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Shanaya P

Joined Sep 2023 · She/Her


Hey! I'm a rising freshman in Ohio with a main focus on competitive math. However, I've also been taking an interest in the sciences and I believe I might need some extra help to get that head start. Hence, me joining Schoolhouse world, to use my math skills to help others, and gain help where I need it.

In my free time I love any music really, but specifically playing the piano, singing and listening to Taylor Swift. In addition, I'm a language learning addict, and am in the process of learning Spanish, French and German (and if you're more comfortable in Spanish/French than English, please let me know and I'll be sure to make adjustments so that you can learn in the language that works best for you :)).


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Upcoming Sessions

Tutoring for Hope C

    7th session

This is tutoring for Hope C to help her review 8th grade math.

Shanaya P


Mathcounts: Starting with School and Crossing Chapter

    4th session

This session happens for 3 weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We'll cover three weekly topics that are most commonly seen on Mathcounts school, chapter, and early state. This session is designed for those trying to make state in chapters that don't have a 40+ cutoff, but anyone can feel free to join! You should have a good grasp on at the very least algebra 1 and prealgebra with some geometry recommended.


Shanaya P and 2 others


Featured Feedback


Thanks, for your patience and kindness! In my experience with math olympiads, these topics are really useful

Learner · 6 days ago

I think you did a great job of strengthening Hope's confidence by using encouraging words, whether she got something correct or incorrect. The environment seemed especially comfortable as well, as you guys were laughing and making small jokes throughout the lesson. In the future, it may be beneficial to try calling the learners by their names to help make them feel even more comfortable. Overall, great job with this session!

Tutor · 13 days ago

Yes, Hope made clear progress in the session, especially with percentages. At the beginning of the percents section, Hope mentioned that she did not know how to solve one of the problems. However, by the end of the session, she was able to solve all three of the percent problems without any help.

Tutor · 13 days ago

Thank you very much. It helped me better develop an understanding of factors.

Learner · 26 days ago


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