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Algebra 1

Algebra 1





Algebra 1 Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Algebra 1 Series


Algebra 1 full review


We'll go over one unit every meeting, and after I explain it, we can go over any specific questions you have or do practice problems in Khan Academy..

Rishi K


Algebra 1 - Linear equations & graphs

13th session

Hi guys! The goal of my series is to work through Algebra 1 units over the months. We will be doing everything from studying the theoretical parts to solving problems and plenty of emphasis will be given to completing exercises.

Saanvi M

5 spots left!

Let's Dive Right Into Algebra 1!!

6th session

Heads up, learners!!! If you're looking forward to investing your summer in Algebra 1, I'm here to offer you this comprehensive learning series, where I'll be teaching Khan Academy's Algebra 1 Course, starting from the absolute basics like 'What is a Variable?' and Equation Solving, all the way up to Quadratic Functions and Irrational Numbers. So, let's get ready for this Saturday as it's the official starting day of the "Let's Dive Right Into Algebra 1" series. However, if you would simply like to review Algebra 1 instead, these lessons will be helpful for you as well since we'll be going through practice questions together. You're also welcome to ask me questions or problems you're facing in any branch of Algebra. Classes are scheduled two days a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays. As a tutor, I would appreciate individuals engaging with me during the sessions so the learning process is fun for you and me as well (since I'll also get to learn about you guys). I'm passionate to help you guys hone these essential mathematical skills and inspire you to try harder so you can accomplish solving tough mathematical problems.

Nabeela A

2 spots left!

Algebra 1 Unit by Unit Marathon!

11th session

Each day, for 2 days, we will go over a new unit of Algebra 1, based on the Khanacademy curriculum. No previous experience is needed, but missing a session will hurt your learning and progress! Bring a pencil and paper to our sessions.

Michael O


Algebra 1 in two months: road to 100%

17th session

Over the next two months, we will go over everything you need to know about Algebra 1 to achieve a 100% score on the [Khan Academy Course Challenge]( Sessions are frequent and relatively slow-paced.

Agustín G

4 spots left!

Get ready to ACE Algebra 1!


Are you ready to conquer Algebra 1? Join my comprehensive online tutoring series designed to build a strong foundation and boost your confidence in mathematics! What You'll Get: Personalized Learning: Tailored sessions that focus on your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Expert Guidance: Learn from an experienced tutor who simplifies complex concepts and makes learning enjoyable. Interactive Lessons: Engage with digital whiteboards, interactive tools, and real-time problem-solving. Comprehensive Coverage: Master key topics like solving equations, understanding functions, and tackling inequalities. We will be covering all of Algebra one, one unit for each session that you come to! The last session will be an all-encompassing review with a game! This series will be tailored to your needs and can be personalized as well! Let's all learn together!

Ken L


Algebra 1 Study Sessions

6th session

We'll go through the units on Khan Academy and potentially could go up to Algebra 2. We'll have meetings everyday at the same time- might change depending on learners.

Sara A  


A Year of Algebra 1 in One Month


We will go over all of Honors or regular Algebra 1. We will also dive into a few Algebra 2 topics too.

Ananya B


A Level Pure Maths Exam Practice for A*

3rd session

Each week we will go over every past paper from the Edexcel A Lavel Maths syllabus, firstly looking into AS papers with Y1 content in pure. This will be in timed conditions for 2h and it will be followed by a review session where the paper mistakes is consolidated. What you will gain: Weekly times PRACTICE on PAST PAPERS✅ Tips on techniques and feedback to improve✅ Focus and steady improvement✅

Jemimah F



3rd session

Grab your seat here if you want to experience mathematics through a different lens. Because this series is an arena for solving Math Olympiad problems for fun where you'll learn novel ways of solving math problems. Each day, we'll go through Algebra, Combinatorics, or Number Theory problems and learn new ideas and tactics for solving these problems as we go. So, if you are starting fresh on your math olympiad journey or would like to review math olympiad problem-solving strategies, hop onto this bus and let's get going. Sessions will be held on every Sunday and Thursday.

Nabeela A


Getting Ready for Algebra 1 - Summer Lessons

6th session

Each week, I will be covering a new section of Algebra 1 in order to help you get ready for the upcoming school year. Come ready to learn and ask questions!

Vihaan B


Fundamentals of Algebra 1

4th session

This series will teach basics and fundamentals of Algebra 1 This would be a great session for people new to Algebra 1, people who wanted to reinforce their knowledge in Algebra 1 fundamentals, and people who wanted to review the basics of Algebra 1. We will be covering Unit 1: Algebra Foundations and Unit 2: Solving equations & inequalities. Everyone are welcomed to join.

Jerry Z


Algebra 1 + Contest Math


We will go over the fundamentals of Algebra and we will also go through it's applications, specifically Contest math, such as Mathcounts. The low amount of particiapatns will ensure that you get the specialized help you need, with each student getting lots of attention.

Siddharth S


FULL Algebra 1 Course Walkthrough

11th session

Boost your Algebra 1 skills every Sunday with this full walkthrough course! Please make sure to inform your tutor if you can't make the session so we can arrange a makeup session!

