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Geetha S

Joined May 2022 · She/Her


I'm a student and I am looking forward to learning new things beyond school. I am enrolled in an excellent music program where I learn to play the keyboard/piano. I'm a polyglot (7 languages known). I also love writing poetry, dramas/plays and short stories. I also like Computer Science and I'm familiar with HTML/CSS, Python, C & C++. I like to work on graphic designing in my free time. I like to read novels and watch Netflix.

I'm excited to help you with subjects which I'm good at.


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Upcoming Sessions

Indian History - Civilization to Modern Day

    4th session
We'll be going over many topics topics this series starting off with the earliest civilizations in India and going all the way up to modern day!

--> The Early Civilizations
--> The Ancient Period
--> The Medieval Period
--> The Modern Age [Until now]

We will be meeting twice a week - Monday and Saturday. You should research some topics prior to the sessions and speak about it too!

Geetha S and Iman K

Registration full.

Featured Feedback


Because this was an orientation, and there was no learning done I marked Mastery as N/A. I love how you prepared all the slides for your leaners and I can tell you are very organized. I really loved how you started with an icebreaker so Claire got to know you better.

Tutor · 23 days ago

I enjoyed the information flow for each sessions. I can't wait for the 2025 version especially that This was my first one

Learner · 4 mo. ago

AMAZING MUN!! Kudos to the whole team on bringing this event together and making it a huge success!! Although very unfortunately I couldn't take part as a chair or delegate in the SMUN 2.0 due to exams and other commitments, it was a FANTASTIC experience hopping in different committee sessions and observing the diplomatic debates!! It was super fun. Can't wait for SMUN 3.0 !!! :)

Learner · 3 mo. ago

I want to express my gratitude for this Model United Nations conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of interacting with all the participants. The debates and discussions were thought-provoking, and I gained a lot of knowledge and insights on various global issues. It was an incredible opportunity to engage with intelligent and motivated individuals who share similar interests and passions. Overall, the conference was an excellent platform to develop my diplomacy skills, and I had a lot of fun participating in it.

Learner · 4 mo. ago


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