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Geometry Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Geometry Series



5th session

Each week, we'll study a topic in Geometry starting from unit 1. I will integrate to our lessons excellent resources such as Geogebra, Euclid Elements Book, challenging problems from The Art of Problem Solving (AoPS). I expect to have the pace of the series to be at least 4 sessions per week, where each session is about 60 min. However, we'll adjust this based on your preference.

Adnan M

Registration closed.

Super Crash Course in Geometry (No Experience Necessary!)

6th session

Each session, we will go over one unit in geometry. This will be a almost-week-long series from Monday through Thursday. The sessions will be held once a day for the first half, and twice a day for the second half. If need be, we can spend more than one session for a unit and extend the series for weekdays as long as needed. We will be covering units 3-8 as Khan Academy defines them. However, we will NOT be covering proofs.

Siena Z

1 spot left!

MathCounts 2024 Chapter Competition Overview


We will go over each part of the 2024 MathCounts chapter competition, including the Sprint Round, Target Round, Team Round, and Countdown Round

Rushil R


Mastering Trigonometry


This will be a 7-day series during which we will explore each sub-topic in Unit 5 of the trigonometry course. The series will feature an informative slideshow encompassing all essential concepts for a geometry class. Furthermore, we will engage in various practice problems to establish a strong foundation.

Meet R


Geometry Overview

4th session

Each session we will go over a different geometry topic and at the end of our 9 sessions you should understand geometry a little better.;

Avinash K


Complete Summer Geometry Course

14th session

This will be a summer course covering geometry, hopefully this will help you review or prepare for next school year! We will use Khan Academy's High School Geometry for the majority of the time along with other resources. Disclaimer - This series only covers geometry in a regular high school geometry course. More advanced geometry in higher levels of math are not covered. Navigate to the Pre-Calculus/Calculus or Algebra 2 subworlds if you need help on those. Course Information: []( What you’ll get: - Around 25-30 hours of tutoring using Khan Academy's geometry courses along with other resources - Practice problems each session How it works: Concept Review - 3x Every Week (1 Topic Each Session) - Recap previous session topic - Introduction to that session's topic - In-depth explanation of the topic - Practice problems to develop mastery Catch-up/Q&A Sessions If Needed - Get personalized support for any topics/questions you need to be covered - Dedicated time for addressing individual concerns - Extra sessions will be added if more coverage is needed Occasional Night/Evening Sessions - For those who cannot make the afternoon session that day Click on the link above for more info.

Doreen L

1 spot left!

Geomtry study group (unit 1+Unit 2)

7th session

Each week we will go over a lesson on Unit 1, And my plan is that I will host more units as I get certified for more on schoolhouse, so this may not be just a unit! if you want the entire series I will try to get certified for more and more units as we go on!

Arnav J


Trigonometry Crash Course

2nd session

Trigonometry is arguably one of the hardest topics in geometry to understand but this series will cover everything you will need to know! Disclaimer - This series only covers geometry-level trigonometry. More advanced trig such as trig identities and functions in higher levels of math are not covered. Navigate to the Pre-Calculus/Calculus or Algebra 2 subworlds if you need extra help on those. We will be using Khan Academy's Trigonometry Unit in the High School Geometry Course along with other resources.

Doreen L


General Geometry Q&A with the Mods

2nd session

Welcome to a geometry series hosted by all the geometry moderators! We would love to help all the learners in this subworld as much as we can and would love to hear some feedback and answer questions subworld-specific as well. Each session, a moderator will be teaching a topic from HS geometry to prepare everyone for their geometry class the upcoming school year for som time, but most of the time, it will be quite interactive and we will answer general questions/doubts related to geometry that everyone asks(we will try our best with the order) to make sure each person gets something useful out of this series.

Misha T


Crash Course Geometry

9th session

We will go through each and every unit of geometry using a mix of khan academy and self made resources to ensure that all students are ready for geometry for the coming school year ^^ Sessions will be held at 6:30pm CST every Monday and Thursday until the series is over. Sessions will consist of: - Slideshow going over content - Practice Problems - Short Homework - Games to Practice Content Learned at the end of every 2 units Note: More sessions will be added as the series go on, spanning the summer weekly twice.

