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Geometry Help






Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Geometry Series


Trigonometry Crash Course 💯📚

5th session

This series will help you master trigonometry!

Disclaimer - This series only covers geometry-level trigonometry. More advanced trig such as trig identities and functions in higher levels of math are not covered. Navigate to the Pre-Calculus/Calculus or Algebra 2 subworlds if you need extra help on those.

What you’ll get:

- Around 10 hours of tutoring using Khan Academy's Trigonometry course along with other resources
- Practice problems each session

How it works:

Concept Review - 2x Every Week (1 Topic Each Session)

- Recap previous session topic
- Introduction to that session's topic
- In-depth explanation of the topic
- Practice problems to develop mastery

Catch-up/Q&A Sessions If Needed!

- Get personalized support for any topics/questions you need to be covered
- Dedicated time for addressing individual concerns
- Extra sessions will be added if more coverage is needed

Doreen L

2 spots left!

Geometry for Louise A

7th session

We'll study

Ananya B

Registration full.

Geometry Crash Course

4th session

Over the course of two weeks, we will cover each topic in geometry. The goal is to review all of the information so you can be prepared for your exams at the end of the year.

We will meet Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Most sessions will be at 7PM CST.

We will cover 1 topic each session!

Emma F  

2 spots left!

Geometry Help Group!

17th session

Do you need help in geometry? You'll get the support you need here!
This series is entirely learner driven. I do not teach lessons in the sessions, instead I go over topics learners struggle with. You let me know what you want to review each session and I'll get some practice problems and help you through it. You want to go over a specific set of problems? No problem, we can do that too.
If you don't have anything you need to go over, you're not required to come just let me know first!
Note: I'm not certified in all of geometry so I might not be able to help with everything.

Queena X

Registration full.

Geometry Regents Review

4th session

Going over NY regents questions (covers entire course)

Ali K

Registration full.

Geometry Fundamentals & Acceleration Help

10th session

This series is to help with preparing and reviewing Geometry Exams for Acceleration. As an accelerator, I need to help others willing to do the same to accomplish what I did. This course will go by Texas academic standards, but if you want your own standards, please contact me on this platform. Materials needed include paper, a graphing calculator, and geometry software such as Desmos.

Goutham Narayana P

4 spots left!

Geometry Group

40th session

This group is for Geometry students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

2 spots left!

Learning & Studying Geometry


Everyone looking forward for any type of help in geometry can join any of the sessions.

This series is for anyone who is interested in geometry, whether you are looking to go over the entire curriculum over the summer, whether you are looking to cover just some topics in geometry, whether you need help studying or review for a test, or even if you're just looking to review geometry.

For those who want to learn geometry over the summer, we'll do the Khan Academy curriculum and try to do as much as we can over the summer. For those who have just a geometry question or doubt or need help reviewing for an exam or who just need help in geometry, feel free to join any of the sessions and I'd be happy to help.

Anish R


Let’s Learn Geometry!


Over the course of the summer, we will cover each topic in geometry. The goal is to preview you to the geometry content so you can prepare for the following school year!

We will have two sessions a week, each week focusing on one topic!

Emma F  


Geometry Sessions


Sunday, May 26

  • Master Right Triangles and Trigonometry

12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

We'll go through a slideshow on Right Triangles and Trigonometry, do various practice problems and play a fun kahoot at the end of the session!

Gaurish V