Callista S

2 spots left!

Algebra 1: Mastery in 14 days!


Learn a new unit every day and master Algebra 1 in just 2 weeks! Classes will be daily from 11am to 1pm EST, starting July 22nd. Each class will begin with a pre-assessment on the unit and then we will practice to improve weak areas. Students are always expected to participate by explaining their methods and solutions, and adding helpful tips in the chat. Last 30 minutes of each class will be Algebra-1 QnA, open to all topics and questions.

Souritra B


Crash Course of Algebra 1!

8th session

Each session, we will go over a topic in Algebra 1! We will go over the topics shown in the Algebra 1 section of Khan Academy. We will be spending one session per section, so it will be a fast introduction to Algebra 1 rather than a deep dive.

Siena Z


Mastering Algebra 1

7th session

This 10-session series will go over all 14 subtopics of the Algebra I course as laid out by KhanAcademy, taught by an instructor who has taken all of high school math and has scored perfect on the SAT many times. Whether you are taking Algebra 1 next year and are looking for a head start or just finished Algebra 1 and needs more review, this series is for you!

Sourish K


Algebra 1: Complete Summer Course

14th session

Are you ready to take Algebra 1 next year? If you would like to get a head start in this course over the summer, you are in the right place! I finished Algebra 1 about 2 years ago, and ended the year with an A+ average, along with a perfect score on my Florida EOC, or end of course assesment. In each session, I will introduce new topics to help bridge the gap between Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. We will apply what we have learned to practice problems that you may encounter on exams. We will go over the entire course. By the end of this series, you'll be confident in your problem-solving skills and equipped with a strong foundation to tackle Algebra 1 with ease!

Smera R


Algebra 1 Full Course

6th session

Each session, we'll dive into one unit from the Khan Academy Algebra 1 course and wrap up with a quick quiz to gauge your understanding. This series will run Monday through Friday over the next three weeks(except for Friday on the third week), giving you a solid foundation if you're starting Algebra 1 this school year.

Karthi G

2 spots left!

Algebra 1 Crash Course

4th session

Hello! My name is Aaryaman, and I'm a rising freshman from Washington State. I am really excited to collaborate with you all to learn Algebra 1 in this series! In this course, we'll explore the fundamental concepts of Algebra 1, from solving algebraic equations to graphing quadratics. There will be 2 sessions per week where I'll provide lessons, practice problems, and tests to help reinforce your understanding. In addition to these sessions, there will be one session every other week dedicated to addressing any questions you may have and reviewing concepts as needed. These review sessons will be a great opportunity to clarify your doubts and solidify your learning. I will be adding sessions to answer your questions as time progresses. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Aaryaman C


Algebra 1 Full Course


Each session, we'll dive into one unit from the Khan Academy Algebra 1 course and wrap up with a quick unit quiz to gauge your understanding. This series will run Monday through Friday over the next three weeks, giving you a solid foundation if you're starting Algebra 1 this school year.

Shreyas K


Get ready for Algebra 1!

10th session

Hi everyone! I'm Reyansh, a high schooler from Washington. I finished Algebra 1 in middle school, earning a 99.8% final grade. I have also had previous tutoring experience in SAT Bootcamps. The goal of this series is to work through all of Algebra 1, from solving linear equations to graphing quadratics. We will have two sessions every week, containing lessons, practice problems, games, and tests. I will also have another optional session every other week for answering any questions you might have. There will not be any mandatory homework for this series, though I may give you recommended worksheets or problems. There will be more sessions added to this series as time passes. I look forward to seeing you there!

Reyansh J


Algebra 1 for Chetan

3rd session

Each week we will go over a different algebra 1 topic. We will be working on whatever Chetan wants to do but everyone is free to join!

Rachana G


Algebra 1 Summer Series

2nd session

Each week, we'll cover one Algebra topic, ensuring effective learning through interactive games, engaging activities, and fun learning methods. Students can expect a dynamic and enjoyable educational experience designed to enhance understanding and retention key concepts.

Varun P


Algebra 1 Sessions



  • Help for Anisha G

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

We'll go over any topics you want to go over for your upcoming test.

Jai P


Sunday, July 21

  • Algebra 1 COMPLETE Course Walkthrough

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

This session is for students who are taking Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or other high school level math courses that rely on the basics of algebra. Whether you want to review what you learned last year, or want to be prepared for your math class next year, this session allows you to do both.

Renz L

  • Algebra Foundations: Introduction

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

We'll be going over Algebra foundations, including:
-combining like terms with negative and rational coefficients
-evaluating expressions with multiple variables
-equivalent expressions

This is meant for people who plan to take Algebra 1 in the following school year, or need a bit of extra help with the topics above. Please bring a pencil and a paper 😀

Anaya R

  • Going through any Algebra 1 Problems

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

We'll go through any Algebra 1 problems that give anyone difficulties, no matter how difficult they are, and try sure that every learner has an opportunity to fully understand every topic they want to regarding Algebra 1.

Nick S