Surya A

Registration closed.

Let’s Learn Geometry!

19th session

Over the course of the summer, we will cover each topic in geometry. The goal is to preview you to the geometry content so you can prepare for the following school year! We will have two sessions a week, each week focusing on one topic!

Emma F

1 spot left!

Geometry Full Course Walkthrough!

8th session

Each day, we will go through 1 unit from the Khan Academy Geometry course. We will learn new topics and do small assessments to get a deep understanding of the concepts. These sessions will conducted twice a week: Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Kanav A

6 spots left!

Mastering High School Geometry

7th session

This 8-session series will go over all 9 subtopics of the High School Geometry course as laid out by KhanAcademy, taught by instructors who have taken all of high school math and have scored perfect on the SAT several times. Whether you are taking High School Geometry next year and are looking for a head start or just finished the class and need more review, this series is for you!

Sourish K

2 spots left!

Full Review of Geometry


We will review the entire course of geometry, doing in-depth discussions, practice problems, and office hours!

Maya B


Geometry 101

5th session

Each week, we'll cover a different geometry topic to either refresh your knowledge or look ahead for the school year!

Nidhi M

1 spot left!

Triangles Runthrough w/ AoPS' Intro to Geometry (Pt. 1)

5th session

I will teach 1 chapter from Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Geometry course, specifically focusing on Triangles at each weekly meeting. We will go over comprehensive practice problems and challenge questions together. **Suitable for all who want to learn more Geometry!

Jackie S


AMC 8 Prep!!

3rd session

Prepare for the AMC8! On Mondays, we will have an 80-minute meeting. We will spend the first 40 minutes doing an AMC8 mock test and the last 40 minutes reviewing solutions for questions 1-15. We will finish reviewing Monday's AMC8 by going over problems 16-25 on the following Tuesdays in a 60-minute meeting. This series will take place throughout July. *Suitable for ALL who want to improve their AMC8 score; whether you aim to improve your score to 10, 15, or reach DHR, this series will help you! **There will be another series in August-January, but the meeting times may be different.

Jackie S


!!! Ultimate Geometry Crash Course !!!


🔥🔥Need help with Geometry? Want to get ahead in the classroom? Don't worry, as this series has got you covered. In these sessions, we will cover everything one needs to know about Geometry - from triangle congruences to the foci of a parabola, you name it. And also, there will be two bonus classes at the very end to help you get ready for Algebra 2.🔥🔥

Utkarsh J


AMC 10 Preparation


We will go over various practice questions (at least five per session) and then learn concepts from these questions. The first session will be a diagnostic test to see where learners are at; the final session will be a final exam to measure improvement.

Tanish R


Geometry Sessions



  • Triangle Congruence and Similarity Review

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

We will start with reviewing triangle congruency and similatiry rules. Then, we will go into tricky problems and apply those concepts. This session is designed to introduce you to triangle similarity and congruency or provide a quick review, then put those skills to the test!

Isha R

  • Triangle Congruence

10:30 PM - 11:30 PM

We'll go through triangle congruence theorems, proofs, and practice problems.

Mishti D


Monday, July 29

  • New Tutor Onboarding

9:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Are you a new tutor here? If so, this session is for you! The goal of this session is for you to become more comfortable and confident as you're getting started as a tutor. In this session we will:
  • 🤝 Introduce ourselves and participate in an icebreaker activity.
  • 🖥️ Explore the tutor dashboard and key Schoolhouse features.
  • 📝 Observe part of an example tutoring session to learn from it.
  • 📐 Show some Geometry subworld-specific tutoring tips!
  • 🧑‍🏫 Do micro-tutoring, where you get a topic and practice tutoring me!
There will also be a time for you to ask any questions you have related to tutoring at Schoolhouse, so please come prepared with them! ✨

Margaret S, Misha T, and 1 other