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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Enrichment Series


📚📖Study Group📖📚

4th session

Hi everyone! This series is a study session group where we use the Pomodoro technique to study effectively. It consists of 20-25 minute work sessions with 5 minute breaks in between. Studying as a group can be more productive and rewarding, so I encourage you to join!

Parker M


Intermediate Chinese Activity Group

48th session

In this series, we will choose different topics every week, discuss them, and play some games simultaneously. Chinese will be used as the primary communication language, but English is always used for support. Two qualifications for this series: 1, you can understand essential conversational Chinese. 2, you can speak essential conversational Chinese. If you are already fluent in Chinese, I don't recommend you join; the purpose is to build a comfortable environment for intermediate Chinese speakers. This series is open to everyone who needs practice!!!

Joseph Z

4 spots left!

Daily Study Group

65th session

Come join the study group! We'll use the Pomodoro technique with a twist of 20 minute study sessions and 5 minute breaks!

📷 Cameras are OPTIONAL but best for accountability. 🎤 Please MUTE your mic during the main study session. 🎀 If you have any questions please ask! If I am qualified to answer, I'll do that right away but if not I'll do my best to support you in finding someone who has the answer! 🥤 If possible, bring a snack and/or drink for the break!

Serina F

4 spots left!

✨📚Study Club✨📚

8th session

Welcome to the ✨📚Study Club✨📚

🏫 Join us for a fun and productive study session where we will explore different subjects and support each other in our learning journeys. Whether you're preparing for exams, working on a project, or simply want to expand your knowledge, this study group is the perfect place for you!

⌛In our study sessions we will use the Pomodoro study method along with some relaxing and themed backgrounds and different sounds/music!

🎉Who said studying can't be fun? Occasionally, we will have some fun discussions and/or questions of the day to get to know each other! We also appreciate study music suggestions from our learners to promote an enjoyable study environment.

✨🗣️Study Session Ground Rules✨🗣️

To ensure a productive and enjoyable learning environment, let's follow these ground rules together:
▪️Respect others' need for a quiet study environment.
Limit the use of electronic devices to avoid distractions.
▪️Take breaks when needed, and return promptly to the study session.
▪️Treat others with respect and kindness.
▪️Share your thoughts and ideas for improving our study sessions.
▪️There is a zero tolerance policy for disruptions. Any disruptive behavior may result in removal from the session.

We value your input! If you have any suggestions for additional rules or adjustments to the existing ones, please let us know!

Thanks for taking in consideration the ✨📚Study Club✨📚 Keep calm and study on! 😊

chandrika p


An Introduction to the Turkish Language


Welcome! In this series we will review all units of the AP Psych exam by discussing main topics and building connections to help us remember them better. In Addition to content review, we will also do MCQ practice and FRQ practice.

Claire S


Study Room! [STILL OPEN]

178th session

Welcome to THE study room!
Sessions might not be hosted every day but we will put in as much as we can, and due to multiple co-hosts, the session time will not always be the same. If you guys have any questions about any homework, feel free to directly message us or other attendees in the chat for help! Feel free to put the things you are looking forward to getting done at the beginning of the session and update us if you managed to complete them at the end.
We will be accepting music suggestions! *NOTE: Turning your camera on would be preferred; this series is intended for us to get our tasks done. We will be accountable to each other and ensure we are getting what we need to be done! Zachary, Joseph, and Queena

Zachary W

27 spots left!

AP Psychology Exam Prep


Welcome! In this series we will review all units of the AP Psych exam by discussing main topics and building connections to help us remember them better. In Addition to content review, we will also do MCQ practice and FRQ practice.

Claire S


Health studies


I will be teaching about the Health class so you can understand the concepts incase you want to pursue a s career in Health or any of the concepts

Jason W


Health studies


I will be teaching about the Health class so you can understand the concepts incase you want to pursue a s career in Health or any of the concepts

Jason W


⌜ Virtual Study Corner ⌟

178th session

My goal for this series is to provide motivation to study, as studying with others can help increase productivity. I'm also happy to help with any questions you have about study techniques! :)

  • Bring whatever you would like to work on! Everyone is welcome and you can work on any subject. 📚
  • Cameras are not required, but having your camera on may help with accountability.
  • I ask that participants keep their microphones off during the 25 minute working sessions, but you are welcome to unmute during the five-minute breaks! We will also have check-ins during the pomodoro breaks. 🍅
  • If you need help on any topic, let me know! I'd be happy to set up a session with you if I am certified. If not, I can recommend Schoolhouse sessions for you.
🎶 I'll be playing quiet background sounds during the sessions, so feel free to message me with music requests! 🎶

Sara G

53 spots left!

Beginning German

12th session

In this series, we will cover basic German topics that learners need to know. We will build from the alphabet to number, gender, and case to pronouns and from verbs and their tenses to adjectives and participles. We will go over slides, Blooket games, and assessments to practice and build on our skills. We will also ensure that we've mastered basic conversational skills and sentence order!

Claire A

2 spots left!

Crochet Club

11th session

We'll go through the basics of learning how to crochet. By the end of this series, I'm hoping that each of us can successfully crochet a tote bag and donate crocheted baby hats to local hospitals/institutions!

Ariana N

1 spot left!

Standard Chinese Handwriting (Calligraphy)

8th session

Are you interested in learning the handwriting of one of the hardest and oldest languages, Chinese? 🔥
In this series, we will be learning about basic Chinese handwriting, character structure, and also some Chinese!
It does not matter how much you know about Chinese; if you are a beginner, use this chance to have a strong foundation for learning this language; if you already know Chinese, you can still use this chance to practice your handwriting!
I look forward to seeing everyone here!

