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Litisha B

Joined Feb 2021 · She/Her


Hey! I am Litisha, a rising senior in high school. I mainly tutor in SAT Math at SHW, as well as a couple of study skills, CS, and English sessions occasionally. I love exploring the worlds of education, psychology, environment, and business, and I am looking forward to pursuing something in the combination of these disciplines. Looking forward to seeing you in one of my sessions :))


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Upcoming Sessions

Complete Guide to a 1600 on the Digital SAT

    10th session
In this series, I will be covering all the concepts in detail, providing resources like textbooks and question banks, assigning you all practice tests, conducting office hours, and doing whatever I can to help you get to your dream SAT score.

This series is for motivated learners looking to score a 1500+ by challenging themselves with all levels of practice questions. I've tutored more than 20 sessions on the SAT, so I hope to bring all those learnings to you!

Review session structure: Concept Review+Strategy Review+Practice Questions (Easy to Hard)

A brief weekly structure of the series:

✅ 1x English Review Sessions
✅ 2x Math Review Sessions
✅ 1x Practice Test
✅ 500+ Homework Questions
✅ On-demand office hours
✅ 24*7 chat support for doubts
✅ Personalised SAT Study Plan Advising Note: More sessions will be added as we go.

Litisha B


Featured Feedback


Thank you for this session. I really admire how patient you are. Your explanation are effective and I love 3 steps approach. The way you let us explain why we think the answer is the key point. There is no tutor in my country giving their time that much to listen to our ideas.

Learner · 1 hr. ago

Thank you so much, Litisha! I love your clear-cut explanations and a variety of questions you prepare :)

Learner · 2 days ago

Best Teacher for math as well as language.

Learner · 1 day ago

You always explain things super clearly. Your class has helped me a lot; I feel much more confident in my SAT math skills, even though it has only been a week. Also, your slideshows are always super clean.

Learner · 2 days ago


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