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Cortni T

Joined Jul 2023 · She/Her


Hey all! I'm Cortni, a junior from Pennsylvania! I'm excited to meet you all and collaborate with you on our learning journeys!

A bit about me: I'm an actress, a vocalist, and a pianist; I hold the role of Student Director of the Musical at my school! I participate in Math League, play basketball, and sing in the Chamber Ensemble. I'm a student ambassador and guide at my school, and I've taken college classes both over the summer and through my school. I love learning languages (currently aiming for fluency in French) and I'm passionate about research of any kind.

I'm a devoted Christian and truly love my faith! I participate in a lot of activities at my Church, where I am the pianist and part of the choir. I also participate in NHS and Campus Ministry, and I enjoy volunteering however I can.

Along with tutoring at Schoolhouse, I lead the volunteer-run Newsletter of the R&W Subworld! I'm also a member of the Community Engagement Team, an SAT Bootcamp Guide, a member of the Welcoming Team, an Algebra 1 Moderator, and a Tutor Coach! Feel free to reach out with any questions or for any help! I wish you all productive and insightful learning journeys!


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Upcoming Sessions

Algebra Avenue: Algebra 1 Community Events

Hey everyone! 📣🎉
We're thrilled to have you all here as we embark on this exciting journey through Algebra 1 together. This session is meant to bring all of us Algebra 1 learners closer and to help us build a supportive, collaborative, and vibrant learning community. 🌟 We believe that by getting to know one another, we can enhance our collective understanding and make our algebraic adventure even more enjoyable.
During this session, we'll have the opportunity to introduce ourselves, share our interests in mathematics, and get a glimpse of our unique perspectives on algebra. 🤓This will be a fun and interactive gathering where we can break the ice and foster connections.
Let's begin our journey together with enthusiasm and curiosity! 🚀🔢

Ria D and 2 others


SAT® Prep · Session

SAT Mega Review Session

Hey, prospective DSAT takers!

If you’re taking the 3/9 DSAT, this session is a great place to review topics (both R&W and Math) that you’ve had issues with in the past and to ask any and all questions you may have about content, test-taking strategies, and what to expect on test day!

If you have specific topics that you’d like us to review during the session, please let us know in the welcome question. Learner-requested content review will take up roughly the first 30-45 minutes of the session. During the session, learners are encouraged to ask questions via a Google form that will be shared live. Live questions can be about anything, but we can’t promise that we’ll be able to cover content-based questions in-depth if they are not submitted ahead of time.

Hope to see you there!

- Co-hosts are welcome to apply, as the presence of multiple hosts will make it easier to answer questions and provide different perspectives. Co-host requests will be taken until Friday, March 1.
- Co-hosts will be expected to attend a pre-session Slack huddle on Monday, March 4, at 5:30 CDT. (Accommodations can be made for special reasons.)
- Sign-ups after Saturday, March 2, aren't as likely to have their "weakest area/concept" topic prioritized in the session.

Immanuel P and 12 others


Featured Feedback


Cortni, I am forever thankful to you. You are by far one of the best and most patient tutors I know who have a very effective tutoring method. 5 people prior to you tried to help me on that topic, but only you were the one who was actually able to make me understand everything that was going on. I also appreciated how you took the time and liberty to explain underlying concepts as well as different ways to approach each problem. You were also very good at calming me down when I was getting frantic by not quickly grasping the concepts, and were just very calm and collected about it all which was something I truly valued. Thank you so, so, so much for being such a friendly, kind, and patient tutor! I always look forward to each and every session with you because I know it'll leave me full of knowledge and I'll leave the session confident and happy. You're amazing, and keep doing what you do because you do a fabulous job at it! :)

Learner · 3 days ago

Thank you for the session! I feel much more confident going into the bootcamp knowing that it's okay for me to make mistakes when tutoring.

Learner · 20 days ago

Thank you for the amazing sesh, learned a lot about tutoring and was inspired by your cummulative work with schoolhouse.

Learner · 16 days ago

Thank you! This definitely helped calm my nerves and make me feel/become more ready for my bootcamp.

Learner · 20 days ago


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