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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Enrichment Series


Intermediate Chinese Activity Group

47th session

In this series, we will choose different topics every week, discuss them, and play some games simultaneously. Chinese will be used as the primary communication language, but English is always used for support. Two qualifications for this series: 1, you can understand essential conversational Chinese. 2, you can speak essential conversational Chinese. If you are already fluent in Chinese, I don't recommend you join; the purpose is to build a comfortable environment for intermediate Chinese speakers. This series is open to everyone who needs practice!!!

Joseph Z

4 spots left!

Study Room! [STILL OPEN]

177th session

Welcome to THE study room!
Sessions might not be hosted every day but we will put in as much as we can, and due to multiple co-hosts, the session time will not always be the same. If you guys have any questions about any homework, feel free to directly message us or other attendees in the chat for help! Feel free to put the things you are looking forward to getting done at the beginning of the session and update us if you managed to complete them at the end.
We will be accepting music suggestions! *NOTE: Turning your camera on would be preferred; this series is intended for us to get our tasks done. We will be accountable to each other and ensure we are getting what we need to be done! Zachary, Joseph, Queena, Mengmeng

Zachary W

29 spots left!

An Introduction to the Turkish Language


Welcome! In this series we will review all units of the AP Psych exam by discussing main topics and building connections to help us remember them better. In Addition to content review, we will also do MCQ practice and FRQ practice.

Claire S  


AP Psychology Exam Prep


Welcome! In this series we will review all units of the AP Psych exam by discussing main topics and building connections to help us remember them better. In Addition to content review, we will also do MCQ practice and FRQ practice.

Claire S  


Crochet Club

11th session

We'll go through the basics of learning how to crochet. By the end of this series, I'm hoping that each of us can successfully crochet a tote bag and donate crocheted baby hats to local hospitals/institutions!

Ariana N

1 spot left!

Craft Sessions


Join us anytime for an art series full of endless creativity and fun! Whether you are just looking for an idea or inspiration or want to make a gift for someone special, this series is perfect for you! We will be using common items to create easy to make to make easy but stunning works of art.

Hannah W


Abstract Algebra Crash Course

11th session

We'll take a brief look at one of the first courses you will take in university if you would like to become a math major. We will begin with the fundamentals—learning some basic set theory, working with complex numbers, and setting the definitions of rings and fields. Then we'll prove some intuitive things that we know about number theory and modular arithmetic (i.e. working with remainders). From there we will generalize our methods to other areas, such as doing "number theory" and "modular arithmetic" with polynomials and much more! No calculus knowledge is necessary for this series; however, high-school Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are necessary. (BTW do you know that this series would be called "Algebra 1" in university?? 😂😜)

Kindness C


Kahoot Game Night


In this series, we will play Kahoots on some random topics and have fun. In each session, we will have a topic and we will play various Kahoots in that topic.

Shanmukha P

5 spots left!

🏆♟️Chess Variant Tournament♟️🏆


Chess is a wonderful game requiring strategy and tactic. In this series, we will be adding some mixture by playing chess variants. Chess variants are basically chess, but with different rules. It will be a lot of fun and a way to think differently when playing. The chess variants that we will play in this series include: - Chess960 - Crazyhouse - King of the HIll - Three Check For this tournament, we will be playing on Please make sure to create an account on before attending the tournament. If you do not have an account, you will NOT be able to participate.

Shanmukha P


Learning is Fun

33rd session

Having fun learning different subjects, such as math with graphs and moving parts, pretty&fast computer programming, evolution life tree, genetic puzzle solving, etc. No prior knowledge required. This series is specially designed for Chinese parents and students, and encourage the whole family engaging learning together. We will speak English as much as possible, but might talk in Mandarin if needed. Anyone are welcome to join. More details please refer: For both Chinese and English.

William W


Spanish for Beginners and Intermediate Learners!


Hello Everyone! Are you planning on taking Spanish next year? If so, then this is the place for you! In this session, we will be working on grammar, speaking, listening, and reading in Spanish! There will be two types of sessions: one for beginners and one for intermediate students. 

Beginners: Beginner students will be able to get a thorough insight into the Spanish curriculum. Beginners will work on the present tense, basic grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and, at the end of the series, we will try some speaking. Your meetings will be on Saturdays for 1 hour.

Intermediate: Intermediate students are expected to know the present tense and basic vocab words. We will be working on different tenses such as: the preterite, imperfect, present subjunctive & the future tense. Additionally, we will be doing reading, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking during our sessions. You meetings will be on Sundays for 1 hour.

