left!

Get Ready for AP Physics C (From a 5 Scorer)


This series is for anyone who is interested in taking AP Physics C next year. My name is Neil and I have taken both AP Physics C: Mechanics and E&M and scored fives on both exams. In this series we will learn the basic concepts of physics to prepare you for the upcoming semester and help you do well on the exam! We will also do AP questions to prepare you for the style of AP Physics questions.
Note: It is already assumed you have a working knowledge of Calc 1 if you are going to be joining this series.

Neil K


Schoolhouse Physics Club

12th session

We're back! After months of silence, the Schoolhouse Physics Club is back, in our new home in the Physics Subworld. "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out", as Feynman said, so let's figure it out! This is the club where all Physics enthusiasts meet on Saturdays!

Rayyann A


Physics Sessions


Monday, May 27

  • Problems in circuit

1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

In this session we will go over some very interesting problems regarding circuits with batteries and resistors. A large part of doing physics is solving problems. Not only does this enhance your understanding of the theory, but it also tends to be the most fun part of physics. In this session, we will solve a few fun physics problems. A prerequisite will be knowledge of circuits and how the various elements behave in combination with each other

Ashwin A