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Litisha B

Joined Feb 2021 · She/Her


Hey! I am Litisha, a rising senior in high school. I mainly tutor in SAT Math at SHW, as well as a couple of study skills, CS, and English sessions occasionally. I love exploring the worlds of education, psychology, environment, and business, and I am looking forward to pursuing something in the combination of these disciplines. Looking forward to seeing you in one of my sessions :))


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Upcoming Sessions

Complete Guide to a 1600 on the Digital SAT

    5th session
In this series, I will be covering all the concepts in detail, providing resources like textbooks and question banks, assigning you all practice tests, conducting office hours, and doing whatever I can to help you get to your dream SAT score.

This series is for motivated learners looking to score a 1500+ by challenging themselves with all levels of practice questions. I've tutored more than 20 sessions on the SAT, so I hope to bring all those learnings to you!

Review session structure: Concept Review+Strategy Review+Practice Questions (Easy to Hard)

A brief weekly structure of the series:

✅ 1x English Review Session
✅ 1x Math Review Session
✅ 1x Practice Test
✅ 500+ Homework Questions
✅ On-demand office hours
✅ 24*7 chat support for doubts
✅ Personalised SAT Study Plan Advising Note: More sessions will be added as we go.

Litisha B

9 spots left!

Featured Feedback


This session helped a ton with my current situation and I had a lot of confusing questions answered. I've gained a significant insight on how I should begin to go about preparing as of now!

Learner · 7 days ago

Thank you so much! You have a mindset of a great teacher! I have a reverence for your teaching which not only helps me to improve my skills but also motivates me to study hard! Wish your life filled with success and happiness!

Learner · 10 days ago

Incredible session The tutor was amazing ! I asked like about a dozen questions throughout the session and she still answered each question with the same detail Got so much of information through the session thank you so much

Learner · 7 days ago

Thank you for today session! Today, I could examine my mistake with your help. Thank you for all the explanations you gave us patiently to us throughout the session!

Learner · 24 days ago


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