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Physics • Series

Schoolhouse Physics Club

Next session on Apr 19, 2024

Rayyann A and Anshu P

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Series Details


We're back! After months of silence, the Schoolhouse Physics Club is back, in our new home in the Physics Subworld. "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out", as Feynman said, so let's figure it out! This is the club where all Physics enthusiasts meet on Saturdays!


Feel free to join whichever discussion you're interested in!


September 27 - May 31


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About the Tutors

I'm 16 years old. I've completed the SAT, and plan to study Physics in college, a passion that has grown from reading the lectures of Feynman, the books of Hawking, and watching the films/shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or, as I like to call it, the Marvel Media Multiverse) - as you can probably guess, I'm a huge fan! My goal, in joining Schoolhouse, is to share my knowledge and enlighten others, while also testing how well I know my stuff. To quote Feynman, "I don't believe I can really do without teaching." If I happen to be tutoring you, well I hope you enjoy!

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Hello, I'm Anshu, I am studious. I like to learn, explore, and research. My favorite subjects are Physics and Mathematics. I learn Coding and Hacking as well. My other hobbies include reading.

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Session 9

Other Topics

Unravel the mysteries of the quantum realm in our electrifying session! 🔍
Get ready to expand your mind, defy the laws of classical physics, and embrace the quantum revolution!
Join us for a quantum leap into the unknown – don't miss out!

Session 10

Other Topics

Physics Club Session 10!

Session 11

Other Topics

Physics Club Session 11!

Session 12

Other Topics

Physics Club Session 12!

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