Joseph Z

3 spots left!

Speech and Debate (For Beginners!)

5th session

Hey there! In this fabulous course, we'll explore diverse topics related to the different mechanisms of speech and debate. We're here to help you develop the skills to become a confident public speaker and ace all your future presentations.

We'll cover many exciting topics, such as speech walks, debate forms, hand gestures, annunciation, speeches in front of the class, discussions, and even mini debates like Lincoln Douglas and congressional debates.

We've lined up some fantastic speakers and debate coaches to give informative presentations to make the course fun and engaging. To top it all off, there's a final competition where you can show off your newly acquired skills and compete with other participants for some sweet certificate prizes.

By the end of the course, you'll be a public speaking pro and feel confident sharing your thoughts and ideas in front of any audience. So, come along, and let's have some fun while we learn together!

Prakruti S


Mandarin: The "How", Not "What"

2nd session

This series is designed for learners with ANY level of Mandarin skills, from 0 to almost fluent. Why is that? Because instead of teaching you vocab, grammar rules, and pronunciation tips, I’ll be telling you the best ways to learn Mandarin so you can figure those out yourself.

This series is best when combined with a systematic/traditional course on Mandarin (you can find those on YouTube, or even if you’re taking one in school), but it’s completely fine if you just want to listen to me talk.

There will be weekly lessons and bi-weekly office hours. In the lessons, we’ll be going over each of the different methods. In the office hours I’ll be helping you out with whatever you bring. It could be your Mandarin homework, a passage you don’t understand fully, or a grammar rule you’re confused about. If you wish, you could also just chat with me in Mandarin to improve your pronunciation or comprehension skills!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message me. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Ariel L


Time for Conundrums

9th session

We will cover about conundrums from Astra Nova School and expressing what you think, so feel free to come in and show your knowledge to everyone and learn from everyone.

If you join, please speak up so that we all can hear from you, so don't be shy and give it a try.

Every session, I will play a video of a conundrom and we all will take turns expressing what they think.

Woody W


Study cafe

28th session

you're free to join and work on whatever you would like to get done.

Jimeto K


French Language Practice

34th session

We'll go over the foundations and beyond of the French Language through lessons, conversation practice and exercises.

Jules P

6 spots left!

💪Intense Study Group🧾

6th session


Are you a person looking to improve your study habits? Are you trying to improve your grades?
If so, then this series might just be for you!

In this mini-study group, we'll meet once a week and work on getting our assignments done, studying, or getting help from others. It is very intense, as we'll be working for long hours, but we'll take frequent breaks, and take it slow.

During each meeting, we'll start out by sharing our goals to achieve by the end of the session, take a few minutes to get ourselves situated, and begin working, with 30-minute work, and 5-minute breaks. During the 30 minutes, feel free to ask any questions related to what you're working on.

During those 5-minute breaks, we can share our progress, ask any questions, or get up, walk around, get a drink, etc.

At the end of each session, we'll share whether if we accomplished the goals we set for ourselves, and find things we can improve on next time. We'll end the session with a study tip that we can incorporate next time.

Liya D

1 spot left!

I&J Writing Project

7th session

For I&J

Joseph Z

Registration closed.

Craft Sessions


Join us anytime for an art series full of endless creativity and fun! Whether you are just looking for an idea or inspiration or want to make a gift for someone special, this series is perfect for you! We will be using common items to create easy to make to make easy but stunning works of art.

Hannah W


Abstract Algebra Crash Course

11th session

We'll take a brief look at one of the first courses you will take in university if you would like to become a math major. We will begin with the fundamentals—learning some basic set theory, working with complex numbers, and setting the definitions of rings and fields. Then we'll prove some intuitive things that we know about number theory and modular arithmetic (i.e. working with remainders). From there we will generalize our methods to other areas, such as doing "number theory" and "modular arithmetic" with polynomials and much more! No calculus knowledge is necessary for this series; however, high-school Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are necessary. (BTW do you know that this series would be called "Algebra 1" in university?? 😂😜)

Kindness C


Learning is Fun

33rd session

Having fun learning different subjects, such as math with graphs and moving parts, pretty&fast computer programming, evolution life tree, genetic puzzle solving, etc. No prior knowledge required. This series is specially designed for Chinese parents and students, and encourage the whole family engaging learning together. We will speak English as much as possible, but might talk in Mandarin if needed. Anyone are welcome to join. More details please refer: For both Chinese and English.

William W


Schoolhouse D&D Club #5

19th session

NOTE: Due to problems with time, scheduling, and school, this series is postponed until further notice. Sorry.


Welcome, Adventurers, to a World of Magic and Monsters, Lasers and Robots. It's D&D, but with a Sci-fi Twist! So are you ready to roll the dice? Well then, grab your magic staff (or laser blaster) (or enchanted sword), and let's go! If you're too late to join and the session is full, or if you don't really like sci-fi D&D, please join the other D&D clubs! Schoolhouse D&D club #1 - Hosted by Liel S: ---- (ended) Schoolhouse D&D club #2 - Hosted by Woody W: ---- (ended) Schoolhouse D&D club #3 - Hosted by Rayyann A: Schoolhouse D&D club #4 - Hosted by Woody W: ---- (ended) And if you're new to D&D, that's completely fine, I'll explain some basic rules so you can start playing right away!

David Z

Registration full.

Enrichment Sessions


Friday, April 19

  • Health studies

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

i will be teaching about health
We will reveiw slides and watch some videos on each topic

Jason W and Kennedy M