NOTE: I would like to let all the learners know that I will be speaking in Spanish throughout all our sessions. This may seem intimidating, but it is a great way to learn!

Diya R


Reading and Discussion Group

6th session

Hi, everyone! This series is a fun opportunity to explore different genres of literature. We will meet monthly to hold discussions and participate in various activities. The reading material and activities will be chosen to accommodate busy schedules (no worries about long novels or time-consuming activities). Reading material will be provided digitally for your convenience as well! :) Frequency/length of meetings: - At least once a month (open to change). - I want this to be relaxing and flexible: even just 30-40 minutes works! - Send messages in the group chat when you are finished reading or are prepared to meet, that way meeting times can be adjusted. I would like to hear all your suggestions! I have two main goals: everyone is comfortable with the reading material and has access to it (free online PDFs, ideally).

Ina N


Lets be productive

12th session

Sarah I


International Homeschoolers Hangout!

8th session

(Notice: This series might close down, or it will continue in July.)

Welcome to the den of homeschoolers all around the world! Join us as we lurk about in our parents' basements, lament to our stuffed toys about being cooped up in the house, and hiss aggressively at regular school-goers as they pass by. We might occasionally play some games, too...but unfortunately, our 'utter lack of social skills will keep us from making friends'. Oh no, what a shame. :/ Okay okay, I'll stop with the jokes now. :) Every week, we'll hang out, play group games, and discuss a different aspect of homeschooling based on how it works in our country/situation. We'll have games such as Draw Battle, Among Us, Gartic Phone, and more! In this series there will be no school-going kids allowed to join. (except for all the school-going kids that will be allowed to join)

Liel S

Registration full.

Relaxing Study Group 🌟

3rd session

Hey there! Do you have a lot of work but keep procrastinating it, and want people to hold you accountable? Then this study group is for you. 😉 Here is how the sessions will work: - at the beginning of each session, type in chat all the tasks/assignments you want to get done by the end of the session. - when the session is over, let us know how much you got done! - if the group wants to, we will add some music! - always feel free to turn on your camera, and if you have any questions, ask away! someone might be able to help. Can't wait to see you 🤗

Mila L


Beginner Sanskrit Series


In this series, we will learn the basic of one of the oldest languages in the world. Some background information about Sanskrit: - Many Indian scriptures like the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita are written in Sanskrit. - Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages. - Many Indian languages are derived from Sanskrit like Hindi and Marathi. No prior knowledge is required to attend this series. In this series, we will learn the following: - Simple Sanskrit Phrases - Introduction phrases like greetings and saying your name. - Sanskrit Grammar - Forming simple sentences using two words. Pronoun + Verb - Sanskrit Numbers - 1 to 20 - Sanskrit Days of the Week - Anything else you want to learn how to say in one of the oldest languages in the world!! NOTE: This is for learners who know nothing or very little and want to learn. If you already know, it might be a review and you are welcome to join. I am excited to meet all of you!

Shanmukha P


🌊 SeaSpace Study Room 🌊

42nd session

🐟 Are you in need of a relaxing study space? Come join us! Here, you will be accompanied with the comfort of various sea animals while you study! We also have THREE different timings throughout 6 days🐟

⏱️ We will be doing the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity! This will be two 25 minutes of work and 5 minute breaks after each one. ⏱️

🪸 During the session, we will be playing ocean background videos with lo-fi music and provide fun sea facts during the breaks! 🪸

💬 You are free to ask for help from the tutors (through chat) and chat during the breaks. Let's create an encouraging environment! 💬

Can't join or miss working with the ocean outside of sessions? Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium's YouTube channel! That is where I get these videos :) While you're there, donate if you can!


Aurel G


Pomodoro Power Hours 😎

6th session

Welcome everyone! These sessions will be 2-hour sessions with four 25-minute study intervals. During this time, everyone should focus on their tasks without any distractions. Once the 25 minutes are up, there will be a short break for 5 minutes. Participants are encouraged to relax, stretch, or grab a drink. Throughout the study session, there will be a supportive environment where participants can ask questions, share progress, and discuss challenges. At the end, there will be time to recap what was accomplished during the study group and share any feedback or suggestions for future sessions! NOTE: - Times may change - More sessions will be added as time goes on - I will end the session if no one joins within the first 15 mins

Isha B


Enrichment Sessions


Friday, May 31

  • Getting To Know Each Other

10:00 PM - 11:15 PM

We will be introducing ourselves with our classmates and get to know each other!🙂😁

Kennedy M