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Anshu P

Joined Apr 2022 · She/Her


Hey there, it's Anshu! I'm a curious person who loves to learn, explore, and research.

Physics and Mathematics are my favourite subjects, and I could talk about them for hours.

When I'm not busy unravelling the mysteries of the universe or diving deep into the mind-boggling world of physics theories and equations, you can find me hacking (don't worry, always ethically 😉), coding and losing myself in the pages of a great book.

And if that's not enough, you might catch me debating in exhilarating MUNs!

Looking forward to seeing you in my sessions!


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Upcoming Sessions

Schoolhouse Physics Club

    15th session

We're back! After months of silence, the Schoolhouse Physics Club is back, in our new home in the Physics Subworld. "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out", as Feynman said, so let's figure it out! This is the club where all Physics enthusiasts meet on Fridays!

Rayyann A and Anshu P

10 spots left!

Featured Feedback


One of my best sessions in all of your amazinggg sessions yet. I really learnt a lot today, and I appreciate you so much for the wonderful explanations and patience. Thank you very much. I enjoyed every bit of it. Wish you the best and success on your upcoming exam. Thank youuuu!

Learner · 8 mo. ago

Helped me understand wayyy better, look forward to more sessions

Learner · 8 mo. ago

100 stars! Thank you, once again. Loved and enjoyed every bit of the session.

Learner · 8 mo. ago

Thank you for your great explanations and patience. I highly enjoyed this interactive session and learned a lot!

Learner · 11 mo. ago


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