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Arjun M

Joined Jan 2023 · He/Him


Hi there! I am a secondary student based out of the Bay Area in California and I am excited to learn and grow in this community. My STEM interests range far from joining FTC Robotics to building an app. I enjoy tutoring in computer science and math, and impacting others through my dedicated work with outreach!


Jul 2023 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

The captivating world of PYTHON programming!

    6th session

This summer, don't miss out on the opportunity to learn python - a highly popular on-demand programming language and master all the fundamentals you need to be successful in it!

Arjun M


Algebra 1 Summer Crash Course

    2nd session

Hello there, are you a rising 8th or 9th grader looking to learn Algebra I before the school year starts to succeed in school? If so, this is the right course for you. No prior knowledge for Algebra 1 is necessary for this course. Each day we will go over a topic in Algebra 1. This course will have 3 sessions a day and we will cover a topic a day or more if time permits. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and let me know immediately.

Ishaan N and Arjun M


Joining FIRST Robotics Information

    3rd session

I am a current participant of FTC robotics! Some things I will discuss in this series is: - What is FIRST robotics? Who can do robotics? What can you do in robotics? - How to get involved in robotics/how would you join a team? - Somethings you should do to stay ahead of the game in FIRST robotics and win the competitions - Somethings you should know/be prepared on if you are diving into the world of robotics - How to prepare for joining robotics etc., specifically if you are joining FTC robotics! We will have a discussion so I can understand each of your guys positions in robotics and giving some more personalized tips on how to stay ahead of the game.

Arjun M and Angelina H


Algebra Foundation

    15th session

Each day we will go over 1) Introduction to variables 2) Substitution and evaluating expressions 3) Combining Like Terms 4) Introduction to equivalent expressions 5) Division By Zero More sessions to be added


Ruby B and 4 others


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Thanks for tutoring me.

Learner · 1 day ago

Thank you for this session.

Learner · 2 days ago


Learner · 2 days ago

Thank you for the session! The slideshows were very helpful!

Learner · 4 days ago


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